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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Bridging the Affective Gap to Make News Felt: Civic Engagement in the Climate DebateBrynskov, M; Leong, T; Fritch, J; Kjeldskov, J; Paay, J
2008Bridging the affordable rental housing gap : establishing a viable funding model to attract institutional investmentKerans, MC
2009Bridging the divide : the role of sport events in contributing to social development between disparate communitiesSchulenkorf, N
Jan-2010Bridging the divide: The role of sport events in contributing to social development between disparate communitiesSchulenkorf, N
Jan-2010Bridging the Divide: The Role of Sport Events in Contributing to Social Development Between Disparate CommunitiesSchulenkorf, N
Jan-2008Bridging the Gap - A Design Process study for an 'intelligent' footbridgeAnderson, D; Crews, KI; IABSE
Jan-2009Bridging the gap between ACA and CBC - The relevance of task and context effects for choice simulatorsEckert, C; Klapper, D
Jan-2002Bridging The Gap Between Information Resource Design and Enterprise Content ManagementWilliams, S; Lim, E; Foo, S; Khoo, C; Chen, H; Fox, E; Urs, S; Costantino, T
2002Bridging the Gap from Process Modelling to process Assessment: The OOSPICE Process Specification for Computer-Based Software DevelopmentHenderson-Sellers, B; Stallinger, F; Lefever, B; Grunbacher P
Jan-2006Bridging the Gap or Crossing a Bridge? Indigenous Knowledge and the Language of Law and PolicyDavis, MB; Berkes, F; Wilbanks, T; Capistrano, D
Jan-2012Bridging the gap: The case for expanding ethnographic techniques in the marketing research curriculumFreeman, LM; Spanjaard, DC
Jan-2005Bridging the gap: the use of learning partnerships to enhance workplace learningCollier, K; McManus, J
Jan-2010Bridging the Language Divide: An Innovative Teaching Project to Help International Students from China in Learning Business Law SubjectsRiley, S; Li, G
Jan-2004Bridging the micro-macro divide: A new basis for social scienceGoldspink, C; Kay, RJ
21-Mar-2017Brief classroom training sessions for workplace readiness: are they effective?Palesy, D
Jan-2015Brief Encounters: Assembling Cosmetic Surgery TourismHolliday, R; Bell, D; Cheung, O; Jones, MR; Probyn, E
Jan-2009A Brief History of Men's Fashion: IntroductionMcNeil, PK; McNeil, P; Karaminas, V
Jan-2011A brief history of Phosphorus: from the Philosophers Stone to nutrient recovery and re-useAshley, K; Cordell, DJ; Mavinic, D
7-Sep-2016A brief history of the Paralympic Games: from post-WWII rehabilitation to mega sport eventDarcy, SA; Legg, D
Jan-2004A brief history of work and its relationship to leisure.Veal, AJ; Haworth, JT; Veal, AJ