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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Architectural Replicas - Four Hyopthesis on the use of Agnostic Copies in the Architectural FieldGoberna Pesudo, C; Grau, U
Jan-1998Architectural SerialismKaji-O'Grady, S
29-Sep-2016Architectural Urbanism and Sporting Ecologies: Constituting the Scale of NeighbourhoodFinney, TL; Southgate, D; Childs,, P; Bull, AMJ
2017Architecture and the promise of post capitalismBurke, AJ; Stoppani, T; Ponzo, G; Themistokleous, G
Jan-2007Architecture and the Urban as a Metaphor of Governance: Paolo Paruta and the Spatiality of Venice in the Late Sixteenth CenturyLuscombe, DO; Bartsch, K; Loo, S
Jan-2012Architecture as an ideaMinnaert, F; Andrew Mackenzie
Jan-2005Architecture as performance art: the collaboration between RoseLee Goldberg and Bernard TschumiKaji-O'Grady, S; Holt-Darrant, K; Sanders, P
Jan-2005Architecture as the Computer Interface: 4D Gestural Interaction with Socio-Spatial SonificationBeilharz, KA; Duarte, JP; Ducla-Soares, C; Sampaio, AZ
Jan-2011An architecture for automated group formation within remote laboratoriesLowe, DB; Mujkanovic, A; Guetl, C; Kostulski, T; Ursutiu Doru
Jan-2011An architecture for systematic tracking of skills and competence level progression in computer scienceGluga, R; Kay, J; Lister, RF; Lever, T; Varthini, BP; Westin, T
Jan-2005An architecture for unifying web services authentication and authorisationSteele, RJ; Tao, W; Benatallah, B; Casati, F; Traverso, P
Jan-2004An architecture for user location in heterogeneous mobile networksWegdam, M; van Bemmel, J; Lagerberg, K; Leijdekkers, P; Mammeri, Z; Lorenz, P
2015Architecture of an IoT-based System for Football Supervision (IoT Football)Ikram, MA; Alshehri, MD; Hussain, FK
Jan-2003The architecture of complexityKornberger, MM; Clegg, SR
2005The architecture of riskTan, Laurens
Jan-2004Architecture of the body: Cosmetic surgery and postmodern spaceJones, MR
2003Architecture Reviewing Theory: Sir Henry Wotton's Dialectical Articulation of Vitruvian TheoryStewart, S
Jan-2003Architecture Reviewing Theory: Sir Henry Wotton's Dialectical Articulation of Vitruvian TheoryStewart, SC
2016Architecture's Capital? Revisiting Benjamin's ParisRice, CE; Clayson, H; Dombrwski, A
3-Sep-2014Architecture, Law and the SensesOrr, K; Rowden, E