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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012An assessment of the nonmarket benefits of the Water Framework Directive for households in England and WalesMetcalfe, PJ; Baker, W; Andrews, K; Atkinson, G; Bateman, I; Butler, S; Carson, R; East, J; Gueron, Y; Sheldon, R; Train, K
1-Jan-2012Assessment of the Social Outcomes of the Working on Country ProgramRyan, R; Wilczynski, A; Watkins, SR
2007Assessment of the structural integrity of timber bridges using dynamic approachChoi, FC
2002Assessment of the sustainability of Victorian abalone resourcesGorfine, HK
19-Apr-2015Assessment of therapy fidelity processes in the very early rehabilitation in speech (verse) clinical trialGodecke, E; Armstrong, E; Bernhardt, J; Middleton, S; Rai, T; Holland, A; Cadilhac, D; Whitworth, A; Rose, M; Ciccone, N; Hankey, G
2015Assessment of tropical blue carbon reserves in ThailandApichanangkool, Pemika
1-Jan-2009Assessment of typical food portion sizes consumed among Australian adultsRangan, AM; Schindeler, S; Hector, DJ; Gill, T
Jan-1990Assessment of Vegetation and Soil Water Regimes in Partial Canopies with Optical Remotely Sensed DataHuete, A; Warrick, AW
6-Jun-2016Assessment of waste to energy as a resource recovery intervention using system dynamics: A case study of New South Wales, AustraliaMadden, B; Florin, N; Giurco, D
Jan-2011Assessment of water treatment processes: detailed organic matter characterisation and membrane fouling indices at the Loddon Water Treatment Plant, Victoria, AustraliaChinu, KJ; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, JK; Aryal, R; Dharmapalan, D
Jan-2011Assessment of water treatment processes: Detailed organic matter characterisation and membrane fouling indices at the Loddon Water Treatment Plant, Victoria, AustraliaKhorshed, C; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, JK; Aryal, R; Dharmapalan, D
Jan-2013Assessment of watertight concrete and role of chemical admixturesHassani Esgandani, M; Dao, V; Dux, P
Jan-2010Assessment of wind-induced fatigue crack initiation life at guyed mast earplate joints considering welding residual stressesWang, W; Qu, W; Pi, Y
Jan-2012Assessment of wollastonite microfibre on drying shrinkage behaviour of cement-based compositesgalea, N; Hamedanimojarrad, P; Vessalas, K; Thomas, P; Samali, B; Attard, MM; Song, C
Jan-2010Assessments of Class F fly ashes for amelioration of soil acidity and their influence on growth and uptake of Mo and Se by canolaVeeragathipillai, M; Yunusa, IA; Loganathan, L; Lawrie, R; Skilbeck, G; Burchett, M; Murray, B; Eamus, D
Jan-2010Asset delegation, career concerns and trade volumeScotti, M; al, AAE
Jan-2007Asset Management of Stormwater System using Fuzzy LogicKannapiran, A; Jeyakumaran, JM; Chanan, AP; Kandasamy, JK; Singh, G; Tambosis, P; Al-Jumaily, A; Quang Ha
Jan-2001Asset Price & Wealth Dynamics Under Heterogeneous ExpectationsChiarella, C; He, X
Jan-2006Asset price and wealth dynamics in a financial market with heterogeneous agentsChiarella, C; Dieci, R; Gardini, L
Jan-2003Asset price dynamics among heterogeneous interacting agentsChiarella, C; Gallegati, M; Leombruni, R; Palestrini, A