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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Kinematic determinants of early acceleration in field sport athletesMurphy, AJ; Lockie, RG; Coutts, AJ
Jan-2008Kinematic wave modelling of surface runoff quality for small urban catchmentsCheah, C; Ball, JE; Cox, R; Richard Ashley
Jan-2012Kinematics Of A Smart Variable Caster Mechanism For A Vehicle Steerable WheelJazar, RN; Subic, A; Zhang, N
May-2014Kinesthesia in a sustained-attention driving task.Chuang, C-H; Ko, L-W; Jung, T-P; Lin, C-T
Jan-2010Kinetic Inter-Acting: A System for Visual Analysis of Interaction DynamicsDeray, K; Simoff, SJ; Banissi, EEA
Jan-2013Kinetic investigations of oxidation of chlorophenols by permanganateHossain, S; McLaughlan, RG
Jan-2012A Kinetic Model Of Rapidly Reversible Nonphotochemical QuenchingZaks, J; Amarnath, K; Kramer, D; Niyogi, K; Fleming, G
Jan-2006Kinetic study on LiFePO4/C nanocomposites synthesized by solid state techniqueLiu, H; Li, C; Zhang, HP; Fu, LJ; Wu, YP; Wu, HQ
1-Jul-2000Kinetics and equilibria of the interactions between diethylhexyl phthalate and sediment particles in simulated estuarine systemsZhou, JL; Liu, YP
Jan-2011Kinetics of gas mediated electron beam induced etchingSteven, R; Toth, M; Cullen, JC; Chandler, O; Lobo, C
Jan-2001Kinetics of Water Adsorption/Desorption on Bituminous CoalsMcCutcheon, A; Barton, WA; Wilson, MA
Aug-2015KIPTC: a kernel information propagation tag clustering algorithmXu, G; Zong, Y; Jin, P; Pan, R; Wu, Z
Apr-2014Kittens All the Way Down: Cute in ContextLobato, R; Meese, J
Jan-2010'Kiwi Music' and New Zealand National identityMitchell, T; Henry Johnson
Jan-2004Knee pain and driving duration: A secondary analysis of the taxi drivers' health studyChen, J; Dennerlein, JT; Shih, T; Chen, C; Cheng, Y; Chang, WP; Ryan, LM; Christiani, DC
2016The knight is darkest before the dawn : Batman, the United States and post-9/11 gothicComerford, Christopher Michael
2012KNN-Based Clustering for Improving Social Recommender SystemsPan, R; Dolog, P; Xu, G
Jan-2011Know yourself: Making the visual work in tourism researchChio, JT; Michael Hall, C
Sep-2014Know-how, practices and sustainabilityRoyston, S; Daly, M; Foulds, C
Jan-2003Knowing a World in Common: The Role of Workplace Educators in the Global Production of Working KnowledgeFarrell, LE