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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004More realistic concentrations of agrochemicals for environmental risk assessmentsSanchez-Bayo, FP
-More RoomsGrau, U; Goberna Pesudo, C
Jan-2008More Similarities Than Differences: An International Comparison of CVD Mortality and Risk Factors in WomenGholizadeh, L; Davidson, PM
2012A more sustainable transport future : the effectiveness of personal rapid transport in edge citiesZarafu, ME
Jan-2001More than a Mismatch: Mindset Discordance Between Operations Researchers and Manufacturing Managers Concerning ControlJenkins, RJ; Chapman, RL; Hyland, PW; N/A
Jan-2008More than a museum? Understanding how small museums contribute to social capital in regional communitiesBurton, C; Griffin, JM
2014More than a sport and volunteer organisation: Investigating social capital development in a sporting organisationDarcy, S; Maxwell, H; Edwards, M; Onyx, J; Sherker, S
Jan-2011More than biofuel? Jatropha curcas root system symmetry and potential for soil erosion controlReubens, B; Achten, WM; Maes, W; Danjon, F; Aerts, R; Poesen, J; Muys, B
2009More than just Germaine, Barry and Clive: An Overview of Australians in BritainBridge, C; Crawford, R; Dunstan, D; Carl Bridge, Robert Crawford & David Dunstan
Jan-2006More than Memory, Performing Place and Postcoloniality at the Myall Creek Massacre MemorialSchlunke, K; Gay McAuley
Jan-2011More than One Law for All: Legal Pluralism in Southeast AsiaHussain, J
2015More than telling stories : learning practice in HIV&AIDS work in sub Saharan AfricaMarshall, DG
Jan-2010More Than Vision Imagination As An Elemental Characteristic Of Being A Nurse Leader-MentorMcCloughen, A; O'Brien, L; Jackson, DE
2007The more things change, the more they stay the same... or do they?Gould, K
Jan-2007The more things change, the more they stay the same... or do they?Gould, KC
-Morphogenetic LatticePigram, DA; Snooks, R; Leach, N; Wei-Guo, X
Jan-2008Morphologic complexity and diversity in natural and channelized streamsRayburg, SC; Neave, M; Lambert, M; Daniell, T; Leonard, M
Jan-2011Morphological Abnormalities In Frogs From A Rice-Growing Region In NSW, Australia, With Investigations Into Pesticide ExposureSpolyarich, N; Hyne, RV; Wilson, SP; Palmer, CG; Byrne, M
Jan-2005Morphological Analysis (MA) leading to Innovative Mechanical DesignDartnall, WJ; Johnston, SF; Samuel, A; Lewis, W
2011Morphological analysis of cerebral cortex based on magnetic resonance imaging in the elderlyLiu, T