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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Australian Innovation with AsiaBurdon, SW; Colvin, J
Jan-1996Australian IPO pricing in the short and long runLee, PJ; Taylor, SL; Walter, TS
Nov-2008Australian Life Cycle Initiative (AusLCI) & CSRP database: Australian dataGiurco, D; McLellan, B; Schmidt, P
1-Jan-2016AUSTRALIAN LITERARY JOURNALISM AND ‘MISSING VOICES’: how Helen Garner finally resolves this recurring ethical tensionJoseph, SA
31Australian Local Government and Climate Change Working PaperStefanie Pillora
31Australian Local Government Financial Reform - A Federal PerspectiveMervyn Carter
Jun-2016Australian Local Government Perspectives on Contemporary Structural ReformDollery, B; Kortt, M; Drew, J; Sadioglu, U; Dede, K
3Australian Mayors: What Can and Should They Do?Graham Sansom
Jan-2007Australian Media Reform - Discerning the PolicyHitchens, LP
2014Australian Migration and Dwelling PricesGe, X
Jan-2009Australian Military Primary Care Practitioners Do Not Believe Clinical Practice Guidelines Are Needed For Postdeployment Medically Unexplained SymptomsAdams, J; Mackenzie, A; Mclaughlin, R; Burke, N; Bennett, S; Mobbs, R; ellis, N
Jan-2012The Australian Model of Metropolitan Governance: Insights from Perth and South East QueenslandSansom, GC; Dawkins, J; Tan, SF
Jan-2005Australian Muslim YouthMorton, T
Jan-2012Australian National Birthweight Percentiles By Sex And Gestational Age, 1998-2007Dobbins, T; Sullivan, E; Roberts, C; Simpson, J
Jan-2012An Australian National Compact - Something old, Something New?Butcher, J; Casey, J; Dalton, BM
Jan-2013Australian News Media Framing Of Medical Tourism In Low- And Middle-income Countries: A Content ReviewImison, M; Schweinsberg, SC
Jan-2008Australian Newspaper BlogsDyson, LE; Sixsmith, AJ; Than, TK; Soliman, KS
2012The Australian newspaper's reporting of China and the global financial crisisRoberts, JF
Jan-2004Australian nurses in general practice based heart failure management: Implications for innovative collaborative practiceHalcomb, E; Davidson, PM; Daly, J; Yallop, J; Tofler, G
Jan-2003Australian nurses' perception of the impact of their postgraduate studies on their patient care activitiesPelletier, DS; Donoghue, JM; Duffield, CM