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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016No-Signalling Assisted Zero-Error Capacity of Quantum Channels and an Information Theoretic Interpretation of the Lovasz NumberDuan, R; Winter, A
Jan-2012Nocturnal rights to the city: Property, propriety and sex premises in Inner SydneyPrior, JH; Boydell, S; Hubbard, P
Jan-2008Nocturnal transpiration in riparian Tamarix thickets authenticated by sap flux, eddy covariance and leaf gas exchange measurementsMoore, GW; Cleverly, JR; Owens, MK
Jan-2009Noise characteristics of the gas ionization cascade used in low vacuum scanning electron microscopyTileli, V; Knowles, W; Toth, M; Thiel, BL
Jan-2004Noise, parasites and translation - theory and practice in management consultingClegg, SR; Kornberger, MM; Rhodes, CH
Jan-2013Noisy but Non-malicious User Detection in Social Recommender SystemsLi, B; Chen, L; Zhu, X; Zhang, C
Jan-2012Noisy Data Elimination Using Mutual K-Nearest Neighbor For Classification MiningLiu, H; Zhang, S
15-Dec-2016Noisy Introspection in the “11-20" GameGoeree, Jacob K.; Louis, Philippos; Zhang, Jingjing
Jan-2012Nomadism and DesignBenjamin, AE
Jan-2008Non-additive, identity-dependent effects of detrital species mixing on soft-sediment communitiesBishop, M; Kelaher, BP
3-Jul-2015Non-adiabatic effects in thermochemistry, spectroscopy and kinetics: The general importance of all three Born-Oppenheimer breakdown correctionsReimers, JR; McKemmish, LK; McKenzie, RH; Hush, NS
Jan-2010Non-Archetypal Type Ii-Like And Atypical Strains Of Toxoplasma Gondii Infecting Marsupials Of AustraliaParameswaran, N; Thompson, RS; Sundar, N; Pan, S; Johnson, MS; Smith, NC; Grigg, M
Jan-2011Non-attendance ot attirbutes in environmental choice analysis: a latent class specificationCampbell, D; Hensher, D; Scarpa, R
2006Non-audit services demand and industry specialist auditorsGambetta, N
Aug-2011Non-Clinical Interventions that increase the uptake or success of vaginal birth after caesarean section: a systematic reviewCatling, C; Johnston, RA; Ryan, CL; Foureur, M; Homer, CS
Jan-2001Non-Commuting Limits in Electromagnetic Scattering: as Asymptotic Analysis for an Array of Highly Conducting InclusionsPoulton, CG; Botten, LC; McPhedran, RC; Nicorovici, NA; Movchan, AB
1-Jan-2015Non-contact Dual Pulse Doppler System Based Real-time Relative Demodulation and Respiratory & Heart Rates Estimations for Chronic Heart Failure PatientsTran, VP; Al-Jumaily, AA
25-Aug-2015Non-Contact Dual Pulse Doppler System based Respiratory and Heart Rates Estimation for CHF PatientsTran, V; Al-Jumaily, A
17-Aug-2016Non-Contact Real-Time Estimation of Intrapulmonary Pressure and Tidal Volume for Chronic Heart Failure PatientsTran, V; Al-Jumaily
-Non-conventional trampolinesEager, DM