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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2001New approaches to communication management for transformation and change in organisationsStroh, U; Jaatinen, M
Jan-2009New Approaches To Researching Patient SafetyIedema, RA
Jan-2006A new approximate algorithm for solving multiple objective linear programming problems with fuzzy parametersWu, F; Lu, J; Zhang, G
Jan-2003A New Approximation Algorithm for Solving Multiple Objective Linear Programming with Fuzzy ParametersWu, F; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Unknown
Jan-2007A new assembly pathway for the cytokinetic Z ring from a dynamic helical structure in vegetatively growing cells of Bacillus subtilisPeters, PC; Migocki, M; Thoni, C; Harry, L
Jan-2012A New Axes Re-ordering Method in Parallel Coordinates VisualizationLu, L; Huang, M; Huang, T; Khoshgoftaar, TM; Zhu, XH
Jan-2011New Axial Laminated-Structure Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Machine with 6/7 PolesXu, W; Zhu, J; Zhang, Y; Guo, Y; Lei, G
Jan-2009The new Basel Capital Accord: A major advance at a turbulent timeTerry, C
Jan-1999A New Branch-And-Bound Approach For The N/2/Flowshop/Alpha F+Beta C-Max Flowshop Scheduling ProblemYeh, W
2015New build or adaptationWilkinson, SJ; Wilkinson, SJ; Sayce, SL; Christensen, PH
Jan-2009The New Built Environment of Education: Neoliberalism on Trial in AustraliaMartin, G; Dave Hill
Jan-2008New characterization of controllability via stabilizability and Riccati equation for LTV systemsPhat, VN; Ha, QP
Jan-2004A New China? Some Hope for Optimism for Chinese LaborChan, A
Jan-2009A new chlorophyll d-containing cyanobacterium: evidence for niche adaptation in the genus AcaryochlorisMohr, R; Voss, B; Schliep, MT; Kurz, T; Maldener, I; Adams, DG; Larkum, A; Chen, M; Hess, WR
Dec-2015A new class of draw solutions for minimizing reverse salt flux to improve forward osmosis desalination.Nguyen, HT; Nguyen, NC; Chen, S-S; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Li, C-W
2012New Class Of Quantum Codes Constructed From Cyclic Difference SetZhao, S; Xiao, Y; Zhu, X; Hsieh, M
Jan-2006A new class of self-assembled monolayers on gold using an alkynyl group as linkerFord, M; Hoft, RC; Gale, JD; McDonagh, AM; Jagadish, C; Mx Lu, GQ
Jan-2013New Clothes, New Faces, New Bodies: Cosmetic Surgery and FashionJones, MR; Bruzzi, S; Gibson, PC
2016A New Collaborative Digital Social SpaceKang, K; Ng, T
Jan-2010A new combined inorganic-organic flocculant (CIOF) as a performance enhancer for aerated submerged membrane bioreactorNguyen, V; Guo, W; Ngo, H; Vigneswaran, S