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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Multiple Accountabilities In Incident Reporting And ManagementHor, SY; Iedema, R; Williams, K; White, L; Kennedy, P; Day, A
Jan-2010Multiple Accountabilities in Incident Reporting and ManagementHor, S; Iedema, RA; Williams, K; White, L; Kennedy, P; Day, A
1-Oct-2016Multiple agents, blame games and public policy-making: The case of local government reform in New South WalesDrew, J; Grant, BJ
Jan-2010Multiple antibiotic resistance gene recruitment onto the enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli virulence plasmidVenturini, C; Djordjevic, SP; Walker, MJ
Jan-2005Multiple Antimicrobial ResistanceGeorge, AM; White, DG; Alekshun, MN; McDermott, PF
30-Nov-2015The multiple benefits of brands and features: Evaluating the position of breads on health, taste, and valueBurke, PF; Sethi, S; Wei, X
2007Multiple costs and their combination in cost sensitive learningQin, Z
Jan-2012Multiple Criteria Based AlgorithmsWu, L; Sandrasegaran, K
Jan-2010Multiple criteria programming models for VIP E-Mail behavior analysisZhang, P; Zhu, X; Zhang, Z; Shi, Y
Jan-2009Multiple Criteria Quadratic Programming for Financial Distress Prediction of the Listed Manufacturing CompaniesWang, Y; Zhang, P; Nie, G; Shi, Y
Jan-2004Multiple criteria sustainability modelling: Case study on School BuildingsDing, GK; Langston, CA
Jan-2007Multiple Cue Based Vehicle Detection and Tracking for Road SafetyWan, SH; Kodagoda, S; Sehestedt, SA; Ha, QP; Kwok, NM
Jan-2013Multiple defect interpretation based on Gaussian processes for MFL technologyWijerathna, BS; Vidal Calleja, TA; Kodagoda, S; Zhang, Q; Valls Miro, J; Yu, TY
Jan-2013Multiple Deliveries: The Reduced Impact Of In Vitro Fertilisation In AustraliaUmstad, M; Hale, L; Wang, Y; Sullivan, E
Jan-2013Multiple dosing of simvastatin inhibits airway mucus production of epithelial cells: Implications in the treatment of chronic obstructive airway pathologiesMarin, L; Traini, D; Bebawy, M; Colombo, P; Buttini, F; Haghi, M; Ong, HX; Young, P
Jan-2013Multiple environmental factors influence the spatial distribution and structure of reef communities in the northeastern Arabian PeninsulaBauman, AG; Feary, DA; Heron, SF; Pratchett, MS; Burt, JA
Jan-2011Multiple essential roles for EzrA in cell division of Staphylococcus aureusSteele, VR; Bottomley, AL; Garcia-Lara, J; Kasturiarachchi, J; Foster, SJ
27-Nov-2014A Multiple Features Distance Preserving (MFDP) Model for Saliency DetectionGuo, D; Zhang, J; Xu, M; He, X; Li, M; Zhao, C
Jan-2008Multiple Genetic Loci For Bone Mineral Density And FracturesStyrkarsdottir, U; Halldorsson, B; Gretarsdottir, S; Gudbjartsson, D; Walters, G; Ingvarsson, T; Jonsdottir, T; Saemundsdottir, J; Center, J; Nguyen, T; Bagger, Y; Gulcher, J; Eisman, J; Christiansen, C; Sigurdsson, G; Kong, A; Thorsteinsdottir, U
Jan-2009Multiple Information Sources Cooperative LearningZhu, X; Jin, R; Hiroaki Kitano