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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Mining Data Streams with Labeled and Unlabeled Training ExamplesZhang, P; Zhu, X; Guo, L; Wei, W; Hillol, K; Sanjay, R; Yu, PS; Xindong, W
Jan-2013Mining Dependent Frequent Serial Episodes from Uncertain Sequence DataWan, L; Chen, L; Zhang, C; NA
Jan-2004Mining dependent patterns in probabilistic databasesZhang, S; Zhang, C; Yu, JX
Jan-2005Mining Domain-Driven Correlations in Stock MarketsLin, L; Luo, D; Liu, L; Zhang, S; Jarvis, R
Jan-2003Mining Dynamic Databases by WeightingZhang, S; Liu, L
Jan-2008Mining Exceptional Activity Patterns in Microstructure DataOu, Y; Cao, L; Luo, C; Liu, L; Jain, L; Lingras, P; Klusch, M; Lu, J; Zhang, C; Cercone, N; Cao, L
Jan-2012Mining Financial Distress Trend Data Using Penalty Guided Support Vector Machines based on Hybrid of Particle Swarm Optimization and Artificial Bee Colony AlgorithmHsieh, T; Hsiao, H; Yeh, W
Jan-2008Mining follow-up correlation patterns from time-related databasesZhang, S; Huang, Z; Zhang, J; Zhu, X
Jan-2007Mining for combined association rules on multiple datasetsZhao, Y; Zhang, H; Figueiredo, F; Cao, L; Zhang, C; Yu, P; Zhang, C; Williams G, CL
Jan-2013Mining for liquid gold: midwifery language and practices associated with early breastfeeding supportBurns, E; Fenwick, JH; Sheehan, A; Schmied, V
Jan-2010Mining For The Antibody-antigen Interacting Associations That Predict The B Cell EpitopesZhao, L; Li, J
Jan-2006Mining frequent itemsets for protein kinase regulationChen, Q; Chen, PY; Zhang, C; Li, L; Yang, Q; Webb, G
Jan-2011Mining frequent patterns across multiple data streamsGuo, J; Zhang, P; Tan, J; Guo, L; al, BBE
Jan-2013Mining Frequent Patterns from Human Interactions in Meetings Using Directed Acyclic GraphsFariha, A; Ahmed, CF; Leung, CK; Abdullah, SM; Cao, L; Pei, J; Tseng, VS; Cao, L; Motoda, H; Xu, G
Jan-2013Mining Frequent Patterns in Print Logs with Semantically Alternative LabelsLi, X; Zhang, L; Chen, E; Zong, Y; Xu, G
Jan-2013Mining Frequent Serial Episodes over Uncertain Sequence DataWan, L; Chen, L; Zhang, C; Norman Paton
Jan-2006Mining Gait Pattern For Clinical Locomotion Diagnosis Based On Clustering TechniquesXu, G; Zhang, Y; Begg, R; Li, X; ane, ORZ; Li, Z
Jan-2006Mining Gait Pattern for Clinical Locomotion Diagnosis Based on Clustering TechniquesXu, G; Zhang, Y; Begg, RK
Jan-2009Mining globally interesting patterns from multiple databases using kernel estimationZhang, S; You, X; Jin, Z; Wu, X
Jan-2007Mining High Impact Exceptional Behavior PatternsCao, L; Zhao, Y; Figueiredo, F; Ou, Y; Luo, D; Zhi-Hua, Z; Hang, L; Qiang, Y