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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Business and SocietyHiggins, W; David Bubna-Litic
Jan-2002Business as usual in the Australian energy sector: utopia in disguiseRiedy, C
Nov-2015Business Case Control in Project Portfolios-An Empirical Investigation of Performance Consequences and Moderating EffectsKopmann, J; Kock, A; Killen, CP; Gemuenden, HG
2014Business Case Control: The Key to Project Portfolio Success or Merely a Matter of Form?Kopmann, J; Kock, A; Killen, CP; Gemuenden, HG; EURAM
Jan-2004Business Cycle Fluctuations and Firms - Size Distribution DynamicsDelli Gatti, D; Di Guilmi, C; Gaffeo, E; Gallegati, M; Giulioni, G; Palestrini, A
Jan-2008Business cycle measurementHarding, D; Pagan, AR; Durlauf, SN; Blume, LE
Jan-2003Business cycle properties of the legitimate and underground economy in AustraliaBajada, C
Jan-2007Business Ethics as PracticeClegg, SR; Kornberger, MM; Rhodes, CH
31-Oct-2014Business Ethics During Mixed Modes of Exchange: South Korean Chaebol’s Succession ChallengeDalton, BM; dela Rama, M
Jan-2004Business ethics in the age of super size me.Barnwell, NS; Elkin, G
Jan-2014Business Events and Friendship: Leveraging the Sociable LegaciesFoley, CT; Edwards, DC; Schlenker, K
Jan-2013Business Excellence and Business Innovation: Are The Two Competing or Overlapping Cultures?Soliman, F
27-Sep-2011Business graduate skills in sustainabilityMather, G; Denby, L; Wood, LN; Harrison, B; Ryan, A
Jan-2004Business Implications of Anti-Circumvention Legislation & Recommendations for Copyright UsersTian, Y
17-Apr-2016Business intelligence systems use in performance measurement capabilities: Implications for enhanced competitive advantagePeters, M; Wieder, B; Sutton, S; Wakefield, J
Jan-2002Business Law and Ethics - Does it have a Future?Adams, MA; Barker, DL; Lancaster, J
Jan-2005Business mating: Who chooses and who gets chosen?Wilkinson, I; Young, LC; Freytag, P
Jan-2003Business mating: who chooses whom and gets chosen?Wilkinson, I; Freytag, P; Young, LC; Chery, M
2015Business Model Approach to Public Service InnovationKatsigiannis, T; Agarwal, R; Jin, K; Agarwal, R; Selen, W; Roos, G; Green, R