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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Impacts of QX disease on the population and habitat structure of Sydney rock oysters, Saccostrea glomerata (Gould), in the Hawkesbury River, NSW, AustraliaSummerhayes, SA
5-Jan-2015Impacts of recent climate warming, cultivar changes, and crop management on winter wheat phenology across the Loess Plateau of ChinaHe, L; Asseng, S; Zhao, G; Wu, D; Yang, X; Zhuang, W; Jin, N; Yu, Q
Jan-2009Impacts of Recent Development of the Madrid System on Australian Users & Recommendations for Future ReformTian, Y
1998Impacts of selective outsourcing of information technology and information servicesJones, Sean Anthony
14-Dec-2016Impacts of Subjective Aspects in the Matching of Dentists and Patients in Dental Care Recommendation SystemsPradhan, S; Gay, VC; Nepal, S
Jan-2006Impacts of terrorism-related safety and security measures at a major sport eventTaylor, TL; Toohey, KM
2004Impacts of the Olympic Games as mega-eventsMalfas, M; Houlihan, B; Theodoraki, E
Jan-2009Impacts of the replacement of native woodland with exotic pine plantations on leaf-litter invertebrate assemblages: a test of a novel frameworkMurray, B; Baker, AC; Robson, TC
23-Feb-2018Impacts of the use of social network sites on users' psychological well‐being: A systematic reviewErfani, S; Abedin, B
Jan-2010Impacts of tuna industries on coastal communities in Pacific Island countriesBarclay, K
Jan-2005Impacts of Web Systems on Their DomainYusop, N; Lowe, DB; Zowghi, D
Nov-2017Impaired heel to toe progression during gait is related to reduced ankle range of motion in people with Multiple Sclerosis.Psarakis, M; Greene, D; Moresi, M; Baker, M; Stubbs, P; Brodie, M; Lord, S; Hoang, P
Jun-2017Impairments of balance, stepping reactions and gait in people with cervical dystonia.Barr, C; Barnard, R; Edwards, L; Lennon, S; Bradnam, L
21-Dec-2016Impedance matrix analysis technique in wound rotor induction machines including general rotor asymmetrySalah, A; Guo, Y; Dorrell, D
Jan-2004Impedance models of photon conductance in photonic crystal waveguidesNicorovici, NA; Botten, LC; Asatryan, AA; de Sterke, CM; McPhedran, RC; Eggleton, B; Sampson, D; Engana, SF; Mitchell, A; Jackson, S; Ankiewicz, A; Sellars, M; de Sterke, M; Roberts, A; Lam, PK
2009Impedance of square and triangular lattice photonic crystalsLawrence, F; Botten, L; Dossou, K; De Sterke, C; McPhedran, R
Jan-2008Impedance-based biosensors for pathogen detectionMuñoz-Berbel, X; Godino, N; Laczka, OF; Baldrich, E; Muñoz, FX; Campo, FJ; Zourob, M; Elwary, S; Turner, APF
1-Feb-2015Impedance-source networks for electric power conversion Part I: A topological reviewSiwakoti, YP; Peng, FZ; Blaabjerg, F; Loh, PC; Town, GE
1-Apr-2015Impedance-source networks for electric power conversion part II: Review of control and modulation techniquesSiwakoti, YP; Peng, FZ; Blaabjerg, F; Loh, PC; Town, GE; Yang, S
Jan-2004Impeller Behaviour and Displacement of the VentrAssist Implantable Rotary Blood PumpChung, MK; Zhang, N; Tansley, GD; Woodard, JC