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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2005Olympic Games Impact Study Final ReportPricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP
Jan-2013The Olympic Games: Managerial and Strategic DimensionsFrawley, SM; Adair, D; Frawley, S; Adair, D
-Olympic landmark for Paris 2012Minnaert, F; l'Arsenal, PD; Paris
13-Jan-2003Olympics Bid London 2012 Probability assessment for the Department of Culture, Media and SportPricewaterhouse, C
Jun-2003OLYMPICS Government Response to ‘A London Olympic Bid for 2012’ (HC 268) Report of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee Session 2002–2003Department For Culture, MAS
Jan-2008Ombudsmen and Integrity ReviewStuhmcke, AG; Pearson, L; Harlow, C; Taggart, M
2013Omega-3 fatty acid supplement use in the 45 and Up Study CohortAdams, J; Sibbritt, D; Lui, C-W; Broom, A; Wardle, J
Jan-2007The omega-atracotoxins: selective blockers of insect M-LVA and HVA calcium channelsChong, Y; Hayes, JL; Sollod, B; Wen, S; Wilson, D; Hains, PG; Hodgson, WC; Broady, KW; King, GK; Nicholson, GM
Jan-2010On a compositeness test for (2p+1)/3Berrizbeitia, P; Luca, F; Melham, R
Jan-2007On a generalized fuzzy goal optimization for solving fuzzy multi-objective linear programming problemsLu, J; Wu, F; Zhang, G
Jan-2002On a new approach to calculating expectations for option pricingBorovkov, K; Novikov, A
Jan-2001On a Piece-Wise Deterministic Markov Process ModelBorovkov, K; Novikov, A
Jan-2009On a stochastic version of the trading rule 'Buy and Hold'Shiryaev, AN; Novikov, A
Jan-2002On a theorem of GH Hardy concerning golfCohen, GL
Jan-2005On an effective solution of the optimal stopping problem for random walksNovikov, A; Shiryaev, AN
Jan-2008On Bayesian Analysis and Computation for Functions with Monotonicity and Curvature RestrictionsMcCausland, WJ
Jan-2004On becoming a mathematicianPetocz, P; Wood, LN; Smith, GH; Reid, A; Drefus, T; Paola, D
Jan-2009On Being a DesignerMcLaughlin, SM; Melles, G
Jan-2004On being dependent or independent in computer based learning environmentsHandal, BP; Herrington, T
Jan-2007On Being Optimistically European: Modelling Creolisation, Cosmopolitanism and CommunityPratt, M