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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Not to be too pedantic ... but what exactly is a dangerous recreational activity?Thorpe, DE; Stewart, PE
Jan-2006Not tokens: reaching a "critical mass" of senior women managersChesterman, CJ; Ross-Smith, AE
Jan-2010Not what they seem: An analysis of strategic service delivery partnerships in local governmentDollery, B; Grant, BJ; Crase, L
Jan-2008Not-for-profit organisations and business: Mapping the extent and scope of community-business partnerships in AustraliaZappala, G; Lyons, MJ; Jo Barraket
2010Notational analysis and its application to team sports with special reference to futsalDoğramacı, Sera Nur
-Notations: Disturbance and StasisBowman, CP; Nicky Ginsbery
Jan-2002A Note on Distance Matrices Yielding Elementary Landscapes for the TSPBarnes, JW; Dokov, S; Solomon, AI; Acevedo, R
Jan-2001A Note on Some Limitations of CRRS UtilityGeweke, J
Jan-2004A Note On Stratified L-Real Line And Unit L-IntervalLi, S; Luo, M
Jan-1975A note on the extraction of components from time seriesPagan, AR
Jan-2003Note on the Sampling Distribution for the Metropolis-Hastings AlgorithmGeweke, J; H, T
Jan-2001A Note on Transaction Costs & the Interpretation of Dividend Drop-off RatiosPartington, G; Walker, S
-Notes for WalkingHeyward, ME; Lieven Bertels SydFest Director, FWSHOP; John Cheeseman Director, MAG
2014Notes for walking an augmented landscape : spatial narrative, walked practices and locative technologiesHeyward, ME
9-Dec-2014Notes on Jack Lindsay's paper on "Marxist theory of culture"Lindsay, Jack, 1900-1990.; Lewis, John, 1889-1976.
Jan-2012Notes on ScentSmith, A; Sina Najafi
Jan-2003Nothing Sacred: A Brief Historical Survey of Significant Graphic Satirists in Australian Alternative Comics Publishing in the Last Decade of the 20th CenturyHill, MJ
Jan-2010NOVA: A Novel and Efficient Framework for Finding Subgraph Isomorphism Mappings in Large GraphsZhu, K; Zhang, Y; Lin, X; Zhu, G; Wang, W; Kitagawa, H; Ishikawa, Y; Li, Q; Watanabe, C
Jan-2013A novel acid resistant green mortar for high corrosive environmentsAdam, G; Samali, B; Battista, P; McKinnon, M; Samali, B; Attard, MM; Song, C
Jan-2013A novel adaptive base isolator utilising magnetorheological elastomerLi, Y; Li, J; Samali, B; Samali, B; Attard, MM; Song, C