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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2015Passive -symmetric couplers without complex optical potentialsLee, Y-C; Liu, J; Chuang, Y-L; Hsieh, M-H; Lee, R-K
1-Jan-2015A Passive Estimator of Functional Degradation in Power Mobility Device UsersPoon, JT; Valls Miro, J; Black, RA
Jan-2010Passively stable hopping of an articulated leg with a tendon-coupled ankleCsonka, PJ; Perkins, A; Waldron, K; NA
Jan-2004Passivity based Internal Model ControlSu, SW; Bao, J; Lee, P; Electrical, IO; Electronics
20-Jan-2014PASSwriteGoldsmith, RJ; Williamson, F
2015The Past ConnectBardon, T; Josserand, EL; Villeseche, F
Jan-2005The Past In the Politics of Divided and Unified GermanyBeattie, AH; Friedman, MP; Kenney, P
-Past MappingWallen, LP; Yoon, P
-Past Present and Future of Scaling Behaviour in Telecommunications NetworksVeitch, D
Jan-2001Past provides key to major contemporary issuesSmall, GR
-Past reflections: future plans. An independent evaluation of AusAID’s support to rural WASH in Timor LesteCrawford, P; Willetts, JR
Oct-2014Past remarkable: Using life stories to trace alternative futuresPalmer, J
27-Nov-2012The Past Ten Years Have Seen Almost No Change For Women In The Top Ranks In...Price, J; Joyce, J
Jan-2007The Past, Present and Future of Construction Education at UTSHeathcote, KA; Russel Kenley
Jan-2010The Past, Present and Future of International Business & ManagementDevinney, TM; Pedersen, T; Tihanyi, L; Devinney, T; Pedersen, T; Tihanyl, L
Jan-2001Past, Present and Future of Japanese Employment RelationsIda, T; Okamoto, K; Teo, ST; Matthews, J; n/a
Jan-2008Past, present and future of mobile payments research: A literature reviewDahlberg, T; Mallat, N; Ondrus, J; Bachfischer, A
22-Jun-2015The PATA Nepal Tourism Rapid Recovery Taskforce Report and RecommendationsBeirman, D; Van Walbeek, B; Jones, A
Jan-2009Patch Alignment for Dimensionality ReductionZhang, T; Tao, D; Li, X; Yang, J
Jan-2013Patch Alignment for Graph EmbeddingLuo, Y; Tao, D; Xu, C; Fu, Y; Ma, Y