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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Modelling a hierarchy of consumer decision states: the choice of island holiday destinations and dvd playersLouviere, JJ; Waller, DS; Smith, M; Kennedy, R
Jan-2004Modelling a Holonic Network System using Cellular Automata for Detecting Traffic CongestionChaczko, ZC; Gulrez, T; Al-Hmouz, R; Braun, RM; Beata; Wysocki; Tadeusz
Jan-2005Modelling an Agile Web Maintenance ProcessKong, X; Liu, L; Lowe, DB; Richardson, K; Gregory, W; Midgley, G
Jan-2002Modelling an industrial manipulator a case studyValls Miro, J; White, AS
Jan-2012Modelling and characteristic analysis of tri-axle trucks with hydraulically interconnected suspensionsDing, F; Han, X; Luo, Z; Zhang, N
Jan-2006Modelling and Control for Heart Rate Regulation during Treadmill ExerciseSu, SW; Wang, L; Celler, BG; Savkin, AV; Guo, Y; Dhawan, AP; PhD
Jan-2012Modelling And Control Of Hybrid UPS System With Backup PEM Fuel Cell/batteryZhan, Y; Wang, H; Zhu, J
2015Modelling and control of offshore crane systemsRaja Ismail, RMT
Jan-2009Modelling and Control of Power Converters in UPS Applications with Backup PEM Fuel CellZhan, Y; Wang, H; Shao, Z; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Jin, J
2009Modelling and control of smart structures embedded with magnetorheological dampersNguyen, MT
2007Modelling and control of unmanned ground vehiclesTran, TH
2014Modelling and development of wireless inertial measurement unitsYu, ZY
Jan-2010Modelling and Dynamic Analysis of a Heavy Duty Truck with Rear Tandem Axle Bogie Suspension SystemDing, F; Zhang, N; Han, X; Zhou, XX; Teh, K; Davies, I; Howard, I
Jan-2006Modelling and Information Fusion in Digital Identify Management SystemsPhiri, J; Agbinya, JI; Lorent, P; Dinic, P; Magori, D; Mellouk, A
Jan-2011Modelling and Optimisation of Direct Expansion Air Conditioning Systems for Commercial Building Energy SavingsVakiloroaya, V; Zhu, J; Ha, QP; Han, CS; Lee, J
Jan-2013Modelling And Performance Prediction Of An Integrated Central Cooling Plant For Hvac Energy Efficiency ImprovementVakiloroaya, V; Madadnia, J; Samali, B
2013Modelling and regulating of cardio-respiratory response for the enhancement of interval trainingHaddad, A
Jan-2014Modelling and Regulating of Cardio-Respiratory Response for the Enhancement of Interval TrainingHaddad, A; Zhang, Y; Su, SW; Celler, BG; Nguyen, HT
1-Nov-2015Modelling and robust trajectory following for offshore container crane systemsRaja Ismail, RMT; That, ND; Ha, QP
Jan-2012Modelling and simulation of a two speed electric vehicleWalker, PD; Abdul Rahman, S; Zhang, N; Zhan, W; Lin, Y; Zhu, B; Subic, A; Wellnitz, J; Leary, M; Koopmans, L