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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Pedestrian traffic monitoring using Wi-Fi technologyXu, Z
Jan-2003Peeking under the covers: On-line academic staff development in Australia and the United KingdomKandlbinder, PA
20-Dec-2013Peeling back the layers, sexist ads don't workPrice, J; Joyce, J
Jan-2006Peer assessment in large group projectsRaban, R; Litchfield, AJ; Johnston, I
2011Peer counselling in higher education : participants' experiences of a programme in Hong KongYim, SWJ
Jan-2011Peer feedback - what are students telling each other?Gardner, AP; Willey, K; Bernadino, J; Quadrado, JC
Jan-2005'Peer learning' as pedagogic discourse for research educationBoud, DJ; Lee, A
Jan-2011Peer review in online and blended learning environmentsMcKenzie, JA; Parker, NJ
Jan-2011Peer Review of Teamwork for Encouraging Equal Commitment to the Group EffortWilley, K; Wandel, A; Al-Abdeli, YM; Lindsay, E
Jan-2013Peer Rupport: Mentoring Responsive and Trusting RelationshipsSherwood, J; Lighton, SL; Watson, N; Craven, RG; Mooney, J
Jan-2012Peer-led Education for Adolescents with Asthma in Jordan: A Cluster Randomised Controlled TrialAl, SN; Gallagher, RD; Crisp, J; Shah, S
Jan-2012Peering at the peer review process for conference submissionsGardner, AP; Willey, K; Jolly, L; Tibbits, G; Steering Committee
Jan-2010Pegylated Functional Nanoparticles From A Reactive Homopolymer Scaffold Modified By Thiol Addition ChemistryWong, LC; Sevimli, S; Zareie, HM; Davis, T; Bulmus, V
2008Pelagic habitat characterization of loggerhead sea turtles, Caretta caretta, in the North Pacific Ocean (1997-2006): Insights from satellite tag tracking and remotely sensed dataKobayashi, D; Polovina, J; Parker, D; Kamezaki, N; Cheng, I; Uchida, I; Dutton, P; Balazs, G
Jan-2011Pelagic larval duration is similar across 23 degrees of lattitude for two species of butterflyfish (Chaetodontidae) in eastern AustraliaBooth, DJ; Parkinson, K
Jan-2012Pellian sequences and squaresLeyendekkers, J; Shannon, AG
Jan-2007A PEMFC/Battery Hybrid UPS System for Backup and Emergency ApplicationsZhan, Y; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Wang, H; Doncker, RD
Jan-2008Penalised spline support vector classifiers: computational issuesOrmerod, JT; Wand, M; Koch, I
Jan-2007Penalized item response theory models: Application to epigenetic alterations in bladder cancerHouseman, EA; Marsit, C; Karagas, M; Ryan, LM
Jan-2009A penalized likelihood based pattern classification algorithmAtiya, A; Al-Ani, A