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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2007The Integrator Technique of Time Delay Measurement for Ultra Wideband Communications SystemsZakarevicius, RA
Jan-2006Integrity & security in the e-centuryCurrie, CV; Kurihara, Y; Takaya, S; Yamori, N
Jan-2012Integron associated mobile genes: Just a collection of plug in apps or essential components of cell network hardware?Labbate, M; Boucher, Y; Luu, I; Roy Chowdhury, P; Stokes, H
Jan-2013Integron Gene Cassettes: A Repository Of Novel Protein Folds With Distinct Interaction SitesSureshan, V; Deshpande, CN; Boucher, Y; Koenig, JE; Stokes, H; Harrop, SJ; Curmi, PM; Mabbutt, BC
Jan-1992The Integron In1 In Plasmid R46 Includes 2 Copies Of The Oxa2 Gene CassetteStokes, H; Hall, R
Jan-2008Integron-associated gene cassettes in Halifax Harbour: assessment of a mobile gene pool in marine sedimentsKoenig, JE; Boucher, Y; Charlebois, RL; Nesbo, C; Zhaxybayeva, O; Bapteste, E; Spencer, M; Joss, MJ; Stokes, H; Doolittle, WF
Jan-2005Integron-associated mobile gene cassettes code for folded proteins: The structure of Bal32a, a new member of the adaptable alpha plus beta barrel familyRobinson, A; Wu, PS; Harrop, SJ; Schaeffer, PM; Dosztanyi, Z; Gillings, M; Holmes, A; Nevalainen, K; Stokes, H; Otting, G; Dixon, NE; Curmi, PM; Mabbutt, BC
Jan-2002Integron-encoded Intl integrases preferentially recognize the adjacent cognate attl site in recombination with a 59-be siteCollis, CM; Kim, M; Stokes, H; Hall, RM
Jan-2009The integron/gene cassette system: an active player in bacterial adaptationLabbate, M; Case, RJ; Stokes, H; Gogarten, M; Gogarten, P; Olendzenski, L
Jan-1994Integrons found in different locations have identical 5' ends but variable 3' endsHall, RM; Brown, HJ; Brookes, DE; Stokes, H
Jan-2005Integrons in Xanthomonas: A source of species genome diversityGillings, M; Holley, MP; Stokes, H; Holmes, A
Jan-1996The integrons In0, In2, and In5 are defective transposon derivativesBrown, HJ; Stokes, H; Hall, RM
Jan-2013Integrons: antibiotic resistance evolution and beyondRoy Chowdhury, P; Stokes, H; Labbate, M; Roberts, AP; Mullany, P
Jan-2007Integrons: mobilizable platforms promoting genetic diversity in bacteriaBoucher, Y; Labbate, M; Koenig, JE; Stokes, H
Jan-2008Intellectual Assets and Knowledge Vitality in Urban Regions: The Role of UniversitiesMartinez-Fernandez, C; Sharpe, SA; Technology, TYQUO; Australia; Technology, KVIIO; Turkey; University, SBG; Australia
Jan-2006Intellectual disability in the New South Wales inmate populationCashin, AJ; Butler, T; Levy, M; Potter, E
Jan-2005Intellectual Engagement in Andrea Camilleri's Montalbano FictionMikula, MH
Jan-2012Intellectual Intersections between the State and the Public: A Question of Emotional Capital?Marinelli, M; Giusi Tamburello
Jan-2009Intellectual propertyJonson, PT; Thorpe, D; Buti, A; Davies, C; Fridman, S; Jonson, P
Jan-2009Intellectual property (IP) protection versus IP abuses: The recent development of Chinese IP abuse rules and recommendations for foreign technology-driven companiesTian, Y