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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Opening new dimensions for e-TourismBerger, H; Dittenbach, M; Merkl, D; Bogdanovych, A; Simoff, SJ; Sierra, C
Jan-2009Opening of the ADP-bound active site in the ABC transporter ATPase dimer: Evidence for a constant contact, alternating sites model for the catalytic cycleJones, PM; George, AM
2010Opening the black box of guideline implementation : primary health care nurses' use of a guideline for cardiovascular riskMcKillop, AM
Jan-2003Opening the Interstital: Eisenman's Space of DifferenceBenjamin, AE; Peter Eisenman
Jan-2006Openness, change and translocality: new migrants' identification with HainanFeng, C; Zhan, C; Oakes, T; Schein, L
Jan-2003OPENPC: A Tool to Automate Aspects of Method EngineeringNguyen, V; Henderson-Sellers, B; Rault, JC
1-Jan-2014Operant Conditioning in ASMO Cognitive ArchitectureNovianto, R; Williams, M-A; Samsonovich, AV; Robertson, P
25-Nov-2015Operation of Indirect Matrix Converters in Different SVM Switching PatternsMalekjamshidi, Z; Jafari, M; Xiao, D; Zhu, JG
Jan-2009Operation properties and delta-equalities of complex fuzzy setsZhang, G; Dillon, TS; Cai, K; Ma, J; Lu, J
2008Operational risk management (ORM) systems : an Australian studyPitinanondha, T
Jan-2010Operationalisation of the Elevated Service Offering-construct in a Service Value NetworkSelen, W; Agarwal, R; Sousa, R
Jan-2010Operationalisation of the organisational orientation and culture construct in service value networksAgarwal, R; Selen, W; Gurd, B
1-Dec-2015Operationalising the United Nations' 'Protect, respect and remedy' framework at the Porgera gold mineMcKenna, K
Jan-2002Operationalizing Context in Context-Aware Artifacts: Benefits and PitfallsLueg, CP
Jan-2008Operationalizing Off-task Sociability of Asynchronous Computer Supported Collaborative LearningAbedin, B; Daneshgar, F
Jan-2011Operations-Based Knowledge ManagementZawawi, RA; Akpolat, H; Bagia, R; NA
2014Operations-based knowledge management (OBKM) in aircraft engineeringZawawi, RA
Jan-2006Operative Respresentation and the DigitalPerin, GJ; Ali, A; Brebbia, C
Jan-2008Operative roofMinnaert, F
8-Apr-2015Opher Yom-Tov, Customer Centered Design & Innovation, BT Financial Group, AustraliaOpher Yom-Tov (National Manager, Customer Centred Design & Innovation, BT Financial)