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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Optimal Placement for Opportunistic Cameras Using Genetic AlgorithmAl-Hmouz, R; Challa, S; N/A
2011Optimal power management for the UTS plug-in hybrid electric vehicleAbdul Rahman, SB
Jan-2014Optimal prediction of the last-passage time of a transient diffusionGlover, K; Hulley, H
Jan-2011Optimal prediction poolsGeweke, J; Amisano, G
Jan-2009Optimal privatisation using qualifying auctionsBoone, J; Goeree, J
Jan-2007Optimal Processes in Irreversible MicroeconomicsTsirlin, A; Kazakov, V; Moore, KB
Jan-2004Optimal processes in irreversible thermodynamics and microeconomicsTsirlin, A; Kazakov, V
Jan-2005Optimal Search for Multiple Targets in a Built EnvironmentLau, H; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G; N/A
Jan-2007Optimal Separation Sequence for Three-Component MixturesTsirlin, A; Kazakov, V; Romanova, T
2007Optimal Separation Sequence for ThreeComponent MixturesTsirlin, A; Kazakov, V; Romanova, T
Jan-2010Optimal Simulation Of A Perfect EntanglerYu, N; Duan, R; Ying, M
Jan-2006The optimal size of choice sets in choice experimentsBurgess, LB; Street, D
1-Jan-2014Optimal spectral efficiency for cooperative UWB based on-body area networksDing, J; Dutkiewicz, E; Huang, X
Jan-2004Optimal stated preference choice experiments when all choice sets contain a specific optionStreet, D; Burgess, LB
Jan-2009Optimal stochastic control and carbon price formationCarmona, R; Fehr, M; Hinz, J
May-2015Optimal stomatal behaviour around the worldLin, YS; Medlyn, BE; Duursma, RA; Prentice, IC; Wang, H; Baig, S; Eamus, D; Resco de Dios, V; Mitchell, P; Ellsworth, DS; Op de Beeck, M; Wallin, G; Uddling, J; Tarvainen, L; Linderson, ML; Cernusak, LA; Nippert, JB; Ocheltree, T; Tissue, DT; Martin-St Paul, NK; Rogers, A; Warren, JM; De Angelis, P; Hikosaka, K; Han, Q; Onoda, Y; Gimeno, TE; Barton, CVM; Bennie, J; Bonal, D; Bosc, A; Loew, M; Macinins-Ng, C; Rey, A; Rowland, L; Setterfield, SA; Tausz-Posch, S; Zaragoza-Castells, J; Broadmeadow, MSJ; Drake, JE; Freeman, M; Ghannoum, O; Hutley, LB; Kelly, JW; Kikuzawa, K; Kolari, P; Koyama, K; Limousin, JM; Meir, P; Lola da Costa, AC; Mikkelsen, TN; Salinas, N; Sun, W; Wingate, L
Jan-2008Optimal Strategies for Cooperative MAC-Layer Retransmission in Wireless NetworksXiong, L; Libman, L; Mao, G; Eriksson, H; Falconer, D
Jan-2011Optimal Subset Selection for Active LearningFu, Y; Zhu, X; Burgard, W; Roth, D
Jan-2008Optimal Superimposed Training Design For Spatially Correlated Fading Mimo ChannelsNguyen, V; Hoang, TD; Nguyen, HH; Tran, NN; NA
Jan-2005Optimal timing for intravenous administration set replacementGillies, D; O'riordan, L; Wallen, M; Morrison, A; Rankin, K; Nagy, SA