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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Architecture-based performance analysis of open computer based systemsO'Neill, T
Jan-2002Architecture-Based Visualisation of Computer Based SystemsDenford, M; O'Neill, T; Leaney, JR; Per Runeson
Jan-2013Architectures for Evolving System of Systems in Complex EnvironmentsHawryszkiewycz, IT; Linger, A; Fisher, J; Barnden, A; Barry, C; Lang, M; Schneider, C
Jan-2010Architectures of collaboration, webs of contentionLally, E; Cameron, F; Kelly, L
Jan-2004Architectures of Moving Wireless NetworksNavarrete Guzman, GP; Sandvik, SI; Agbinya, JI; Wysocki, BJ; Wysocki, TA
Jan-2008Architectures of the Physical and Virtual: Parallel Design Principles in Built and Digital EnvironmentsLeung, LT; Waters, M; Linda Leung
Jan-2014The Archive and the Contact Zone. The Story of Stan Loycurrie and Jack Noorywauka, PerformersVanni Accarigi, I
2014Archiving Feminism: Papers, Politics, PosterityDever, M
1-Jan-2014Archiving the Northern Territory Intervention in Law and in the Literary Counter-Imaginaryvan Rijswijk, HM
15-Feb-2015Arctic Human Development Report. Regional Processes and Global Linkages.Larsen, JN; Fondahl, G
Jan-2010Are active fund managers colectors of private information or fast interpreters of public information?Gallagher, DR; Looi, A; Pinnuck, M
Jan-2003Are Active Fund Managers More Successful?Gallagher, DR; Looi, A
Jan-2003Are All Directors Created Equal? Reassessing the role of the chair in the light of ASIC v RichAdams, MA
Jan-2007Are calcifying matrix vesicles in atherosclerotic lesions of cellular origin?Bobryshev, YV; Killingsworth, MC; Huynh, TG; Lord, RS; Grabs, AJ; Valenzuela, S
Jan-2010Are certain dividend increases predictable? The effect of repeated dividend increases on market returnsMichayluk, D; Neuhauser, K; Walker, S; al, AAE
Jan-2013Are conceptual models concept models?Partridge, C; Gonzalez-Perez, C; Henderson-Sellers, B
Jan-2012Are consultants in Colombo, Sri Lanka satisfied with their job?Cooray, S; Dawson, A; Wijewardena, K
Jan-2012Are current coaching recommendations for cricket batting technique supported by biomechanical research?Penn, M; Spratford, W
Jan-2010Are discrete models more accurate?Hubler, A; Gerig, A
Jan-1989Are Economic Forecasts Rational?Keane, M; Runkle, D