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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Audition Colorée (hearing colour)Varga, DA
Jan-1995Auditor brand name reputation and industry specialisationsCraswell, A; Francis, JR; Taylor, SL
Jan-2006Auditor conservatism and audit quality: Evidence from IPO earnings forecastsLee, PJ; Taylor, SB; Taylor, SL
Jan-2002Auditor independence and fee independenceCraswell, A; Stokes, D; Laughton, J
Jan-2006Auditory gesture for interactive installation environmentsJakovich, J; Beilharz, KA; Brown, K; Hampson, K; Brandon, P
1-Jan-2009Auditory Spectral Summarisation for Audio Signals with Musical ApplicationsFerguson, SJ; Cabrera, D; Hirata, K; Tzanetakis, G
Jan-2006Augmented locomotor recovery after spinal cord injury in the athymic nude ratPotas, J; Zheng, Y; Moussa, C; Venn, M; Gorrie, C; Deng, C; Waite, P
Jan-2009Augmented Reality and Mobile ArtGwilt, ID; Fruht, B
1-Jan-2015Augmented Reality and the Adapted of Smart Grid Monitoring for Educational EnhancementChaczko, Z; Alenazy, W; Tran, A; Borowik, G; Chaczko, Z; Jacak, W; Luba, T
3-Mar-2014Augmented Reality based Illusion System with biofeedbackAung, Y; Al-Jumaily, A
28-Feb-2015Augmented Reality Based Monitoring of the Remote-LabCarrion Gordon, L
Jan-2011Augmented Reality Based Reaching Exercise for shoulder RehabilitationAung, Y; Al-Jumaily, A; SRICHAIKUL, P; ISRASENA, P; BURDET, E; LAN, N
1-Sep-2014Augmented Reality Game Based Multi-Usage Rehabilitation Therapist for Stroke PatientsDe Leon, NI; Bhatt, SK; Al-Jumaily, A
1-Jun-2014Augmented Reality Game Therapy for Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderBhatt, SK; De Leon, NI; Al-Jumaily, A
Jan-2011Augmented Reality Games: A ReviewTan, C; Soh, D; Tien, TC
2016Augmented reality system for rehabilitation : new approach based on human interaction and biofeedbackAung, Yee Mon
1-Jan-2014Augmented reality-based RehaBio system for shoulder rehabilitationAung, YM; Al-Jumaily, A
Jan-2006Augmented State Integreted Probabilistic Data Associating Smoothing for Automatic Track Initiation in ClutterChakravorty, R; Challa, S
2006Augmenting an existing software development process with a team building activity - a case studySerour, M; Henderson-Sellers, B; Dagher, L; Irani, Z; Sarikas, O; Llopis, J; Gonzalez, R; Gasco, J
16-May-2014Augmenting Graphs to Minimize the DiameterFrati, F; Gaspers, S; Gudmundsson, J; Mathieson, L