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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998The battered body : a feminist legal historyGenovese, Ann Louise
1-Sep-2011Battery-integrated boost converter utilizing distributed MPPT configuration for photovoltaic systemsDu, Y; Lu, DDC
Jan-2012Battle-Lemarie Wavelet Pyramid for Improved GSM Image DenoisingMudugamuwa, DJ; He, S; Jia, W; Del Bimbo, A; Boyer, KM; Ikeuchi, K
Jan-2013Battlezone: An examination of the physiological responses, movement demands and reproducibility of small-sided cricket gamesVickery, W; Dascombe, B; Duffield, R; Kellett, A; Portus, M
Jan-2007The Bay of Pigs: revisiting two museumsWyndham, MM; Read, P
-Bayard Study (Self Portait)McMillan, TD
Jan-2002Bayer poisons: degradarion of angiosperm and gymnosperm water-soluble extracts in sodium hydroxide at 145?CEllis, AV; Wilson, MA; Kannangara, GK
Jan-2002Bayer poisons: degradation of Klason Lignin in Sodium Hydroxide at 145?CEllis, AV; Wilson, MA; Forster, P
2014Bayes merging of multiple vocabularies for scalable image retrievalZheng, L; Wang, S; Zhou, W; Tian, Q
Jan-2006Bayesian alignment using Hierarchical models, with applications in protein bioinformaticsGreen, PJ; Mardia, KV
Jan-2005Bayesian analysis for penalized spline regression using WinBUGSCrainiceanu, CM; Ruppert, D; Wand, M
Jan-2006Bayesian analysis of band-broadening models used in high performance liquid chromatographyArmstrong, NG
Jan-2005Bayesian analysis of ceria nanoparticles from line profile dataArmstrong, NG; Dowd, AR; Cline, JP; Kalceff, W; Huang, TC
Jan-2007Bayesian Analysis of Constant Elasticity of Variance ModelsChan, JS; Choy, S; Lee, AB
2015A Bayesian Approach for Time-Constrained 3D Outdoor Object Recognition [Extended Abstract]Patten, T; Kassir, A; Martens, W; Douillard, B; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
Jan-2013A Bayesian Approach to Extrinsic Versus Intrinsic Uncertainty in Design for Market SystemsFrischknecht, BD; no editors
Feb-2016Bayesian cluster detection via adjacency modelling.Anderson, C; Lee, D; Dean, N
Jan-2003A Bayesian compartmental model for the evaluation of 1,3-butadiene metabolismMezzetti, M; Ibrahim, JG; Bois, FY; Ryan, LM; Ngo, L; Smith, TJ
26-Jul-2015Bayesian computation: a summary of the current state, and samples backwards and forwardsGreen, PJ; Łatuszyński, K; Pereyra, M; Robert, CP
Jan-2011Bayesian Conjoint Choice Designs to Measure the Willingness to PayVermeulen, B; Goos, P; Scarpa, R; Vandebroek, L