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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Plasmonic resonances of closely coupled gold nanosphere chainsHarris, N; Arnold, MD; Blaber, MG; Ford, M
Jan-2009A Plastic-hinge model for the elasto-plastic analysis of I-beams curved In-planErkmen, E; Bradford, MA; Aravinthan
17-Apr-2015Plastome organization and evolution of chloroplast genes in Cardamine species adapted to contrasting habitatsHu, S; Sablok, G; Wang, B; Qu, D; Barbaro, E; Viola, R; Li, M; Varotto, C
2010A Plateau of Desire : nomadic ethnographers performing difference in a pedagogy of 'uncommon' senseGrey, M
Jan-2004A Platform for Dynamic Organisation of Agents in Agent-Based SystemsLi, C; Zhang, Z; Zhang, C; Zhong, N; Bradshaw, J; Perl, S; Talia, P; Liu, J; Cercone, N
Jan-2004A Platform to Integrate well-log Information Application on heterogeneous EnvironmentsLi, C; Cheng, D; Zhang, C; Shi, F
Jan-2003Platinum alloys for shape memory applicationsBiggs, T; Cortie, MB; Witcomb, MJ; Cornish, LA
1-May-2015Plato and Gorgias walk into a SymposiumMarshall, JP; Koromilias, K
Jan-2004Platyplus at play.Clegg, SR
Jan-2004Platyplus at play.Clegg, SR
2009Play and the experience of interactive artCostello, BM
Jan-2010The play's the thing: Theater professionals make sense of ShakespeareOlsson, MR
Jan-2003Player sensitivity to changes in string tension in a tennis racketBower, R; Cross, RC
Jan-2009Playgrounds of Disturbance: Bruce Nauman's "Existentialism" in a Modernist Gallery Space and the Problems of Analogue Video Art in the GalleryManasseh, C
1-Nov-2014Playing the citations game: From publish or perish to be cited or sidelinedDowling, GR
Jan-2006Playing the e-Business Game in 3D virtual worldsBerger, H; Dittenbach, M; Merkl, D; Bogdanovych, A; Simoff, SJ; Sierra, C; Kjeldskov, J; Paay, J
Jan-2010Playing the Game: Strategies of Resistance and Co-optation in Diversity WorkSwan, E; Fox, S
Jan-2012Playing The Media Game: The Relative (In)Visibility Of Coal Industry Interests In Media Reporting Of Coal As A Climate Change Issue In AustraliaBacon, W; Nash, CJ
Jan-2011Playing the triangle: Cosmopolitanism, Cultural Capital and Social Capital as intersecting scholarly discourses about social inclusion and marginalisation in Australian public policy debatesJakubowicz, AH
Jan-2011Playing Tic-Tac-Toe Using Genetic Neural Network with Double Transfer functionsLing, SS; Lam, HK