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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Intrusion-based reasoning and depression: cross-sectional and prospective relationships.Berle, D; Moulds, ML
Jan-2004Intuition gesture as Creative Process for Software designBowman, CP; Fujita, H; Fujita, H; Gruhn, V
1-Jan-2016Intuitionistic fuzzy logic and provisional acceptance of scientific theories: A tribute to Krassimir Atanassov on the occasion of his sixtieth birthdayShannon, AG
1-Jan-2013An intuitive approach for feedback active noise controller designZhang, L; Wu, L; Qiu, X
Jan-2008Invariant Image Watermarking Based On Local Feature RegionsDeng, C; Gao, X; Li, X; Tao, D; NA
2007Invariant productive dimensions of the transmit beams using partial channel state information for the mimo multipath channelTran, Hoai Trung
Jan-1993The invasin of Yersinia spp. provides co-stimulatory activity to human T-cells through interaction with beta1- integrinsBrett, SJ; Mazurov, AV; Charles, IG; Tite, JP
Jan-2002Invasion of exotic plants in nutrient-enriched urban bushlandKing, SA; Buckney, RT
2008Invasion success of exotic vines in Australia : the importance of life-history, introduction-history and ecological attributesHarris, CJ
Jan-2005Invasive Alien Species and the Protection of Biodiversity: The Role of Quarantine Laws in Resolving Inadquacies int he International Legal RegimeRiley, S
Jan-2008Invasive cane toads (Bufo marinus) cause mass mortality of freshwater crocodiles (Crocodylus johnstoni) in tropical AustraliaLetnic, M; Webb, JK; Shine, R
Jan-1997Invasive capacity of Tamarix ramosissima in a Mojave Desert Floodplain: the role of droughtCleverly, JR; Smith, SD; Sala, A; Devitt, DA
Jan-2012Invasive ecosystem engineer selects for different phenotypes of an associated native speciesWright, JT; Gribben, PE; Byers, JE; Monro, K
Jan-2006Invasive seaweed enhances recruitment of a native bivalve: roles of refuge from predation and the habitat choice of recruitsGribben, PE; Wright, JT
1-Sep-2014Invasive species: PlantsGodfree, RC; Murray, BR; Van Alfen, NK
Jan-2012Invasiveness in exotic plant species is linked to high seed survival in the soilPhillips, M; Murray, B
Jan-2008Inventing and Devising Movement in the Design of Movement-based Interactive SystemsLoke, L; Robertson, TJ; Frank Vetere University of Melbourne, CGLU; Melbourne, UO; Technology, CSQUO
Jan-2008Inventing Seed: The Nature/s of Intellectual Property in PlantsVan Dooren, T
Jan-2009The Invention of Sadism? The Limits of Neologisms in the History of SexualityMoore, A