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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Reconciling the international and United States approaches to civil liability for oil pollution damagePalassis, S
Jan-2011Reconciling the optimal and empirical approaches to modelling stomatal conductanceMedlyn, BE; Duursma, R; Eamus, D; Ellsworth, DS; Prentice, I; Barton, C; Crous, K; De Angelis, P; Freeman, M; Wingate, L
Jan-2005Reconfigurable Web Services Integration in the Extended Logistics EnterpriseTalevski, A; Chang, E; Dillon, TS
Jan-2010The reconfiguration of expertise in oncology: The practice of prediction and articulation of indeterminacy in medical consultationsBroom, A; Adams, J
Jan-2008Reconfigured domains: alternative pathways for the international wine industryAylward, DK; Zanko, M
2014Reconfiguring space: the collective autonomy of digital technologyMatthews, L; Perin, G
Jan-2010Reconnecting young people with learning: A social capital approach in VETBlack, SR; Balatti, J; Falk, I
Jan-2013A reconsideration of the formal Minskyan analysis: Microfoundations, endogenous money and the public sectorChiarella, C; Di Guilmi, C; Bischi, GI; Chiarella, C; Sushko, I
22-Nov-2013Reconsideration of visas intended to provide protection and support to people who have experienced human trafficking, slavery and slavery-like practicesBurn, JM
Jan-2001Reconstructing Cylinder Pressure from Vibration Signals Based on Radial Basis Function NetworkDu, H; Zhang, L; Shi, X
Jan-2012Reconstructing Keynesian Macroeconomics Volume 1: Partial PerspectivesChiarella, C; Flaschel, P; Semmler, W
Jan-2003Reconstructing the lifelong learner: Pedagogy and identity in individual, organisational and social changeChappell, CS; Rhodes, CH; Solomon, N; Tennant, MC; Yates, LS
2012The reconstruction of masculinity in China, 1896-1930Zhou, L
Jan-2012Recording inter-storey drifts of structures in time-history approach for seismic design of building framesSadeghi Hokmabadi, A; Fatahi, B; Samali, B
Jan-2011Recounting Traumatic Secrets: Empathy and the Literary JournalistJoseph, SA
Jan-2005Recover from information system failure: an Indonesian case studySarosa, S; Zowghi, D; Kamel, S; Irani, Z
Jan-2009Recovering Difference in the Deleuzian Dichotomy of Masochism-Without-SadismMoore, A
Jan-2005Recovering experience, confirming identity, voicing resistance: the Braceros, the Internet and counter-coordinationLittle, S; Clegg, SR
Jan-2010Recovering from an acute cardiac event - the relationship between depression and life satisfactionPage, K; Davidson, PM; Edward, K; Allen, J; Cummins, R; Thompson, D; Worrall-Carter, L
Jan-2006Recovering Informal Learning: wisdom, judgement and communityHager, P; Halliday, JS