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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007At the Border and Between the Cracks: The Precarious Position of Irregular Migrant Workers under International LawBerg, LA
Jan-2009At the coal face in Australia: the youth climate movementIson, N; Wilson, G; Furniss, P; Kimbowa, R
2012At The moment of creation : an exploration of how directors know and assess screen performanceSergi, BM
Jan-2013Atencion FarmaceuticaFaus, MJ; Sabater Hernandez, D
2013Athlete motivation and the "spirit of sport" : understanding doping and the culture of complementary and alternative therapy use in aquatic-sportsKoh, B
Jan-2013Athlete Persona as Subjective Knowledge under the Common Law Restraint of Trade DoctrineThorpe, DE
Jan-2012Athlete Product Endorsement as a False and Thereby Unreasonable Partial Restraint of TradeThorpe, DE
Jan-2009Athlete SelectionThorpe, DE
-Atkins afterHelen Melville
-Atkins before-
Jan-2010Atkins v The Emperor: the cautious use of unreliable expert opinionEdmond, G; Kemp, RI; Porter, GR; Hamer, D; Burton, M; Biber, K; Rocque, MS
Jan-2012Atomic force and super-resolution microscopy support a role for LapA as a cell-surface biofilm adhesin of Pseudomonas fluorescensIvanov, IE; Boyd, CD; Newell, PD; Schwartz, ME; Turnbull, L; Johnson, MS; Whitchurch, CB; O'Toole, GA; Camesano, TA
Jan-2004Atomic layer deposition of thin films of ZnSe - structural and optical characterizationGuziewicz, E; Godlewski, M; Kopalko, K; Lusakowska, E; Dynowska, E; Guziewicz, M; Godlewski, MM; Phillips, M
Jan-2005Atomic Use Case as a Concept to Support the MDE Approach to Web Application DevelopmentNguyen, K; Dillon, TS; Koch, N; Vallecillo, A; Rossi, G
Jan-2011Atomic-Resolution Kinked Structure Of An Alkylporphyrin On Highly Ordered Pyrolytic GraphiteChin, Y; Panduwinata, D; Sintic, M; Sum, T; Hush, N; Crossley, M; Reimers, JR
Jan-2003Atomic-resolution STM structure of DNA and localization of the retinoic acid binding siteZareie, HM; Lukins, PB
2012Atopia : digital fictions of placeHuang, Y
Jan-2011ATP Synthase Repression In Tobacco Restricts Photosynthetic Electron Transport, CO2 Assimilation, And Plant Growth By Overacidification Of The Thylakoid LumenRott, M; Martins, N; Thiele, W; Lein, W; Bock, R; Kramer, D; Schottler, M
Jan-2003ATP-sensitive potassium channels induced in liver cells after transfection with insulin cDNA and the GLUT2 transporter regulate glucose-stimulated insulin secretionLiu, GJ; Simpson, AM; Swan, MA; Tao, CZ; Tuch, BE; Crawford, RM; Jovanovic, A; Martin, DK
12-Mar-2007ATQL: Adaptive Target Queue Length Adjustment for AQM Controllers to Meet Dynamic Traffic EnvironmentShudong, F; Jinsheng, S; Stevan, MB