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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Monitoring the ecosystem service provided by dung beetles offers benefits over commonly used biodiversity metrics and a traditional trapping methodGollan, JR; de Bruyn, LL; Reid, N; Wilkie, L
Jan-2007Monitoring the electroosmotic flow in capillary electrophoresis using contactless conductivity detection and thermal marksSaito, RM; Neves, CA; Lopes, FS; Blanes, L; Brito-Neto, JG; do Lago, CL
2008Monitoring the training process in women's soccer (football)Alexiou, Helen
Jan-2010Monitoring training loads in elite tennisCoutts, AJ; Gomes, RV; Viveiros, L; Aoki, MS
Jan-2009Monitoring training loads in professional rugby leagueCoutts, AJ; Sirotic, AC; Catterick, C; KNowles, H; Reilly, T; Korkusuz, F
Jan-2013Monitoring training loads, stress, immune-endocrine responses and performance in tennis playersGomes, RV; Moreira, A; Lodo, L; Nosaka, K; Coutts, AJ; Aoki, MS
Jan-2003Monitoring vegetation phenology using MODISZhang, X; Friedl, MA; Schaaf, CB; Strahler, AH; Hodges, JC; Gao, F; Reed, BC; Huete, A
2013Monitoring, modeling, and regulation for indoor and outdoor exercisesZhang, Y
-monkeyBaaTheatre Abbey Rd large-
6-Jul-2015Mono- and Cocultures of Bronchial and Alveolar Epithelial Cells Respond Differently to Proinflammatory Stimuli and Their Modulation by Salbutamol and Budesonide.Haghi, M; Hittinger, M; Zeng, Q; Oliver, BG; Traini, D; Young, P; Huwer, H; Schneider-Daum, N; Lehr, CM
Jan-2013MONO/DI-ammonium phosphate fertilizers as draw solutions for forward osmosis desalinationPhuntsho, S; Kim, J; Lotfi, F; Shon, H
Jan-1994Monoclonal-Antibody 2B6-F2 Identifies A Subset Of Murine Natural-Killer-Cells With Receptors For YAC-1 And WEHI-164 TargetsMartiniello-Wilks, R; Smart, Y; Burton, R
Jan-2004Monocrystalline thin films of ZnSe and ZnO grown by atomic layer epitaxyKopalko, K; Godlewski, M; Guziewicz, E; Lusakowska, E; Paszkowicz, W; Domagala, J; Dynowska, E; Szczerbakow, A; Wojcik, A; Phillips, M
Jan-2004Monocrystalline ZnO films grown by atomic layer epitaxy - growth and characterisationKopalko, K; Godlewski, M; Lusakowska, E; Paskowicz, W; Domagala, J; Szczerbakow, A; Ivanov, V; Godlewski, MM; Phillips, M
Jan-2005A Monocular Vision Based LocalizerZhang, Z; Kodagoda, S; Sammut, C
Jan-1999Monocyte-mediated tumoricidal activity via the tumor necrosis factor-related cytokine, TRAILGriffin, TS; Wiley, SR; Kubin, MZ; Sedger, LM; Mailszewski, CR; Fanger, NA
2008Monodisperse hematite porous nanospheres: synthesis, characterization, and applications for gas sensorsGou, X; Wang, G; Park, J; Liu, H; Yang, J
Sep-2005Monographs' Acquisition: Return on InvestmentScott, C
Jan-2006Monotonic Optimization Based Decoding For Linear CodesSon, TT; Hoang, TD; Tuy, H; NA
Jan-2013Monotonic Optimization Based Decoding For Linear CodesHoang, TD; Son, T; Tuy, H; Khoa, PT