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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Morphology control and electrochemical properties of nanosize LiFePO4 cathode material synthesized by co-precipitation combined with in situ polymerizationWang, Y; Sun, B; Park, J; Kim, W; Kim, H; Wang, G
Jan-2012A morphology of management consulting typologiesGeorges, S; Chelliah, J
Jan-2004Morphology of sol-gel derived nano-coated coralline hydroxyapatiteBen-Nissan, B; Milev, AS; Vago, R
Jan-2005Morphology of the nematocysts of the medusae of two scyphozoans, Catostylus mosaicus and Phyllorhiza punctata (Rhizostomeae): implications for capture of preyPeach, MB; Pitt, KA
Jan-2007Morphometric relationships, gametogenic development and spawning of the geoduck clam Panopea globosa (Bivalvia: Hiatellidae) in the Central Gulf of CaliforniaAragon-Noriega, EA; Chavez-Villalba, J; Gribben, PE; Alcatara-Razo, E; Maeda-Martinez, AN; Arambula-Pujol, EM; Garcia-Juarez, AR; Maldonado-Amparo, R
-Morphotex DressSgro, DM; Museum, S; London
Jan-2009Morphotronic System (Applications)Chaczko, ZC; Rasconi, G; Moreno-Diaz, R; Pichler, F; Quesada-Arencibia Alexis, A
Jan-2009Morphotronic System TheoryResconi, G; Chaczko, ZC; NA
Jan-2013Morphotronics and Bond Graphs RepresentationResconi, G; Chaczko, ZC
Jan-2009Mortality Risk Associated With Low-Trauma Osteoporotic Fracture And Subsequent Fracture In Men And WomenBliuc, D; Nguyen, N; Milch, V; Nguyen, T; Eisman, J; Center, J
Jan-2013Mosaic of verbal abuse experienced by nurses in their everyday workJackson, DE; Hutchinson, M; Luck, L; Wilkes, L
Jan-2011MoSo Tangibles: Evaluating Embodied LearningBakker, S; van den Hoven, E; Antle, A; Gross, MD; Nunes, NJ; Do, EYL; Brewster, S; Oakley, I
Jan-2003Mosquito host-feeding patterns and implications for Japanese encephalitis virus transmission in northern Australia and Papua New Guineavan den Hurk, A; Johansen, CA; Zborowski, P; Paru, RP; Foley, PN; Beebe, NW; Mackenzie, JS; Ritchie, SA
Jan-2006Mossbauer study on LiFePO4 cathode material for lithium ion batteriesHannoyer, B; Prince, AA; Jean, M; Liu, RS; Wang, G
Jan-2004Most Significant Change pilot project: evaluation reportWilletts, JR
Jan-2007The most significant lessons about the most significant change techniqueWilletts, JR; Crawford, PW
Jan-2006Motecare: An adaptive smart ban health monitoring systemLubrin, E; Lawrence, EM; Felix Navarro, KM; Ruggiero, C
Jan-2005Motes; The New Privacy InvadersHendriks, M; Dyson, LE; Khosrow-Pour, M
2009The mothMcIntosh, I
Feb-2013'Mother birth or childbirth'? A prospective analysis of vaginal birth after caesarean blogsDahlen, H; Homer, CS