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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Paradigm shift to long-termism: action plan for the Australian finance sectorAtherton, AM; Lewis, J; Plant, R
Jan-2005The paradox of politics and sport: Exploring international relations in the context of Olympic sportsQuick, SP; Taylor, TL; Gargalianos, D
1-Jul-2014The paradox of Thai ArchitectureDrake, CJ
1-Jan-2016The paradoxical effects of legal intervention over unethical information technology use: A rational choice theory perspectiveCharki, MH; Josserand, EL; Boukef-Charki, N
1-Jan-2015Paradoxical puzzles of control and circuits of powerOliveira, J; Clegg, S; John Burns, Prof. Bill Nixon, P
Jan-2011Parallax angle parametrization for monocular SLAMZhao, L; Huang, S; Yan, L; Dissanayake, G; Bicchi Antonio
1-Jan-2015ParallaxBA: Bundle adjustment using parallax angle feature parametrizationZhao, L; Huang, S; Sun, Y; Yan, L; Dissanayake, G
2007A parallel and distributed genetic-based learning classifier system with application in human electroencephalographic signal classificationSkinner, B
29-Jul-2010A parallel between extended formal concept analysis and bipartite graphs analysisGaume, B; Navarro, E; Prade, H
2013Parallel borders : constructing neocolonial space in the Pacific and Mediterranean SolutionsSpruce, DCM
Jan-2014Parallel Cloud Service Selection and Ranking Based on QoS HistoryRehman, Z; Hussain, OK; Hussain, FK
Jan-2013Parallel Coordinates Visualization of Large Data Investigation on HDDsWang, W; Huang, M; NA
Jan-2007Parallel Edge Detection on a Virtual Hexagonal StructureHe, S; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Hintz, TB; NA
Jan-2004Parallel Edge Detection Using Uni Directional Multi Ring on Spiral ArchitectureHe, S; Arabnia, H; Arabnia, H
Jan-2013Parallel flow boiler designs to minimise erosion and corrosion from dust loaded flue gasesPeterseim, J; Hellwig, U; Endrullat, K; Saxon, G
Jan-2014Parallel independent evolution of pathogenicity within the genus YersiniaReuter, S; Connor, TR; Barquist, L; Walker, D; Harris, SH; Fookes, M; Hall, ME; Petty, N; Fuchs, TM; Corander, J; Dofour, M; Ringwood, T; Savin, C; Bouchier, C; Martin, L; Miettinen, M; Shubin, M; Riehm, JM; Laukkanen-Ninios, R; Sihvoven, LM; Siitonen, A; Skurnik, M; Pfrimer Falc√£o, J; Fukushima, H; Scholz, HC; Prentice, MB; Wren, BW; Parkhill, J; Carniel, E; Achtman, M; McNally, A; Thomson, NR
Jan-2012Parallel lasso for large-scale video concept detectionGeng, B; Li, Y; Tao, D; Wang, M; Zha, Z; Xu, C
14-Jan-2010Parallel Packet TransmissionHuang, X; Guo, Y
7-Jul-2011Parallel Packet TransmissionHuang, X; Guo, Y
22-Sep-2009Parallel packet transmission based on OFDMHuang, X; Guo, YJ