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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Mediatization with Chinese characteristics; political legitimacy, public diplomacy and the new art of propagandaSun, W; Lundby, K
Jan-2004Medical Education and Curriculum Reform: Putting Reform Proposals in ContextIedema, RA; Degeling, PJ; Braithwaite, J; Chan, DK
1-Jan-2016Medical hypotheses: A clinician's guide to publicationWardle, J; Rossi, V
9-Nov-2015A Medical Image Steganography Method Based on Integer Wavelet Transform and Overlapping Edge DetectionAl-Dmour, H; Al-Ani, A; Arik, S; Huang, T; Lai, WK; Liu, Q
Jan-2009Medical ManslaughterDobinson, IR
Jan-2011Medical merchants: conflicts of interest, office product sales and notifiable conductParker, M; Wardle, J; Weir, M; Stewart, C
Jan-2009Medical Motecare : A Distributed Personal Healthcare Monitoring SystemFelix Navarro, KM; Lawrence, EM; Lim, B; Navarro, KF; Lawrence, E; Lim, B
Jan-2004Medical Nanotechnology and Developing NationsMaclurcan, D; Ford, M; Cortie, MB; Ghosh, D; Schulte, J
Jan-2008Medical practice in the non-public sector in ChinaYang, J
Jan-2003The Medical Record As Organising DiscourseIedema, RA
Sep-2014Medical specialists' motivations for referral to specialist palliative care: a qualitative study.Kirby, E; Broom, A; Good, P; Wootton, J; Adams, J
23-Jul-2016Medical student attitudes towards complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in medical education: a critical review.Joyce, P; Wardle, J; Zaslawski, C
1-Jan-2015Medical Volunteer Tourism as an Alternative to Backpacking in PeruGodfrey, J; Wearing, S; Schulenkorf, N
Jan-2006Medical Workforce Planning: Some Forecasting ChallengesMaynard, A
Jan-2010Medicare Select: A bold reform?Hall, JP
Jan-2008Medication Adherence Self-report Instruments Implications for Practice and ResearchRolley, J; Davidson, PM; Dennison, C; Ong, A; Everett, B; Salamonson, Y
Jan-2006Medication Administration Errors: Understanding the Issues.McBride-Henry, K; Foureur, M
Jan-2011Medication knowledge, adherence, and associated factors in people with congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseGallagher, RD; Warwick, MR; Chenoweth, L; Stein-Parbury, J; Milton-Wildey, KK
Jan-2008Medications in pregnancy: Impact on time to lactogenesis after parturitionKung, M; Bajorek, B
Jan-2012Medicine, the media and political interestsLipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Morrell, B; Bonfiglioli, C; Forsyth, R