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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Joint Sub-classifiers One Class Classification Model For Avian Influenza Outbreak DetectionZhang, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G
9-Oct-2015Joint Transmitter and Receiver I/Q Imbalance Estimation in Presence of Carrier Frequency OffsetHuang, X; Zhang, A; Guo, YJ
1-Dec-2008Jointly gaussian approximation and multi-stage LLR combining in the iterative receiver for MIMO-BICM systemsYang, T; Yuan, J; Shi, Z
Jan-2006Jointly Optimal Precoding/Postcoding For Colored MIMO SystemsPham, DH; Hoang, TD; Vo, B; Nguyen, TQ; NA
Jan-2007Jointly Optimal Signature Sequences And Power Allocation For CDMANgo, DT; Hoang, TD; Nguyen, HH; NA
Jan-2008Jointly Optimal Signature Sequences and Power Allocation for CDMA SystemsNgo, DT; Hoang, TD; Nguyen, HH
Jan-2012Jointly optimizing sensor selection and power control for nonlinear sensor networksRashid, U; Hoang, TD; Apkarian, P; NA
-JOOGE, BUCO, LOR and CYLPandolfo, B; Heidi Dokulil
Jan-2009Jorge Luis Borges and Ruben Dario: Art, Politics and Creative FreedomBrowitt, J; Estela Valverde
2007Josephson-vortex flow resistance in Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3Oy single crystals and its possible application in the manipulation of spin and charge textures in diluted magnetic semiconductorsWang, X; Lin, C; Liang, B; Yu, S; Ooi, S; Hirata, K; Ding, S; Shi, D; Dou, S; Lin, ZW; Zhu, J
18-Apr-2017The “Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology” Journal Club Series: Highlights on Recent Papers in Musculoskeletal DisordersSzychlinska, MA; Yamakado, K; Castorina, A; Ljubisavljevic, M
Jan-2012Journaling: identification of challenges and reflection on strategies.Hayman, B; Wilkes, L; Jackson, D
Jan-2010Journalism 2.0Knight, AD
Jan-2007Journalism and Philosophy: Remembering Clem LloydO'Donnell, PA; Heekeren, MV
Jan-2014Journalism and PR: Unpacking 'Spin', Stereotypes and Media MythsMacnamara, J
Jan-2012Journalism and public relations: Unpacking myths and stereotypesMacnamara, J
Jan-2006Journalism as Research?Bacon, W
Jan-2013Journalism re-definedKnight, AD; Alan Knight
2006Journalism students and intergenerational change in journalism.O'Donnell, P
Jan-2006Journalism students and intergenerational change in journalism.O'Donnell, PA