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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Low-cost airlines - an exploration of business modelsRavinder, R; Suh, SJ; Hwang, YH
Jan-2009Low-Cost and Low-Tech Reinforcement Systems for Improved Earthquake Resistance of Mud Brick BuildingsDowling, DM; Samali, B; Hardy, M; Cancino, C; Ostergren, G
Jan-2009Low-Cost Filtration System to Treat First-Flush StormwaterKus, BG; Kandasamy, JK
2014A low-cost permanent magnet synchorous motor with SMC and ferrite PMLiu, C; Zhu, J; Wang, Y; Lei, G; Guo, Y; Liu, X
12-Mar-2007Low-cost QoS-enabled Wireless Network with Interworked WLAN and WiMAXHumaira, H; Chan, HA
Jan-2012Low-cost visual tracking with an intelligent wheelchair for innovative assistive careValls Miro, J; Poon, J; Huang, S; Wang, D
Jan-2008Low-cost, low-bandwidth online meetings between farmers and scientistsHargreaves, DM; McCown, B; Vetere, F; Graham, C; Satchell, C
Jan-2007Low-dimensional SDP formulation for large antenna array synthesisHoang, HG; Hoang, TD; Vo, B
Jan-2003Low-energy electron-beam irradiation and yellow luminescence in activated Mg-doped GaNGelhausen, O; Klein, H; Phillips, M; Goldys, EM
Jan-2003Low-glycemic index diets in the management of diabetesBrand-Miller, JC; Hayne, S; Petocz, P; Colagiuri, S
Jan-1997Low-level c-myc amplification in human colonic carcinoma cell lines and tumors: a frequent, p53-independent mutation associated with improved outcome in a randomized multi-institutional trialAugenlicht, LH; Wadler, S; Corner, G; Richards, C; Ryan, LM; Multani, AS; Pathak, S; Benson, A; Haller, D; Heerdt, BG
2004Low-normal gestational age as a predictor of asthma at 6 years of ageRaby, B; Celedon, J; Litonjua, A; Phipatanakul, W; Sredl, D; Oken, E; Ryan, L; Weiss, S; Gold, D
Jan-2005Low-order IIR filter, bank designHoang, TD; Son, TT; Apkarian, P; Nguyen, TQ
Jan-2004A Low-Order Linear Functional Observer for Time Delay SystemsHa, QP; Trinh, HM; Dissanayake, G; Publications Chair; Cantoni, M
Jan-2009The Low-Oxygen-Induced NAC Domain Transcription Factor ANAC102 Affects Viability of Arabidopsis Seeds following Low-Oxygen TreatmentChristianson, J; Wilson, I; Llewellyn, D; Dennis, ES
Jan-2008Low-temperature and daylength cues are integrated to regulate FLOWERING LOCUS T in barleyHemming, M; Peacock, J; Dennis, ES; Trevaskis, B
Jan-2009Low-temperature optical characterization of a near-infrared single-photon emitter in nanodiamondsSiyushev, P; Jacques, V; Aharonovich, I; Kaiser, F; Muller, T; Lombez, L; Atature, M; Castelletto, S; Prawer, S; Jelezko, F; Wrachtrup, J
Dec-2014Lower and upper bounds for prices of Asian-type optionsNovikov, AA; Kordzakhia, NE
Jan-2002Lower Bound On Inconclusive Probability Of Unambiguous DiscriminationFeng, Y; Zhang, S; Duan, R; Ying, M
Jan-1993Lower confidence bounds for time to cureRabinowitz, D; Ryan, LM