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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Liquid gold from the milk bar: Constructions of breastmilk and breastfeeding women in the language and practices of midwivesBurns, E; Schmied, V; Fenwick, JH; Sheehan, A
Jan-2011Liquid Keyboard : An Ergonomic, Adaptive QWERTY Keyboard for Touchscreens and SurfacesSax, C; Lau, H; Lawrence, EM; Technical Committee
Jan-2014Liquid Modernity, the owl of Minerva and technologies of the emotional selfClegg, SR; Baumeler, C; Kociatkiewicz, J; Kostera, M
Apr-2014Liquid phase electron-beam-induced deposition on bulk substrates using environmental scanning electron microscopy.Bresin, M; Botman, A; Randolph, SJ; Straw, M; Hastings, JT
2014Liquid spirits : the (re)production of academic identities through practicesBerti, M
Jan-2004Liquid-crystal displays: Fabrication and measurement of a twisted nematic liquid-crystal cellWaclawik, ER; Ford, M; Hale, PS; Shapter, J; Voelcker, N
Jan-2007Liquidated Damages: A comparative Study of the Law in England, Australia, New Zealand and SingaporeTwyford, JW
2010Liquidity and efficiency during unusual market conditions : an analysis of short selling restrictions and expiration-day procedures on the London Stock ExchangeClifton, M
Jan-2013Liquidity commonality among Asian equity marketsWang, J
Jan-2008Liquidity issues surrounding neglected firmsBertin, W; Michayluk, D; Prather, L
Jan-2008A Liquidity Motivated Algorithm for Discerning Trade DirectionMichayluk, D; Prather, L
-Lisa and Leo Domestic MuseumGrau, U; Goberna Pesudo, C; DROOG
8-Apr-2015Lisa Colley (2013), National Arts Summit Presentation, February 12, Australian National UniversityLisa Colley; Director Creative Industries Innovation Centre.
8-Apr-2015Lisa Colley (2013), Submission regarding ABS Discussion Paper, Cultural & Creative Activity Satellite Accounts, Creative Industries Innovation Centre, August 29, SydneyCreative Industries Innovation Centre
8-Apr-2015Lisa Colley (2013), Submission regarding the City of Sydney Cultural Policy Discussion paper, Creative Industries Innovation Centre, May 31, SydneyCreative Industries Innovation Centre
8-Apr-2015Lisa Colley (2014), The creative economy: idea, evidence, debate, Paper presented at CCI in Retrospect and Prospect symposium, ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI), April 1, Queensland University of Technology, BrisbaneLisa Colley; Director Creative Industries Innovation Centre
8-Apr-2015Lisa Colley (2014), Tipping the Point, Panel presentation and discussion for UTSpeaks, hosted by Hael Kobayashi, April 9, University of Technology, SydneyHael Kobayashi (Executive Director, University of Technology, Sydney, Creative Intelligence Unit); Lisa Colley (Director Creative Industries Innovation Centre); Jessica Frawley (Researcher at University of Technology, Sydney, Centre for Human Centred Technology and Design & PhD Candidate University of Technology, Sydney School of IT); Bem Le Hunte (Director of University of Technology, Sydney, Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation)
9-Apr-2015Lisa Colley (2014), Tipping the Point, PowerPoint presentation, UTSpeaks, hosted by Hael Kobayashi, April 9, University of Technology, SydneyLisa Colley (Director, Creative Industries Innovation Centre); Creative, IIC
28-Dec-2016Lise Öğrencilerinin Atom ile ilgili Zihinsel Modellerinin Ders Kitaplarındaki Görseller ile KarşılaştırılmasıYaseen, Z; Akaygun, S
Jan-2009Listening across difference: Media and multiculturalism beyond the politics of voiceDreher, TI