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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Aug-2009Investigating GABA and its function in platelets as compared to neuronsFatima-Shad, K; Saeed, SA
Jan-2004Investigating high-amplitude oscillations in rat tail skin blood flow during core heating and coolingHaley, CD; Gordon, C; Taylor, NA; Jenkins, A
Jan-2011Investigating Informality in Construction: Philosophy, Paradigm and PracticeGajendran, T; Brewer, G; Runeson, G; Dainty, A
Jan-2006Investigating interdisciplinary collaboration: Case studies in art and technologyZhang, Y; Candy, L; Ruth, A
1-Jul-2016Investigating Internet and Mail Implementation of Stated-Preference Surveys While Controlling for Differences in Sample FramesBoyle, KJ; Morrison, M; MacDonald, DH; Duncan, R; Rose, J
1-Feb-2018Investigating invisible writing practices in the engineering curriculum using practice architectures.Goldsmith, RJ; Willey, K; Boud, D
Mar-2017Investigating Knowledge Exchange amongst School Teachers, University Teacher Educators and Industry Partners.Maher, D; Schuck, S; Perry, R
Jan-2012Investigating leadership development of faith-based not-for- profit organizations providing aged and community care in AustraliaSankaran, S; Soar, J; Shaw, K; Dick, B; Volberda Henk
Jan-2005Investigating learning and workChappell, CS; Hager, P; Hawke, G
1-Jul-2015Investigating Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) Opportunities for Developing Countries: Case of Papua New GuineaRussell Waruba; Abedin, B
Jan-2004Investigating motivation in context: developing sociocultural perspectivesWalker, R; Pressick-Kilborn, KJ; Arnold, L; Sainsbury, E
Jan-2006Investigating motives and information processing strategies of internet usersLee, KP; Miller, K; Salciuviene, L; Rose, E
Jan-2003Investigating Network, Branching, Gelation And Enzymatic Degradation In Pectin By Atomic Force MicroscopyZareie, HM; Gokmen, V; Javadipour, I
Jan-2007Investigating Nonlinear Speculation in Cattle, Corn and Hog Futures Markets Using Logisitic Smooth Transition Regression ModelsRothig, A; Chiarella, C
Jan-2011Investigating O:MIB-based Distributed Active Information Model (DAIM) for AutonomicsPupatwibul, P; Jozi, B; Braun, RM; Callaos, N; Zinn, D; Chu, HW
1-Apr-2015Investigating Patient Perspectives on Medical Returns and Buying Medicines Online in Two Communities in Melbourne, Australia: Results from a Qualitative StudyBrijnath, B; Antoniades, J; Adams, J
Jan-2009Investigating Political and Demographic Factors in Crowd Based InterfacesBarker, T; Haeusler, M; McGuire, F; McDermott, J; Kjeldskov, J; Paay, J; Viller, S
Apr-2015Investigating Properties of a Family of Quantum Renyi DivergencesLin, MS; Tomamichel, M
Jan-2009Investigating Prospective Teachers as Learning Design AuthorsKearney, MD; Young, KA; Prescott, AE; Lockyer, L; Bennett, S; Agostinho, S; Harper, B; Wollongong, UO; Australia
2007Investigating requirements volatility during software development projects : an empirical studyNurmuliani, Nurie