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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Making Sense of Shakespeare: a Cultural Icon for Contemporary AudiencesOlsson, MR
Jan-2008Making sense of teaching through shared observation and conversationAubusson, PJ; Buchanan, JD; Schuck, SR; Russell, T; Heston, M; Tidwell, D; East, K; Fitzgerald, L
2016Making sense of the past: The embodied information practices of field archaeologistsOlsson, M
Jan-2005Making sense of theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches: Exploring conceptual change and interest in learning from a sociocultural perspectivePressick-Kilborn, KJ; Sainsbury, E; Walker, R
1998"Making something for myself" : women, quilts, culture and feminismGrahame, EJ
Jan-2008Making something of it: one ward's application of evidence into practiceHooke, N; Lewis, P; Kelly, M; Wilson, V; Jones, S
Jan-2007Making Space For Art: the culture debate and the studio arts movement in Hong KongCartier, C
Jan-2009Making Space for the Maid: Metropolitan gaze, peripheral vision and subaltern spectatorship in urban ChinaSun, W
2009Making Space for the Maid: Television Drama, Metropolitan Gaze, and a Semiotic of Power in the Post-Socialist Chinese CitySun, W
2016Making space for consuming practicesRooney, D; Manidis, M; Scheeres, H
Jan-2008Making Species Salinity Sensitivity Distributions Reflective Of Naturally Occurring Communities: Using Rapid Testing And Bayesian StatisticsHickey, G; Kefford, B; Dunlop, JE; Craig, P
Jan-2007Making Strange with the Falling Body in Interactive Technology DesignLoke, L; Robertson, TJ; Feijs, L; Kyffin, S; Young, B
Jan-2013Making Strategy Matter: Social Theory, Knowledge Interests and Business EducationClegg, SR; Jarvis, WP; Pitsis, TS
Jan-2014Making the Flip: Integrating Flipped Learning Activities into the Mathematics CurriculumBush, SA; Yeung, A
Jan-2007Making the Unaccountable Accountable: Using Tort to Achieve Corporate Compliance with Human Rights NormsJivan, VR; Forster, C
2013Making things louder : amplified music and multimodalityMulder, J
Jan-2010Making Up the Issue: The Judge's Role in Formulating Actions in the Crown Colony Period- Pharazyn v Smith (1844)Dorsett, SG
15-Apr-2015Making ‘Foreign Orders’: Australian Print-workers and Clandestine Creative Production in the 1980sStein, JA
22-Jun-2009Malaria in Pacific populations: Seen but not heard?Opeskin, B
2002Male and female differences in self-reported cheatingOlasehinde, O; Athanasou, J