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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Nov-2014Large Eddy Simulation of Single-Sided Ventilated Room With Different Location of WindowsIdris, A; Huynh, BP; Pelegri, A
Jan-2008Large Graph Visualization by Hierarchical ClusteringHuang, M; Nguyen, Q
Mar-2016A large light-mass component of cosmic rays at 10(17)-10(17.5) electronvolts from radio observations.Buitink, S; Corstanje, A; Falcke, H; Hörandel, JR; Huege, T; Nelles, A; Rachen, JP; Rossetto, L; Schellart, P; Scholten, O; ter Veen, S; Thoudam, S; Trinh, TN; Anderson, J; Asgekar, A; Avruch, IM; Bell, ME; Bentum, MJ; Bernardi, G; Best, P; Bonafede, A; Breitling, F; Broderick, JW; Brouw, WN; Brüggen, M; Butcher, HR; Carbone, D; Ciardi, B; Conway, JE; de Gasperin, F; de Geus, E; Deller, A; Dettmar, RJ; van Diepen, G; Duscha, S; Eislöffel, J; Engels, D; Enriquez, JE; Fallows, RA; Fender, R; Ferrari, C; Frieswijk, W; Garrett, MA; Grießmeier, JM; Gunst, AW; van Haarlem, MP; Hassall, TE; Heald, G; Hessels, JW; Hoeft, M; Horneffer, A; Iacobelli, M; Intema, H; Juette, E; Karastergiou, A; Kondratiev, VI; Kramer, M; Kuniyoshi, M; Kuper, G; van Leeuwen, J; Loose, GM; Maat, P; Mann, G; Markoff, S; McFadden, R; McKay-Bukowski, D; McKean, JP; Mevius, M; Mulcahy, DD; Munk, H; Norden, MJ; Orru, E; Paas, H; Pandey-Pommier, M; Pandey, VN; Pietka, M; Pizzo, R; Polatidis, AG; Reich, W; Röttgering, HJ; Scaife, AM; Schwarz, DJ; Serylak, M; Sluman, J; Smirnov, O; Stappers, BW; Steinmetz, M; Stewart, A; Swinbank, J; Tagger, M; Tang, Y; Tasse, C; Toribio, MC; Vermeulen, R; Vocks, C; Vogt, C; van Weeren, RJ; Wijers, RA; Wijnholds, SJ; Wise, MW; Wucknitz, O; Yatawatta, S; Zarka, P; Zensus, JA
Jan-2002Large Mg2+-dependent currents are associated wit the increased expression of ALR1 in Saccaromyces cerevisiaeLiu, GJ; Martin, DK; Gardner, R; Ryan, PR
2007Large positive magnetoresistance effect below Curie temperature in In1.90-xMn0.1SnxO3Wang, X; Peleckis, G; Dou, S; Liu, RM; Zhu, J
Jan-2011Large Scale Diagnosis using Associations between System Outputs and ComponentsZhu, X; Burgard, W; Roth, D
Jan-2011Large Scale Multiple Robot Visual Mapping With Heterogeneous Landmarks In Semi-structured TerrainVidal Calleja, TA; Berger, C; Sola, J; Lacroix, S
Jan-2009Large Scale Network Analysis with Interactive VisualisationNguyen, Q; Huang, M; Banissi, E; Sarfraz, M; Zhang, J; Ursyn, A; Jeng, WC; Bannatyne, MWM; Zhang, JJ; San, LH; Huang, ML
Jan-2005Large Scale Ontology Visualisation Using Ontology ExtractionWouters, C; Dillon, TS; Rahayu, W; Chang, E
13-Mar-2017Large scale predictive process mining and analytics of university degree course dataSchulte, J; De Mendonca, PF; Martinez-Maldonado, R; Shum, SB
Jan-2007Large seasonal swings in leaf area of Amazon rainforestsMyneni, RB; Yang, W; Nemani, RR; Huete, A; Dickinson, RE; Knyazikhin, Y; Didan, K; Fu, R; Negron Juarez, RI; Saatchi, SS; Hashimoto, H; Ichii, K; Shabanov, NV; Tan, B; Ratana, P; Privette, JL; Morisette, JT; Vermote, EF; Roy, DP; Wolfe, RE; Friedl, MA; Running, SW; Votava, P; El-Saleous, N; Devadiga, S; Su, Y; Salomonson, VV
Jan-2013Large-margin multi-view Gaussian process for image classificationXu, C; Tao, D; Li, Y; Xu, C; Lu, K; Mei, T; Wu, X
Jan-2013Large-scale and low cost synthesis of graphene as high capacity anode materials for lithium-ion batteriesChen, S; Bao, P; Xiao, LH; Wang, G
Jan-2009Large-scale Distribution Of Atlantic Nitrogen Fixation Controlled By Iron AvailabilityMoore, C; Mills, M; Achterberg, E; Geider, R; Laroche, J; Lucas, M; Mcdonagh, E; Pan, X; Poulton, A; Rijkenberg, M; Suggett, DJ; Ussher, S; Woodward, E
Jan-2012Large-scale growth of the Plasmodium falciparum malaria parasite in a wave bioreactor.Dalton, JP; Demanga, CG; Reiling, SJ; Wunderlich, J; Eng, JW; Rohrbach, P
Jan-2006Large-Scale Impact of Digital Library Services: Findings from a Major Evaluation of SCRANChowdhury, GG; McMenemy, D; Poulter, A; Gonzalo, J; Thanos, C; Verdejo, MF; Carrasco, R
Jan-2008Large-Scale Maximum Margin Discriminant Analysis Using Core Vector MachinesTsang, I; Kocsor, A; Kwok, J
Jan-2010Large-Scale Monocular SLAM by Local Bundle Adjustment and Map JoiningZhao, L; Huang, S; Yan, L; Wang, J; Hu, G; Dissanayake, G; Technical Committee, IEEE
Jan-2009Large-scale synthesis and gas sensing application of vertically aligned and double-sided tungsten oxide nanorod arraysShen, X; Wang, G; Wexler, D
Jan-2013Large-scale, high-resolution agricultural systems modeling using a hybrid approach combining grid computing and parallel processingZhao, G; Bryan, BA; King, D; Luo, Z; Wang, E; Michl, UB; Song, X; Yu, Q