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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Broadband Antenna-Coupled High-Temperature Superconducting Josephson-Junction Mixer for Terahertz Communication ApplicationsGao, X; Du, J; Weily, AR; Zhang, T; Foley, CP; Guo, YJ
Jan-2013Broadband Diamagnetism In Anisotropic MetamaterialsLapine, M; Krylova, A; Belov, P; Poulton, CG; McPhedran, RC; Kivshar, Y
1-Apr-2016Broadband High-Gain SIW Cavity-Backed Circular-Polarized Array AntennaGuan, DF; Ding, C; Qian, ZP; Zhang, YS; Jay Guo, Y; Gong, K
2016Broadcast Inequality in Australian FootballFujak, H; Frawley, S
Jan-2006Broadcasting Pluralism and Diversity: A Comparative Study of Policy and RegulationHitchens, LP
1-Jan-2017Broadcasting Sport Mega-EventsFrawley, SM
Jan-2012Broadening horizons: An emerging research agenda modelling design led innovation across secondary educationWright, N; Wrigley, C; Bucolo, S; Bohemia, E; Liedtka, J; Rieple, AE
-Broadway OneEdmonds, EA; Fell, M; Gollifer, S
3-Aug-2016Broken global explorations: The lived experience of Korean women working in the entertainment and sex industries in SydneyJung, K; Jang, H; Dalton, B
Jan-2011Broker recommendations and Australian small-cap equity fund managementComerton-Forde, C; Gallagher, DR; Lai, J; Walter, TS
Jan-2006Bromelain improves decrease in defecation in postoperative rats: modulation of colonic gene expression of inducible nitric oxide synthaseWen, S; Huang, TH; Li, GQ; Yamahara, J; Roufogalis, BD; Li, Y
Jan-2013Bronchial Smooth Muscle Cells of Asthmatics Promote Angiogenesis through Elevated Secretion of CXC-Chemokines (ENA-78, GRO-alpha, and IL-8)Keglowich, L; Roth, M; Philippova, M; Resink, T; Tjin, G; Oliver, BG; Lardinois, D; Dessus-babus, S; Gosens, R; Haack, K; Tamm, M; Borger, P
Jan-2007Brothels and Disorderly ActsCrofts, P
Jan-2010Brothels: outlaws or citizens?Crofts, P
Feb-2015Brothers from different mothers how distribution fees change investment behaviorNavone, M; Pagani, M
2014Brothers from Different Mothers. How Distribution Fees Change Investment BehaviorNavone, M
Jan-2012Browse-to-searchZhang, J; Lu, S; Mei, T; Wang, J; Wang, Z; Feng, D; Sun, J; Li, S; Babaguchi, N; Aizawa, K; Smith, J
28-Oct-2014Browse-to-SearchLu, S; Mei, T; Wang, J; Zhang, J; Wang, Z; Li, S
Apr-2015Bruno Taut and the First World WarBarnstone, D; Gregory Papanikos
Jan-2013Brushless Permanent Magnet DC and AC Motor and Synchonous Reluctance Motor Design for Racing MotorcyclesDorrell, DG; Popescu, M; Liu, TH; Nogueiras, A; Liu, YH; Lian, KL