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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006A New Algorithm For Generating Minimal Cut Sets In K-Out-Of-N NetworksYeh, W
Jan-2004A new algorithm for mining fuzzy association rulesGao, Y; Ma, J; Ma, L; NA
Jan-2003A new algorithm for the estimation of the frequency of a complex exponential in additive Gaussian noiseReisenfeld, S; Aboutanios, E
12-Mar-2007A New Algorithm of Trust Formation in Wireless Sensor NetworksAkache, M; Navarrete, GP; Momani, M; Agbinya, JI
Jan-2006A New Algorithm of Trust Formation in Wireless Sensor NetworksMomani, M; Agbinya, JI; Navarrete Guzman, GP; Akache, M; Reisenfeld, S; Agbinya, J; Tung, T
2015A New Analytics Model for Large Scale Multidimensional Data VisualizationZhang, J; Huang, M; Ching-Hsien Hsu; Xianghan Zheng; Weizhong Qiang
Jan-2011A new approach for choosing the most appropriate fuzzy ranking algorithm for solving MADM problemsRamezani, F; Lu, J; Unger, H; Kyamaky, K; Kacprzyk, J
Jan-2009A new approach for face recognition by sketches in photosXiao, B; Gao, X; Tao, D; Li, X
Jan-2006A new approach for Fractal Image Compression on a virtual hexagonal structureWang, H; He, S; Wu, Q; Hintz, TB; Tang, YY; Wang, SP; Lorette, G; Yeung, DS; Yan, H
Jan-1991A New Approach For Fuzzy Topology (I)Ying, M
Jan-1992A New Approach For Fuzzy Topology .2.Ying, M
Jan-1993A New Approach For Fuzzy Topology .3.Ying, M
Jan-2006A new approach for SA-based fractal image compressionWang, H; Wu, Q; He, S; Hintz, TB; Hayes, M
Jan-2013A New Approach to Applying Discrete Sliding Mode Control to 2D systemsArgha, R; Li, L; Su, SW; Argha, A; Li, L; Su, SW
Jan-2006A New Approach to backwash initiation in Membrance SystemsSmith, PJ; Vigneswaran, S; Ngo, H; Nguyen, HT; Aim, RB
-A new approach to BSOFDM - parallel concatenated spreading matrices OFDMRaad, I; Huang, X
2010A New Approach to BSOFDM - Parallel Concatenated Spreading Matrices OFDMRaad, I; Huang, X
Jan-2005A New Approach to Business Fluctuations: Heterogeneous Interacting Agents, Scaling Laws and Financial FragilityDelli Gatti, D; Di Guilmi, C; Gaffeo, E; Giulioni, G; Gallegati, M; Palestrini, A
Jan-2005A New Approach To Evaluate Reliability Of Multistate Networks Under The Cost ConstraintYeh, W
Jan-2013A new approach to improve the quality of biosensor signals using fast independent component analysis: Feasibility study using EMG recordingsNaik, G; Guo, Y; Nguyen, HT; Kenji Sunagawa