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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Non-Hierarchical Mind Mapping, Intuitive leapfrogging and the Matrix: tools for a Three Phase Process of Problem Solving in Industrial designKokotovich, V; Llyod, P; Roozenburg, N; McMahon, C; Brodhurst, L
15-Oct-2015A non-instrument-based method for the analysis of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded human spinal cord via matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation imaging mass spectrometryO'Rourke, MB; Djordjevic, SP; Padula, MP
2014Non-invasive detection of hyperglycaemia in type 1 diabetic patients using electrocardiographic signalsNguyen, LL
2014Non-invasive detection of hypoglycemia in patients with type 1 diabetes using electroencephalography signalsNguyen, BL
2014Non-invasive Detection of Hypoglycemic Episodes in Type1 Diabetes Using Intelligent Hybrid Rough Neural SystemLing, SH; San, PP; Lam, HK; Nguyen, HT; IEEE
13-Jun-2016Non-invasive hypoglycemia monitoring system using extreme learning machine for Type 1 diabetes.Ling, SH; San, PP; Nguyen, HT
-Non-invasive method and apparatus for determining onset of physiological conditionsNguyen, HT; Ghevondian, N
2012Non-invasive nocturnal hypoglycemia detection for insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus using genetic fuzzy logic methodLing, S; San, PP; Nguyen, H; Leung, F
Jan-2009Non-Isothermal Peristaltic Flow of Newtonian Fluids in a Circular TubeYun, M; Huynh, P; Lall, P; Chair, CTP
Jan-2009Non-lethal Presence Of Predators Modifies Morphology And Movement Rates In EuplotesHammill, E; Kratina, P; Anholt, B
Jan-2009Non-linear Elastic Analysis of Composite Beams Curved In-planErkmen, E; Bradford, MA
Jan-2009Non-linear Elasto-dynamic analysis of I-beams curved in-planErkmen, E; Bradford, MA
Jan-2008Non-linear in-plane buckling of rotationally restrained shallow arches under a central concentrated loadPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Tin-loi, F
Jan-2009Non-linear in-plane postbuckling of arches with rotational end restraints under uniform radial loadingPi, Y; Bradford, MA
Jan-2006Non-linear Inductances of a Premanent Magnet Linear MotorLu, H; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Kalam, A
Jan-2006Non-linear normal modes and their bifurcation of a two DOF system with quadratic and cubic nonlinearityLi, X; Ji, J; Hansen, CH
Jan-2011Non-negative Patch Alignment FrameworkGuan, N; Tao, D; Luo, Z; Yuan, B
Jan-2013Non-parametric and integrated framework for segmenting and counting neuroblastic cells within neuroblastoma tumor imagesTafavogh, S; Felix Navarro, KM; Catchpoole, DR; Kennedy, PJ
Apr-2014A Non-parametric Conditional Factor Regression Model for Multi-Dimensional Input and ResponseBargi, A; Xu, RYD; Ghahramani, Z; Piccardi, M; Kaski, S; Corander, J