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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Japanesesness, Multiple Exile and the Japanese Citizens abandoned in ChinaWard, RG
Jan-2001Javamath: an API for Internet accessible mathematical servicesSolomon, AI; Struble, CA; Shirayangi, K; Yokoyama, K
Jan-2005"Jazz for Goethe" on "Politics' Third Stage": West German Government-sponsored jazz tours during the 1960s. Revising "outdated imaginations of West Germany" or participating in Western "cultural penetration"?Hurley, AW; Ernst, G; Hurley, A; Sutton, K
-Jazz PopeHurley, AW
Jan-2006Je regrette: Towards marshalling remorse in knowledge transferKouzmin, A; Sankaran, S; Hase, S; Kakabadse, N
-Jellyfish Lamp-
Jan-2005Jia Baoyu in Honglou meng: boyhood, adolescence and adulthood in pre-modern ChinaEdwards, LP; Farquhar, M
Jan-2007Jihad and Cross-cultural Media: Osama Bin Laden as Reported in the Asian PressKnight, AD
Jan-2007JMA Accounting: Judicial Diminution of Professional Privilege in Tax Investigations?Fisher, RK
Jan-2006Joachim Ernst Berendt - Jazz, U-Musik, Pop-Jazz und die Ambivalenz (1950-70)Hurley, AW; Knauer, W
Jan-2010Joachim-Ernst Berendt and the (West) German Jazz und Lyrik GenreHurley, AW
Sep-2014Job enrichment: creating meaningful career development opportunities for nursesDuffield, C; Baldwin, R; Roche, M; Wise, S
Jan-2011A job grouping approach for planning container transfers at automated seaport container terminalsYuan, S; Skinner, B; Huang, S; Liu, D; Dissanayake, G; Lau, H; Pagac, D
Jan-2008Job Quality - What does it mean, what does it matter? Comparisons between Australia and the UAEConnell, JA; Burgess, J; Hannif, ZN
Jan-2011Job retention in the British offshore sector through greening of the North Sea energy industryEsteban, M; Leary, DK; Zhang, L; Utama, A; Tezuka, T; Ishihara, K
Jan-2009Job satisfaction and HR issues for nurses in non-profit, non-hospital settingsDalton, BM; Wilson, R; Harvison, J
Jan-2006Job satisfaction in occupational therapy: a qualitative investigation in urban AustraliaMoore, K; Cruickshank, M; Haas, MR
1-Nov-2015John Chelliah , Samantha Georges , (2015) "Consulting firm identity: the online effort to differentiate and compete", , Vol. 36 Iss: 6, pp.47 - 53Chelliah, J; Georges, S
2014John Clarke and James JoyceCarey, G
Jan-2005John Gero's Function-Behaviour-Structure Model of Designing: A Critical Analysis.Dorst, K; Vermaas, P