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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jul-2014Publication Story of Indonesian Revolution, 1945-1950, (annotated by P.R.S. Mani), 1986P.R.S. Mani; Goodall, H
Jan-2013Publicly funded homebirth in Australia: a review of maternal and neonatal outcomes over 6 yearsCatling, C; Coddington, B; Foureur, M; Homer, CS
4-Jun-2014Publicly-funded homebirth in Australia: outcomes over 6 yearsCatling, C; Coddington, R; Foureur, M; Homer, CSE
Jan-2012Publicly-funded homebirth models in AustraliaCatling, C; Foureur, M; Homer, CS
2014Pullman, the Idea of Soul, and Multimodal 'Seeability' in Northern Lights and the film Golden CompassJohnston, RR; Catherine Butler; Tommy Halsdorf
Jan-2010Pullout Strength Models For Frp Anchors In Uncracked ConcreteKim, S; Smith, ST
Jan-2009Pulmonary Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling-1 Induced by IL-13 Regulates Allergic Asthma PhenotypeFukuyama, S; Nakano, T; Matsumoto, T; Oliver, BG; Burgess, J; Moriwaki, A; Tanaka, K; Kubo, M; Hoshino, T; Tanaka, H; Mckenzie, A; Matsumoto, K; Aizawa, H; Nakanishi, Y; Yoshimura, A; Black, J; Inoue, H
Jan-2008Pulse Diagnosis - A clinical guideWalsh, SP; King, EJ
12-Mar-2007Pulse Mapping for Impulse Radio Ultra Wideband CommunicationsYu, Z; Luo, P; Fujita, S
Jan-2002A pulse of endosulfan-contaminated sediment affects macroinvertebrates in artificial streamsHose, GC; Lim, RP; Hyne, RV; Pablo, F
Jan-2005Punica granatum flower extract, a potent alpha-glucosidase inhibitor, improves postprandial hyperglycemia in Zucker diabetic fatty ratsLi, Y; Wen, S; Kota, BP; Peng, G; Li, GQ; Yamahara, J; Roufogalis, BD
Jan-2011The Punitive Turn in Post-Colonial Sentencing and the Judicial Will to CiviliseAnthony, T
2009Punk aesthetics in independent "new folk", 1990-2008Encarnacao, JF
Jan-2013Purchasing Family Homes: Feng Shui versus SustainabilityGe, J; Mak, M; Kajewski, S; Manley, K; Hampson, K
Jan-2006Pure pattern calculusJay, B; Kesner, D; Sestoff, P
Jan-2013Pure Platinum Nanostructures Grown by Electron Beam Induced DepositionElbadawi, C; Toth, M; Lobo, C
Jan-1996Purification and characterisation of 6 and 58 Kda forms of the endogenous serine proteinase inhibitory proteins of ovine articular cartilageRodgers, K; Melrose, J; Ghosh, P
Jan-1994Purification And Characterization Of The Constitutive Nitric-Oxide Synthase From Human PlacentaGarvey, E; Tuttle, J; Covington, K; Merrill, B; Wood, E; Baylis, S; Charles, IG
Jan-1995Purification to homogeneity and characterisation of rat brain recombinant nitric oxide synthaseRiveros-Moreno, V; Heffernan, B; Torres, B; Chubb, A; Charles, IG; Moncada, S
Jan-2006Purification, characterization and molecular cloning of the major chitinase from Tenebrio molitor larval midgutGenta, FA; Blanes, L; Cristofoletti, PT; Do Lago, C; Terra, WR; Ferreira, C