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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Bearing-only SLAM in Indoor Environments Using a Modified Particle FilterKwok, N; Dissanayake, G; Roberts, J; Wyeth, G
Jan-2005Bearing-only SLAM using a SPRT Based Gaussian Sum FilterKwok, N; Dissanayake, G; Ha, QP; Board, E; Robotics, IEEEICO; Automation
Jan-2009Beating the East German blues: musical representations of freedom in Leander Haussmann's Sonnenallee and Michael Schorr's Schultze gets the blues'Hurley, AW; Radner, H; Fossen, P
Jan-2013`Beauty and the Beach: Mapping Cosmetic Surgery Tourism'Holliday, R; Hardy, K; Bell, D; Hunter, EJ; Jones, MR; Probyn, E; Sanchez Taylor, J; Editor, PDB; Editor, PGP; Editor, MTM
Jan-2012The Beauty of the EverydayMcNeil, PK; Sugarman, R
Jan-2003Beauty-In-UseTonkinwise, C
Jan-2009Becoming (a) practiceBjorkeng, K; Clegg, SR; Pitsis, TS
2016Becoming a bilingual school : perspectives of L2FLS teachers & principalsWeiss, Ingrid Nora
2006Becoming a gender equity consultant : a self-study of learning and struggleSeaton, LR
Jan-2014Becoming a medical educator: motivation, socialisation and navigation.Bartle, E; Thistlethwaite, J
Jan-2010Becoming a nurse leaderDavidson, PM; Daly, J; Speedy, S; Jackson, D
Jan-2014Becoming a nurse leaderDavidson, PM; Sindhu, S; Daly, J; Speedy, S; Jackson, D
Jan-2007Becoming a Researcher: Gendering the Research SelfPullen, A; Pullen, A; Beech, N; Sims, D
1-Dec-2017Becoming a ‘better’ father: Supporting the needs of incarcerated fathersFowler, C; Rossiter, C; Power, T; Dawson, A; Jackson, D
2015Becoming an L2 Learner (again): How a brief language learning experience sparked connections with SLA theoryForman, SR
Jan-2008'Becoming and being writers': the experiences of doctoral students in writing groupsMaher, D; Seaton, L; McMullen, CM; Fitzgerald, T; Otsuji, E; Lee, A
Jan-2008Becoming and Unbecoming Tu: Nation, Nationality and Exilic Agency in the People's Republic of ChinaCooke, SB; Allatson, P; McCormack, J
Jan-2007Becoming AnimatedVasseleu, C; Fielding, H; Hiltmann, G; Olkowski, D; Reichold, A
Jan-2011Becoming As an Appropriate Metaphor for Understanding Professional LearningHager, P; Hodkinson, P; Scanlon, L
12-Jun-2012Becoming aware of your body - A qualitative study on yoga for chronic neck pain patientsCramer, H; Lauche, R; Haller, H; Dobos, G; Berger, B