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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013A map, a poem and two copyright statutesAlexander, IJ
Jan-2010Map-aided 6-DOF Relative Pose Estimation for Monocular SLAM using Sparse Information FiltersWang, Z; Dissanayake, G; Technical Committee, IEEE
-MAPA Installation-
-MAPA Yellow Street Art-
2014Mapeamento multitemporal do antropismo na Floresta Nacional de Jacundá, Estado de Rondônia, a partir do uso de imagens LANDSATPinagé, ER; Osako, LS; Rego, GSMDM
Jan-2014Mapping an Illegitimate Fields: Power Relations in International EducationWidin, J; Grenfel, M; Lebaron, F
2013Mapping and predicting benthic habitats in estuaries using towed underwater videoTran, M
Jan-2010Mapping and Recognition of Radio Frequency Clutter in Various Environments in AustraliaAgbinya, JI; Lee, V; Aboura, K; Chaczko, ZC
Jan-2007Mapping Cultural Auracy: The Sonic Politics of The Day the Earth Stood StillCranny-Francis, A
Jan-2011Mapping Customer-Supplier RelationshipsSoliman, F
Jan-2010Mapping expectations of functional units' line managers against the perceptions of Human Resources Department (HRM)Soliman, F
Jan-2014Mapping Hybrid Design Participation in SydneyCrosby, AL; Lorber-Kasunic, J; Vanni Accarigi, I; Widiastuti, I; Indraprastha, A; Firmansyah
2005Mapping implemented strategies of bringing Internet-based software applications to market using storytelling research methodsPattinson, HM
Jan-2006Mapping large scale environments using relative position information among landmarksHuang, S; Wang, ZZ; Dissanayake, G; N/A
Jan-2005Mapping marketing decision space: An exploration of emerging cognitive mapping tools for analysis of marketing scenarios and decision-makingPattinson, HM; Purchase, S
25-May-2011Mapping Maternity Services In Australia: Location, Classification And ServicesHomer, CS; Biggs, JB; Vaughan, G; Sullivan, E
Jan-2005Mapping nursing research: A methodological modelWhite, EG; Winstanley, J
Jan-1994Mapping of the genes encoding human inducible and endothelial nitric oxide synthase (NOS2 and NOS3) to the pericentric region of chromosome 17 and to chromosome 7, respectivelyXu, W; Charles, IG; Moncada, S; Gorman, P; Sheer, D; Liu, L; Emson, PC
Jan-2009Mapping paddy rice in China with multi-date MODIS dataSun, H; Huang, J; Huete, A; Peng, D; Zhang, F
2016Mapping Repetitive Structural Tunnel Environments for a Biologically Inspired Climbing RobotPaul, G; Mao, S; Liu, L; Xiong, R; Su, H; Wang, T; Tokhi, MO; Virk, GS