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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Are you one of us? : an exploration of discursive identity formation in the Salvation ArmyGrey, TA
2017'Are you sure you're going to have another one of those?': A qualitative analysis of the social control and social support models in type 2 diabetes.Newton-John, TR; Ventura, AD; Mosely, K; Browne, JL; Speight, J
2016Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Explaining the relation between management control systems and managers' causal mental modelsLewis, Rachael Lucy
Jan-2012An Area Defuzzification Technique to Assess Nuclear Event Reliability Data from Failure PossibilitiesPurba, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Ruan, D
1-Sep-2006Areas of Federal Law that Exclude Same Sex Couples and Families-
Jan-2006Areas of Federal Law that Exclude Same Sex Couples and FamiliesMillbank, J
20-Mar-2012Areas of Federal Law that Exclude Same-Sex Couples and their Children-
21-Oct-2016Areas of Life Visualisation: Growing Data-RelianceTran, J; Nguyen, Q; Simoff, S; Huang, M; Luo, Y
Jan-2006'Aren't we all learner-centred now?' The bittersweet flavour of successBoud, DJ; Paul Ashwin
Jan-2008Argon plasma immersion ion implantation of polystyrene filmsKondyurin, A; Gan, BK; Bilek, MM; McKenzie, DR; Mizuno, K; Wuhrer, R
Jan-2008Argonaute proteins: key players in RNA silencingHutvagner, GJ; Simard, MJ
Jan-2007Arguing in and across disciplinary boundaries: Legitimising strategies in applied linguistics and cultural studiesHood, S; McCabe, A; O'Donnell, M; Whittaker, R
Jan-2009An Argumentation Agent Models Evaluative CriteriaDebenham, JK; Iliadis, L; Vlahavas, I; Bramer, M
2010An argumentation system that builds trusted trading partnershipsIslam, KS
Jan-2011Argumentation with AdviceDebenham, JK; Sierra, C; Christian Huemer
2000An Aristotelian construction of the social economy of landSmall, Garrick Richard Frederick
Jan-2005ARMGA: Identifying interesting association rules with genetic algorithmsYan, X; Zhang, C; Zhang, S
Jan-2011Arnold Hely and Australian adult educationMorris, RK
Jan-2003An aromatic amino acid auxotrophic mutant of Bordetella bronchiseptica is attenuated and immunogenic in a mouse model of infectionMcArthur, JD; West, NP; Cole, JN; Jungnitz, H; Guzman, CA; Chin, J; Lehrbach, P; Djordjevic, SP; Walker, M