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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Nuclear microprobe analysis of lead profile in crocodile bonesOrlic, I; Siegele, R; Hammerton, K; Jeffree, R; Cohen, DD
Jan-2005Nuclear NightmaresMorton, T
Jan-2005Nuclear Nightmares / Australia and the Nuclear RenaissanceMorton, T
Jan-2008Nuclear power versus fossil-fuel power with CO2 capture and storage: A comparative analysisRogner, H; Sharma, D; Jalal, AI
Jan-2010Nuclear Staining Of Telogen Hair Roots Contributes To Successful Forensic nDNA AnalysisBrooks, E; Cullen, MA; Sztynda, T; Walsh, SP
Jan-2013Nucleation and Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Polycrystalline Diamond on Aluminium Nitride: The Role of Surface Termination and PolarityCervenka, J; Lau, DW; Dontschuk, N; Shimoni, O; Silvestri, L; Ladouceur, F; Duvall, SG; Prawer, S
Jan-2014The nucleic acid revolution continues - will forensic biology become forensic molecular biology?Gunn, P; Walsh, S; Roux, C
Jan-1987The nucleotide sequence of the amiE gene of Pseudomonas aeruginosaBrammar, WJ; Charles, IG; Matfield, M; Cheng-Pin, L; Drew, R; Clarke, PH
Jan-2013The Nucleotide-Binding Domain and Leucine-Rich Repeat Protein-3 Inflammasome Is Not Activated in Airway Smooth Muscle Upon Toll-Like Receptor-2 LigationHirota, J; Im, H; Rahman, M; Rumzhum, N; Manetsch, M; Pascoe, C; Bunge, K; Alkhouri, H; Oliver, BG; Ammit, A
Jan-2007Nucleotide-dependent allostery within the ABC transporter ATP-binding cassette-A computational study of the MJ0796 dimerJones, PM; George, AM
Jan-2015The Nucleotide-Free State of the Multidrug Resistance ABC Transporter LmrA: Sulfhydryl Cross-Linking Supports a Constant Contact, Head-to-Tail Configuration of the Nucleotide-Binding Domains.Jones, PM; George, AM
Jan-1985Nucleotide-Sequence Analysis Of The Cat Gene Of Proteus-Mirabilis - Comparison With The Type-I (Tn9) Cat GeneCharles, IG; Keyte, J; Shaw, W
Jan-1985Nucleotide-Sequence Encoding The Biosynthetic Dehydroquinase Function Of The Penta-Functional Arom Locus Of Aspergillus-NidulansCharles, IG; Keyte, J; Brammar, W; Hawkins, A
Jan-2011Nudging towards Serendipity: A Case with Personal Digital PhotosLeong, T; Harper, R; Regan, T; Little, L; Coventry, L
Jan-2007Null trajectories for the symmetrized Hurwitz zeta functionMcPhedran, RC; Botten, LC; Nicorovici, NA
Apr-2008Null values in fuzzy databasesde Tre, G; De Caluwe, R; Prade, H
Dec-2008The number of vertices of degree 7 in a contraction-critical 7-connected graphLi, M; Yuan, X; Su, J
Jan-2007Number Plate Recognition without SegmentationZheng, L; He, S; Wu, Q; Hintz, TB; Cree Michael, J
Jan-2006Number plater recognition based on SVMsZheng, L; He, S; Piccardi, M
Jan-2005Number Recognition Using Inductive learning on Spiral ArchitectureHe, S; Hintz, TB; Wu, Q; Zheng, L; Arabnia, HR