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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Mining maximal quasi-bicliques: Novel algorithm and applications in the stock market and protein networksSim, K; Li, J; Gopalkrishnan, V; Liu, G
Jan-2012Mining Multi-label Data Streams Using Ensemble-based Active LearningWang, P; Zhang, P; Guo, L; Ghosh, J; Liu, H; Davidson, I; Domeniconi, C; Kamath, C
Jan-2006Mining multiple data sources: Local pattern analysisZhang, S; Zaki, M
Jan-2013Mining Probabilistic Representative Frequent Patterns From Uncertain DataLiu, C; Chen, L; Zhang, C; Dy, J; Zhou, ZH; Parthasarathy, S; Kamath, C; Ghosh, J; Obradovic, Z
Jan-2011Mining Requirements LinksGervasi, V; Zowghi, D; Berry, D; Franch, X
Jan-2008Mining sequential patterns across time sequencesChen, G; Wu, X; Zhu, X
-Mining softwareHeidrun Lohr 2014
Jan-2004Mining Term Association Rules for Heuristic Query ConstructionQin, Z; Liu, L; Zhang, S; Honghua, D; Ramakrishnan, S; Zhang, C
2014Mining user tasks from print logsLi, X; Zhang, L; Luo, P; Chen, E; Xu, G; Zong, Y; Guan, C
Jan-2002Mining Very Large Databases Using Software AgentsZhang, C; Yan, X; Zhang, S; Kennedy, PJ; Wani, MA
Jan-2013Mining Websites Preferences on Web Events in Big Data EnvironmentXuan, J; Luo, X; Lu, J; Chen, J; Cuzzocrea, A; Yang, LT
Jan-2008Mining with noise knowledge: Error-aware data miningWu, X; Zhu, X
2014Minority Youth and Social Transformation in Australia: Identities, Belonging and Cultural CapitalCollins, JH; Jakubowicz, A; Reid, C; Chafic, W
Jan-2009Minority youth, crime, conflict and belonging in AustraliaCollins, J; Reid, C
-Mirabella and gender: vicious attacks show nothing’s changedPrice, J; Joyce, J
2015Mired in the Web: Vignettes from Charlotte and Other Novice ProgrammersTeague, R; Ahadi, A; Lister, R; D Souza, D; Falkner, K
1-Oct-2016The miRNA biogenesis factors, p72/DDX17 and KHSRP regulate the protein level of Ago2 in human cellsConnerty, P; Bajan, S; Remenyi, J; Fuller-Pace, FV; Hutvagner, G
-Mirror StatesMuller, E; Cleland, K
Jan-2016Mirror-enhanced super-resolution microscopy.Yang, X; Xie, H; Alonas, E; Liu, Y; Chen, X; Santangelo, PJ; Ren, Q; Xi, P; Jin, D
29-Nov-2016miRTar2GO: a novel rule-based model learning method for cell line specific microRNA target prediction that integrates Ago2 CLIP-Seq and validated microRNA–target interaction dataAhadi, A; Salbok, G; Hutvagner, G