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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Nursing needs of acutely ill older peopleHancock, K; Chang, E; Chenoweth, L; Clarke, M; Carroll, A; Jeon, Y
Jan-2003Nursing needs of hospitalized older adults: Consumer and nurse perceptions.Chang, E; Chenoweth, L; Hancock, K
Jan-2013Nursing on television: student perceptions of television's role in public image, recruitment and educationWeaver, R; Salamonson, Y; Koch, J; Jackson, DE
Jan-2007Nursing practice in community child health: Developing the nurse-client relationshipBriggs, CJ
May-2013Nursing praxis, compassionate caring and interpersonal relations: An observational studyFry, M; MacGregor, C; Ruperto, K; Jarrett, K; Wheeler, J; Fong, J; Fetchet, W
Jan-2005Nursing research programs gather strength in AustraliaBorbasi, S; Emden, C; Jackson, DE
Jan-2005Nursing skill mix and nursing time: the roles of registered nurses and clinical nurse specialistsDuffield, CM; Forbes-Madden, JL; Fallon, A; Roche, MA; Wise, W; Merrick, ET
Jan-2003Nursing staff shortages: Issues in Australian residential aged careJackson, DE; Mannix, J; Daly, J
Nov-2011Nursing Staffing, Nursing Workload, the Work Environment and Patient OutcomesDuffield, CM; Diers, D; O'Brien-Pallas, L; Aisbett, C; Roche, MA; King, MT; Aisbett, K
Jan-2010Nursing Students' Perception Of A Web-Based Intervention To Support LearningKoch, J; Andrew, S; Salamonson, Y; Everett, B; Davidson, PM
Jan-2010Nursing takes time: Workload associated with administering cancer protocolsde Raad, J; Van Gool, K; Haas, MR; Haywood, P; Faedo, M; Gallego, G; Pearson, S; Ward, R
Jan-2009Nursing the machine: An ethnography of a hospital haemodialysis unitTranter, SA; Donoghue, JM; Baker, JD
Jan-2011Nursing unit managers, staff retention and the work environmentDuffield, CM; Roche, MA; Blay, N; Stasa, H
Jan-2008Nursing work and the use of nursing timeDuffield, CM; Gardner, G; Catling, C
Dec-2012Nursing work directions in Australia: Does evidence drive the policy?Roche, MA; Duffield, CM; Aisbett, C; Diers, D; Stasa, H
Jan-2002The nursing workforce in Canada and Australia: two sides of the same coin.Duffield, CM; O'Brien-Pallas, L
Jan-2004Nursing: a stepping stone to future careers.Duffield, CM; Aitken, LM; O'Brien-Pallas, L; Wise, W
Jan-2011Nurturing a cross-institutional curriculum planning community of practiceOwen, S; Stupans, I; Ryan, G; McKauge, L; Woulfe, J; Ingleton, C
Jan-2006Nutrient availability constrains the hydraulic architecture and water relations of savannah treesBucci, SJ; Scholz, FG; Goldstein, G; Meinzer, FC; Franco, AC; Campanello, PI; Villalobos-Vega, R; Bustamante, M; Miralles-Wilhelm, F
1-Jan-2013Nutrient cycling in early coral life stages: Pocillopora damicornis larvae provide their algal symbiont (Symbiodinium) with nitrogen acquired from bacterial associatesCeh, J; Kilburn, MR; Cliff, JB; Raina, J; van Keulen, M; Bourne, DG