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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A musculoskeletal model-based Assistance-As-Needed paradigm for assistive roboticsCarmichael, MG
Jan-2007Museological Landscapes, Mythological Lands: The Garden of Australian DreamsStead, NJ; Ostwald, MJ; Fleming, S
-Museum of Ecological SuccessionBurke, AJ; Hewett, BR; Rice, CE; Lahoud, A; Jakovich, J; Perin, GJ; David Burns
Jan-2003Museum of RumourNeumark, N; Miranda, M
Jan-2007Museum Visitors Care about Everything! Using Best-Worst Scaling for Strategic FocusBurke, PF; Burton, C; Wise, C; Louviere, JJ; Huybers, T; Thyne, M; Deans, K; Gnoth, J
Jan-2006Museum volunteers: a discussion of challenges facing managers in the cultural and heritage sectorsEdwards, DC; Graham, M
Jan-2005Museums actively researching visitors experiences and learning (MARVEL): a methodological studyGriffin, JM; Kelly, L; Savage, G; Hatherly, J
Jan-2003Museums: challenges for the 21st centuryBurton, C; Scott, C
Jan-2010Music as Discoursevan Leeuwen, T; de Cilla, R; Gruber, H; Krzynanowski, M; Menz, F
2-Sep-2014Music Genre as MethodLaurie, T
Jan-2006The music goes on and on and on...and on - popular music's affective franchiseNeil, JA; Homan, S
2008Music in the service of the state and the politics of style : making a music culture in AustraliaRidgewell, Sandra
Jan-2011The Music Table Revisited: Problems of Changing Levels of Detail and Abstraction in a Tangible RepresentationBerry, RA; Wyse, L; O'Halloran, K; Smith, BA
-Musica a MetronomBongers, B
Jan-2010Muslim Family Law in Australia: Conflicting or Compatible?Hussain, J; Samina Yasmeen
2007Muslim women and education in Indonesia: the Pondok Pesantren experienceSrimulyani, E
26-Aug-2009Muslim Women Entrepreneurs in Australia and Canada at the Intersections of Entrepreneurship and LeadershipLow, A
Jan-2007Muslim women's new defenders: Women's rights, nationalism and Islamophobia in contemporary AustraliaHo, C
-Muso SoupGascoigne, D; Melissa Venet
Jan-2010MUSTER: A Situational Tool for Requirements ElicitationCoulin, CR; Zowghi, D; Sahraoui, A; Meziane, F; Vadera, S