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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Becoming bilingual : exploring language and literacy learning through the lens of narrativeTaniguchi, S
2017Becoming bruneian : negotiating cultural and linguistic identities in the 21st centuryO'Hara-Davies, Breda
Jan-2012Becoming Depressed at Work: A Study of Worker NarrativesWest, LH; Lee, A; Poynton, C
Jan-2010Becoming DragonBankers: Constructing practice through processes of socially situated learningBjørkeng, K; Clegg, SR
2009Becoming Flexible: Self-flexibility and its PedagogiesFox, S; Swan, E
Jan-2009Becoming flexible: Self-flexibility and its pedagogiesSwan, E; Fox, S
2017Becoming green, becoming leaders. Identity Narratives in Sustainability Leadership DevelopmentHeizmann, H; Liu, H
2018Becoming green, becoming leaders: Identity narratives in sustainability leadership developmentHeizmann, H; Liu, H
23-Apr-2015Becoming-Animal Is a Trap for Humans: Deleuze and Guattari in MadagascarLaurie, TL; Stark, HS; Roffe, JR
Jan-2012Bed-sharing with infants in a time of SIDS awarenessHomer, CS; Armari, E; Fowler, CM
Jan-2011Bedside Review Of Patient Care In An Emergency Department: The Cow RoundRichmond, C; Merrick, ET; Green, T; Dinh, M; Iedema, RA
Jan-2007Beecroft HouseTough, L
Jan-2004Beer distribution game: a simulation using Java agents and MySQLJenkins, RJ; Breach, G; Power, D
Jan-2014BeFaced: a casual game to crowdsource facial expressions in the wildTan, C; Sapkota, H; Rosser, DJ; Jones, M; Palanque, P; Schmidt, A; Grossman, T
Jan-2003Before and after opening of the M4 motorway from Mays Hill to Prospect: Sydney case studies in induced traffic growthZeibots, ME
Jan-2004Before and after Sydney's M4 motorway: did it make the city more sustainable?Zeibots, ME; Troy, P
Jan-2007Before and after the motorway: A review of methodologies used to investigate the occurrence of induced traffic growth in international and Australian citiesZeibots, ME
Jan-2013Before the High Court For Whom the Bell Tolls: Directors' Duties to Creditors after BellHargovan, AC; Harris, J
Jan-2013Before the High Court Indigenising Sentencing? Bugmy v The QueenAnthony, T
Jan-2003Before the High Court: Applicants S396/2002 and S395/2002, a gay refugee couple from BangladeshDauvergne, C; Millbank, J