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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jul-2016Bright spots among the world's coral reefsCinner, JE; Huchery, C; MacNeil, MA; Graham, NAJ; McClanahan, TR; Maina, J; Maire, E; Kittinger, JN; Hicks, CC; Mora, C; Allison, EH; D'Agata, S; Hoey, A; Feary, DA; Crowder, L; Williams, ID; Kulbicki, M; Vigliola, L; Wantiez, L; Edgar, G; Stuart-Smith, RD; Sandin, SA; Green, AL; Hardt, MJ; Beger, M; Friedlander, A; Campbell, SJ; Holmes, KE; Wilson, SK; Brokovich, E; Brooks, AJ; Cruz-Motta, JJ; Booth, DJ; Chabanet, P; Gough, C; Tupper, M; Ferse, SCA; Sumaila, UR; Mouillot, D
15-Jun-2016Bright spots among the world’s coral reefsBooth, DJ
11-May-2016Brilliant Minds: A Snapshot of Successful Indigenous Australian Doctoral StudentsTrudgett, M; Page, S; Harrison, N
Jan-2004'Bring it on': The apocalypse of George W BushO'Donnell, M
1-Feb-2017Bring Order into the Samples: A Novel Scalable Method for Influence MaximizationWang, X; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W; Lin, X; Chen, C
4-Oct-2016Bring your own device – a snapshot of two Australian primary schoolsMaher, D; Twining, P
Jan-2014Bringing 'Active Learning' Modules into Design Education: A Manifesto for a Socially Engaged ArchitectureAwad, R; Chambers, J; Jupp, JR
Jan-2013Bringing Action into View: Provocation and Ambiguity in Touch and Talk sessionsRobinson, TM; Nimkulrat, N; Neidderer, K; Evans, M
1-Dec-2016Bringing coals to NewcastleRyan, LM; Wand, MP; Malecki, AA
3-Nov-2016Bringing Cultural Heritage Information from Developing Regions to the Global Information Space as Linked Open Data: An Exploratory Metadata Aggregation Model for Sri Lankan Heritage and its ExtensionWijesundara, C; Sugimoto, S; Narayan, B; Tuamsuk, K
18-Nov-2015Bringing Health and Fitness Data Together for Connected Health Care: Mobile Apps as Enablers of InteroperabilityGay, VC; Leijdekkers, P
2016Bringing Liquidity to Life: Markets for Ecosystem Services and the New Political Economy of ExtinctionWalker, JR; Kohli, K; Menon, M
Jan-2011Bringing managers' decision models into FDI researchDevinney, TM; Ramamurti, R; Hashai, N
Jan-2012Bringing Mathematics to Work: But can numbers mobilise?Yasukawa, K; Brown, T; Skovsmose, O; Greer, B
Jan-2008Bringing pedagogy to doctoral publishingLee, A; Kamler, B
Jan-2004Bringing relevant information to diverse groups about emergency department services: The 'BRIDGE' Project.Fry, M; Ajami, A; Borg, A
Jan-2004Bringing space back in: organizing the generative buildingKornberger, MM; Clegg, SR
Jan-2001Bringing the Bush and the City Together': The Agrarian Myth in Suburban SydneyAshton, P
2005Bringing the spirit back in : theory and practice for peace building in international relations : a critique of the United Nations initiative 'Dialogue among civilisations'Sargent, Wendy M
22-Jul-2014British Army dispatches reporting from Batavia and Surabaya, Indonesia, after Japanese surrender (includes personal diary entries), 1945P.R.S. Mani; Goodall, H