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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Personalized Multidimensional Process Framework For Dynamic Risk Analysis In The Real Estate IndustryDemong, NA; Lu, J; Ahmed, SM; Adnan, H; Panthi, K; Azhar, S; Takim, R; Bozai, G
Jan-2013Personalized recommendation via cross-domain triadic factorizationHu, L; Cao, J; Xu, G; Cao, L; Gu, Z; Zhu, C; Schwabe, D; Almeida, VAF; Glaser, H; Baeza-Yates, RA; Moon, SB
Jan-2004'Personalized Writing' and its Enthusiastic Critic: Women and Writing of the Chinese 'Post-New Era'Zheng, Y
Jan-2002A perspective on credit derivativesBatten, J; Hogan, W
Jan-2010Perspectives for Integrating Knowledge and Business Process through CollaborationHawryszkiewycz, IT; Bider, I; Halpin, T; Krogstie, J; Nurcan, S; Proper, E; Schmidt, R; Ukor, R
2004Perspectives on learning and information in flexible learning environmentsLittler, Craig George
Jan-2008Perspectives on multiple stakeholders and management control systems. Institutional and stakeholder theory: Friend or foe?Sundin, HJ; Brown, DA; Booth, PJ; Hartmann, FGH
Jan-2009Perspectives on Reconciliation & Indigenous RightsBurridge, N
2009Perspectives on Reconciliation and Indigenous RightsBurridge, N
Jan-2010Perspectives on teaching and learning engineering design across four universitiesGoldsmith, R; Reidsema, C; Beck, H; Campbell, D; Forsyth, G
Oct-2014Perspectives on the Formal Authority Between Project Managers and Change ManagersPollack, J; Algeo, C
Jan-2012Perspectives on the structureefunction of ABC transporters: The Switch and Constant Contact ModelsGeorge, AM; Jones, PM
1-Jan-2015Perspectives: Writing and supervising trauma narrative in tertiary studiesJoseph, SA; Latona, F; Pittaway, G; Smithies, L
Jan-2012Persuaders and Rhetoricians: Michelstaedter, Prezzolini and the Problem of Language in Early Twentieth Century FlorenceAngelucci, M
Jan-2012Persuasive environments: Argumentation models in serious gamesPisan, Y; Tan, C; Michiel, I; Yuan, K
Jan-2006The persuasive power of prosodies: Radiating values in academic writingHood, S
Jan-1991Pertactin, An Arg-Gly-Asp-Containing Bordetella-Pertussis Surface Protein That Promotes Adherence Of Mammalian-CellsLeininger, E; Roberts, M; Kenimer, J; Charles, IG; Fairweather, N; Novotny, P; Brennan, M
Jan-2002Pertinent ou non?Johnston, RR
2014Perturbation analysis in verification of Discrete-time Markov ChainsChen, T; Feng, Y; Rosenblum, DS; Su, G
Jan-1999Perturbation Of Fuzzy ReasoningYing, M