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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Australian Eclecticism and Theorizing in Information Systems ResearchGregor, S; Bunker, D; Cecez-Kecmanov, D; Metcalf, M; Underwood, J
Jan-2005Australian Electricity Reform: The Ownership DebateSharma, D
Jan-2010Australian Energy Resource AssessmentSandu, S; Jaques, L; Bradshaw, M; Carson, L; Budd, A; Huleatt, M; Hutchinson, D; Lambert, I; LePoidevin, S; McKay, A; Miezitis, Y; Sait, R; Zhu, R; Hughes, M; Ball, A; Cuevas-Cubria, C; Copeland, A; Hogan, L; Lampard, M; Maliyasena, A; New, R; Penney, K; Petchey, R; McCallum, R; Warr, S
Jan-2007Australian energy: National and state projections to 2029-30Syed, A; Wilson, R; Sandu, S; Cuevas-Cubria, C; Clarke, A
Jan-2011Australian equity warrants: Are retail investors getting a fair go?Hunt, BF; Terry, C
Jan-2006Australian Examples of the role of soils in environmental problemsHazelton, PA
Jan-2009The Australian experience of nurses' preparedness for evidence-based practiceWaters, DL; Crisp, J; Rychetnik, L; Barrat, A
Jan-2011The Australian experience of World Wide Views on Global Warming: The first global deliberation processHerriman, J; Atherton, AM; Vecellio, L
Jan-2010The Australian experience: A comparative analysis of the effects of contamination and its remediation on individuals and communities at two Australian sites (CRC CARE Technical Report no.17)Prior, JH; Partridge, EY
Jan-2009Australian federal government online public consultation trials: Local learnings in e-democracyMacnamara, J; Flew, T
Jan-2004Australian Film and the Cultural Cold WarMcKnight, DC
Jan-2011Australian firms fail to keep pace with rapid industrial relations reform.Field, J; Chelliah, J
10-Mar-2008Australian Football The Reconciliation Game - Barry Judd Seminar March 2008Judd, B
Jan-1995Australian freshwater bivalves: Their applications in metal pollution studiesJeffree, R; Markich, SJ; Brown, PL
Jan-2011Australian General Practitioners And Oncology Specialists Perceptions Of Barriers And Facilitators Of Access To Specialist Palliative Care ServicesJohnson, C; Paul, C; Girgis, A; Adams, J; Currow, D
Jan-2008Australian general practitioners' views on pharmacist prescribingVracar, D; Bajorek, B
Jan-2013Australian Gothic: Black Light Angels, Appearance and Subcultural StyleKaraminas, V; Hancock, J; Johnson-Woods, T; Karaminas, V
2015The Australian Government's 'White Paper on Reform of the Federation' and the future of Australian local governmentGrant, BJ; Ryan, R; Kelly, A
Jan-2005Australian grey nomads and American snowbirds: similarities and differencesOnyx, J; Leonard, R
Jan-2013Australian health-related quality of life population norms derived from the SF-6DNorman, R; Church, J; Van den Berg, B; Goodall, S