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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010A novel control strategy for Doubly Fed Induction Generator and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator during voltage dipsHu, J; Zhu, J; Dorrell, DG; Wang, Y; Zhang, Y; Xu, W; Li, Y; Technical Committee
-Novel Cooperative Communication Schemes for Space-Time-Frequency Coded MB-OFDM UWBTran, LC; Mertins, A; Huang, X; Dutkiewicz, E
Jan-2013A Novel Cut-Based Universal Generating Function MethodYeh, W
Jan-2013Novel cysteic acid/reduced graphene oxide composite film modified electrode for the selective detection of trace silver ions in natural watersLiu, L; Wang, C; Wang, G
3-Jul-2015A novel damage evaluation method for timber utility poles based on wavelet packet transform and support vector machineYu, Y; Dackermann, U; Li, J; Stefano, AD
Jan-2011Novel data protection model in healthcare cloudChen, L; Hoang, DB; Liu, PTLTYQPX; Hung, YCCYPHLHCCLA; Che-Rung Lee, JYS; Zhang, Y
2014Novel delivery of gene therapy for the treatment of advanced prostate cancerSuurbach, JH
Jan-2010A novel design of active inductors based on current controlled voltage sourcesPierzchala, M; Fakhfakh, M; Rodanski, B; NA
Jan-2014A novel dual-layer bicomponent electrospun nanofibrous membrane for desalination by direct contact membrane distillationTijing, LD; Woo, Y; Johir, J; Choi, JS; Shon, H
Jan-2011A Novel Duty Cycle Control Strategy To Reduce Both Torque And Flux Ripples For Dtc Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives With Switching Frequency ReductionZhang, Y; Zhu, J
Jan-2008A novel dynamic absorber using enhanced magnetorheological elastomers for powertrain vibration controlZhang, N; Hoang, N; Du, H; NA
Jan-2000Novel Educational Training Program For Community PharmacistsNeto, A; Benrimoj, C; Kavanagh, D; Boakes, R
2011A novel electrical potential sensing method for in vitro stent fracture monitoring and detectionPark, C; Tijing, LD; Yun, Y; Kim, CS
Jan-2004Novel endoperoxide antimalarials: Synthesis, heme binding, and antimalarial activityTaylor, DK; Avery, TD; Greatrex, BW; Tiekink, ER; Macreadie, IG; Macreadie, PI; Humphries, AD; Kalkanidis, M; Fox, EN; Klonis, N; Tilley, L
Jan-2006Novel endoperoxides: Synthesis and activity against Candida speciesMacreadie, PI; Avery, T; Greatrex, BW; Taylor, DK; Macreadie, IG
Jan-2009Novel engineered ion channel provides controllable ion permability for polyelectrolyte microcapsules coated with a lipid membraneBattle, AR; Valenzuela, S; Mechler, A; Nichols, R; Praporski, S; Di Maio, I; Islam, H; Girard-Egrot, AP; Cornell, BA; Prashar, J; Caruso, F; Martin, LL; Martin, DK
Jan-2012A novel epiphytic chlorophyll d-containing cyanobacterium isolated from a mangrove-associated red algaLarkum, A; Chen, M; Li, Y; Schliep, MT; Trampe, E; West, J; Salih, A; Kuhl, M
4-Sep-2014A novel evaluation approach for power distribution system planning based on linear programming model and ELECTRE IIIZhang, T; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Gu, J
Jan-2005A novel exception handling scheme for outpatient workflow in a wireless handheld hospital environmentUppu, S; Hoang, DB; Hintz, TB; Hamid, A; Rose, J; Young Song, M
2016A Novel Extended Potential Field Controller for Use on Aerial RobotsWoods, AC; La, HM; Ha, QP