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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009An Attitude Based Muti-agent Problem Solving in a Hostile WorldGoyal, ML
Jan-2005Attitude based teams in a hostile dynamic worldGoyal, ML
2004Attitude Cycle for Problem Solving Teams in A Dynamic WorldGoyal, ML
Jan-2005Attitude Estimation for Dynamic Legged Locomotion Using Range and Inertial SensorsSingh, SP; Waldron, K; NA
Jan-2014The attitude of Iranian nurses about do not resuscitate ordersMogadasian, S; Abdollahazadeh, F; Rahmani, A; Ferguson, C; Pakanzad, F; Pakpour, V; Heidarzadeh, H
Jan-2012Attitudes and experiences of tourism operators in Northern Australia towards people with disabilitiesPatterson, I; Darcy, SA; Mönninghoff, M
Mar-2011Attitudes And Referral Practices Of Maternity Care Professionals With Regard To Complementary And Alternative Medicine: An Integrative ReviewAdams, J; Lui, C; Sibbritt, D; Broom, A; Wardle, J; Homer, CS
Jan-2010The Attitudes of Imams towards the Inclusion of Women in Mosque ActivitiesHussain, J; Shahram Akbarzadeh
Jan-2006Attitudes of intensive care nurses towards brain death and organ transplantation: instrument development and testingKim, JR; Fisher, M; Elliott, D
Jan-2002Attitudes of middle managers to quality - based organisational changeDavis, D; Fisher, T
26-Aug-2009Attitudes to and Experience of Racism in AustraliaForrest, J
Jan-2004Attitudes towards DTC advertising in Australia: an exploratory study.Miller, K; Waller, DS
Jan-2013Attracting and Retaining Customers on Facebook Business Pages: A Content Analysis of an Online Discussion ForumAbedin, B; Jafarzadeh, H
Mar-2014Attracting and retaining qualified nurses in aged and dementia care: outcomes from an Australian studyChenoweth, L; Merlyn, T; Jeon, Y; Tait, F; Duffield, CM
14Attraction and Retention of CEOs and Senior Staff in Rural-Remote and Indigenous Local GovernmentsBrett de Chastel; Phillip Stark
4-Dec-2015Attractiveness of options moderates the effect of choice overloadChan, EY
Jan-2002Attribute causality in environmental choice modellingBlamey, R; Bennett, JW; Louviere, JJ; Morrison, MD; Rolfe, JC
1-Jan-2014Attribute weighting: How and when does it work for Bayesian Network ClassificationWu, J; Cai, Z; Pan, S; Zhu, X; Zhang, C
Jan-2013Attribute-based learning for large scale object classificationKusakunniran, W; satoh, S; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; Basu, A; Ling, N; Panchanathan, SP
Jan-2012Attribute-restricted Latent Topic Model For Person Re-identificationLiu, X; Song, M; Zhao, Q; Tao, D; Chen, C; Bu, J