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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Access to high-cost drugs: Decision makers' perspectivesGallego, G; Melocco, T; Taylor, SJ; Brien, JE
Jan-2001Access to Infertility Treatments and Single Women: What is the State of Play?Stuhmcke, AG
Jan-2008Access to Justice for Minority GroupsVrdoljak, A; Francioni, F; Gestri, M; Ronzitti, N; Scovazzi, T
1-Jan-2016Access to Medical Abortion in NSW: Insights from WomenDoab, AE; Dawson, A
1-Jan-2017Accessibility as a Key Management Component of the ParalympicsDarcy, SA; Darcy, S; Frawley, S; Adair, D
21-Apr-2010Accessibility Using the Internet: Disability, Cultural Diversity and AccessibilityJakubowicz, A
21-Apr-2010Accessibility Using the Internet: E-Approaches to Destination Management - The Case of Sydney For All Visitor Accessibility in the Sydney CBDDarcy, S
21-Apr-2010Accessibility Using the Internet: Implications of Gov 2.0 for AccessibilityHarvey, L
Jan-2012The accessibility, acceptability, health impact and cost implications of primary healthcare outlets that target injecting drug users: A narrative synthesis of literatureIslam, M; Topp, L; Day, C; Dawson, A; Conigrave, K
Jan-2007Accessible and Reliable Design of Stressed-skin Panels - an Australian PerspectiveGerber, C; Crews, KI; Sigrist, C; Moss, PJ; Dhakal, RP
13-Oct-2008Accessible Tourism Accommodation Information PreferencesDarcy, S
Jan-2010Accessible tourism and sustainability: a discussion and case studyDarcy, SA; Cameron, B; Pegg, S
14-Sep-2015Accessible tourism futures: the world we dream to live in and the opportunities we hope to haveMichopoulou, E; Darcy, S; Ambrose, I; Buhalis, D
Jan-2012Accessible Tourism in AustraliaDarcy, SA; Cameron, B; Schweinsberg, SC; Buhalis, D; Darcy, S; Ambrose, I
Jan-2006Accessing Data: Methods for understanding mobile technology useHagen, P; Robertson, TJ; Kan, N; Sadler, KA
Jan-2004Accessing SMIL-Based Dynamically Adaptable Multimedia Presentations from Mobile DevicesSteele, RJ; Lubonski, MM; Ventsov, Y; Lawrence, EM; Srimani, PK
Jan-2010Accidental Celebrites: China's Chastity Heroines and CharityJeffreys, E; Jeffreys, E; Edwards, L
2014The accidental collaborator: participatory action research as an emergent framework for sustainable multi-stakeholder engagementAng, KCS; Goodyer, J; Gupta, GS; Findlay, J; Qi, T
Jan-2005Accidents will happen: safety-critical knowledge and automated control systemsMoulton, BD; Forrest, Y
Jan-2010Acclimation and adaptation of scleractinian coral communities along environmental gradients within an Indonesian reef systemHennige, SJ; Smith, DJ; Walsh, S; McGinley, MP; Warner, ME; Suggett, DJ