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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Hydraulic Stability of Compost Based Filtration MediaAlmashaqbeh, O; McLaughlan, RG; Carmody, J
Jan-2007Hydraulically Interconnected Suspension Parameter Sensitivity in Half-Car Ride PerformanceSmith, W; Zhang, N; Jeyakumaran, JM; Smith, A
Jan-2010Hydraulically interconnected vehicle suspension: background and modellingZhang, N; Smith, W; Jeyakumaran, JM
Jan-2011Hydraulically interconnected vehicle suspension: handling performanceSmith, W; Zhang, N; Hu, W
Jan-2010Hydraulically Interconnected Vehicle Suspension: Optimization And Sensitivity AnalysisSmith, W; Zhang, N
Jan-2010Hydraulically interconnected vehicle suspension: theoretical and experimental ride analysisSmith, W; Zhang, N; Jeyakumaran, JM
Jan-2009Hydraulics stability of compost-based filtration mediaAlmashaqbeh, O; McLaughlan, RG
Jan-2006Hydrazine compounds inhibit glycation of low-density lipoproteins and prevent the in vitro formation of model foam cells from glycolaldehyde-modified low-density lipoproteinsBrown, B; Mahroof, F; Cook, N; Van Reyk, DM; Davies, MJ
2012Hydrodynamic study on fouling control in submerged membrane microfiltrationPradhan, M
Jan-2005Hydroelectric reservoir optimization in a pool marketPritchard, G; Philpott, AB; Neame, PJ
Jan-2013Hydrogen Adsorption Capacity Of Adatoms On Double Carbon Vacancies Of Graphene: A Trend Study From First PrinciplesFair, K; Cui, X; Li, L; Shieh, C; Zheng, R; Liu, Z; Delley, B; Ford, M; Ringer, SP; Stampfl, CM
Jan-2012Hydrogen Bonding And Reactivity Of Water To Azines In Their S-1 (N,Pi*) Electronic Excited States In The Gas Phase And In SolutionReimers, JR; Cai, Z
Jan-2007Hydrogen in N-methylacetamide Positions and dynamics of the hydrogen atoms using neutron scatteringBordallo, HN; Argyriou, DN; Barthes, M; Kalceff, W; Rols, S; Herwig, K; Fehr, C; Juranyi, F; Seydel, T
2007Hydrogen in Nmethylacetamide Positions and dynamics of the hydrogen atoms using neutron scatteringBordallo, H; Argyriou, D; Barthes, M; Kalceff, W; Rols, S; Herwig, K; Fehr, C; Juranyi, F; Seydel, T
Jan-2010Hydrogen production affected by Pt concentration on TiO2 produced from the incineration of dye wastewater flocculated sludge using titanium tetrachlorideShon, H; Vigneswaran, S; El Saliby, I; Okour, Y; Kim, IS; Cho, J; Park, HJ; Kim, JB; Kim, JH
1-Jan-2014Hydrogen storage in porous graphene with Al decorationAo, Z; Dou, S; Xu, Z; Jiang, Q; Wang, G
Jan-2011Hydrogen Synthesis From Biomass Pyrolysis With In Situ Carbon Dioxide Capture Using Calcium OxideWidyawati, M; Church, T; Florin, N; Harris, AT
Jan-2011Hydrogenation of graphene and hydrogen diffusion behavior on graphene/graphane interfaceAo, Z; li, S; Gong, DJR
2009Hydrogeological characterisation of coal measures and overview of impacts of coal mining on groundwater systems in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSWMackie, CD
2002The hydrogeological context of cemetery operations and planning in AustraliaDent, BB