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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Australian General Practitioners And Oncology Specialists Perceptions Of Barriers And Facilitators Of Access To Specialist Palliative Care ServicesJohnson, C; Paul, C; Girgis, A; Adams, J; Currow, D
Jan-2008Australian general practitioners' views on pharmacist prescribingVracar, D; Bajorek, B
Jan-2013Australian Gothic: Black Light Angels, Appearance and Subcultural StyleKaraminas, V; Hancock, J; Johnson-Woods, T; Karaminas, V
2016The Australian Government's 'White Paper on Reform of the Federation' and the future of Australian local governmentGrant, BJ; Ryan, R; Kelly, A
Jan-2005Australian grey nomads and American snowbirds: similarities and differencesOnyx, J; Leonard, R
Jan-2013Australian health-related quality of life population norms derived from the SF-6DNorman, R; Church, J; Van den Berg, B; Goodall, S
Jan-2008Australian hip hop's multicultural literacies: A subculture emerges into the lightMitchell, T; Homan, S; Mitchell, T
17-Apr-2016Australian home care workers’ learning of safe manual handling: environmental considerationsPalesy, DL
Jan-2008Australian immigration policy in the age of globalisationCollins, J; Kondo, A
22-Dec-2008Australian Indigenous Collections: First generation issuesByrne, A; Gibson, J; Gardiner, G; McKeough, J; Nakata, M; Nakata, V
29-Apr-2009Australian Indigenous Knowledge and LibrariesNakata, M; Langton, M
Jan-2006Australian Indigenous Studies: A Question of DisciplineNakata, NM
Jan-2006Australian Indigenous Studies: A Question of DisciplineNakata, NM
Jan-2012Australian Indigenous Tertiary Studies: A Discussion with Professor David Boud on Experience-Based Learning and the Transformation of University CoursesNorman, HR
Feb-2015Australian Indigenous youth’s participation in sport and associated health outcomes: Empirical analysis and implicationsDalton, BM; Wilson, R; Evans, JR; Cochrane, S
2014Australian Innovation with AsiaBurdon, SW; Colvin, J
Jan-1996Australian IPO pricing in the short and long runLee, PJ; Taylor, SL; Walter, TS
Nov-2008Australian Life Cycle Initiative (AusLCI) & CSRP database: Australian dataGiurco, D; McLellan, B; Schmidt, P
1-Jan-2016AUSTRALIAN LITERARY JOURNALISM AND ‘MISSING VOICES’: how Helen Garner finally resolves this recurring ethical tensionJoseph, SA
31Australian Local Government and Climate Change Working PaperStefanie Pillora