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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Attributing stance in discourses of body shape and weight lossCoupland, J; Coupland, NJ; Jaffe, A
Jan-2005Attunement and AgilityGibson, RJ; McQuire, S; Papstergiadis, N
Jan-2005Attuning: A Social and Technical Study of Artist-Programmer CollaborationsTurner, GA; Weakley, AJ; Zhang, Y; Edmonds, EA; Romero, P; Good, J; Bryant, S; Chaparro, E
Jan-2013AuAl2 and PtAl2 as potential plasmonic materialsKeast, VJ; Zwan, B; Supansomboon, S; Cortie, MB; Persson, P
Jan-2008Auctions versus book-built IPOs in Japan: A comparison of aftermarket volatilityPettway, R; Thosar, SB; Walker, S
Jan-2009Auctions with a buy priceReynolds, S; Wooders, J
Jan-2011Auctions with heterogeneous entry costsMoreno Ruiz, D; Wooders, J
2013AuCuAl shape memory alloys for use in opto-mechanical nanoactuatorsBhatia, VK
2000Audience participation kit instructionsSocog
Jan-2012Audio analysis of statistically instantaneous signals with mixed Gaussian probability distributionsNaik, G; Wang, W
2008Audio taping simulated patient encounters in community pharmacy to enhance the reliability of assessmentsWerner, JB; Benrimoj, SI
Jan-2004Audiovisual Discourse in Digital ArtEdmonds, EA; Pauletto, S; Gollinger, S
2006Audit pricing : an analysis of spatial oligopolistic competition theoryWu, M
Jan-2004Audit quality and post earnings announcement driftFerguson, AC; Matolcsy, ZP
2009Audit quality in the equity marketLi, Y
2008Audit quality information risk and information asymmetry between tradersZhu, Tingting
Jan-2009Audit quality, earnings quality and the cost of equity capitalLi, Y; Stokes, D; Taylor, SL; Wong, L; Faff, R
Jan-2011Auditing without bordersFrancis, JR
2015Audition Colorée (hearing colour)Varga, DA
Jan-1995Auditor brand name reputation and industry specialisationsCraswell, A; Francis, JR; Taylor, SL