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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Measurable Realistic Image-based 3D MappingLiu, W; Wang, J; Wang, J; Ding, W; Almagbile, A
Jan-2012Measure of increase in motor unit synchronisaton for young and old using sEMGNaik, G; Kumar, DK; Arjunan, S; NA
Jan-2012Measure of quality of source separation for sub- and super-gaussian audio mixturesNaik, G
2010Measurement and computational analysis of skin conductance under repetitive stimuli and in different age groupsAvshalom, I
Jan-2005Measurement and modeling of core losses of soft magnetic composites under 3-D magnetic excitations in rotating motorsGuo, Y; Zhu, J; Lin, Z; Zhong, J
Jan-2008Measurement and Modeling of Rotational Core Losses of Soft Magnetic Materials Used in Electrical Machines - A ReviewGuo, Y; Zhu, J; Zhong, J; Lu, H; Jin, J
Jan-2007Measurement And Modeling Of Thermal Effects On Magnetic Hysteresis Of Soft FerritesLu, H; Zhu, J; Hui, SY
2002Measurement and modelling of magnetic properties of materials with rotating fluxesZhong, JJ
Jan-2006Measurement and modelling of magnetic properties of soft magnetic composite material under 2D vector magnetisationsGuo, Y; Zhu, J; Zhong, J
Jan-2010Measurement and simulation of diurnal variations in water use efficiency and radiation use efficiency in an irrigated wheat-maize field in the North China PlainWang, J; Zhao, T; Wang, E; Yu, Q; Yang, X; Feng, L; Pan, X
1-Apr-2016Measurement error models with interactionsMidthune, D; Carroll, RJ; Freedman, LS; Kipnis, V
Jan-2004Measurement Feedback Controller Design to Achieve Input to State StabilityHuang, S; James, M; Nesic, D; Dower, P; find, FC
5-Dec-2016Measurement of air flow through a green-wall moduleAbdo, P; Huynh, BP; Avakian, V; Nguyen, T; Gammon, J; Torpy, FR; Irga, PJ; Ivey, G; Zhou, T; Jones, N; Draper, S
Jan-2004Measurement of fracture toughness of hydrided zircaloy - 4Callaghan, MD; Yeung, WY; Ripley, MI; Carr, DG
18-Jan-2015Measurement of house price bubbles: A case in SydneyGe, X
Jan-2006Measurement of informal care: an empirical study into the valid measurement of time spent on informal caregivingVan den Berg, B; Spauwen, P
Jan-2013Measurement Of Iron Chemical Speciation In Seawater At 4 Degrees C: The Use Of Competitive Ligand Exchange-adsorptive Cathodic Stripping VoltammetryHassler, CS; Legiret, F; Butler, E
Jan-2003Measurement of magnetic properties under 3-D magnetic excitationsZhu, J; Zhong, J; Lin, Z; Sievert, JD
Jan-2007Measurement of micro synthetic jet actuation using intensity of disturbanceWalker, PD; Hong, G; Jacobs, P; Mcntyre, T; Cleary, M; Buttsworth, D; Mee, D; Clements, R; Morgan, R; Lemckert, C
Jan-1994Measurement of Microtomy Induced Section Distortion and Its Correction for 3-Dimensional Histological ReconstructionsJones, AS; Milthorpe, BK; Howlett, CR