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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Bayesian imputation of non-chosen attribute values in revealed preference surveysWashington, S; Ravulaparthy, S; Rose, JM; Hensher, D; Pendyala, R
1-Jan-2001Bayesian inference and posterior simulatorsGeweke, J
1-Jan-2003Bayesian inference for hospital quality in a selection modelGeweke, J; Gowrisankaran, G; Town, RJ
2015Bayesian Inference for Logistic Regression Models Using Sequential Posterior SimulationGeweke, J; Durham, G; Xu, H; Upadhyay, S; Singh, U; Dey, D; Loganathan, A
1-Jan-2004Bayesian inference of nanoparticle-broadened x-ray line profilesArmstrong, N; Kalceff, W; Cline, JP; Bonevich, JE
Jan-2009Bayesian inference on time-varying proportionsMcCausland, WJ; Lgui, B; Chib, S; Griffiths, W; Koop, G; Terrell, D
11-Dec-2015Bayesian intention inference for trajectory prediction with an unknown goal destinationBest, G; Fitch, R
Jan-2014Bayesian Interrogation of the Elizabethan Social Network for First Folio AuthorshipNettleton, SJ
1-Oct-2009Bayesian inversion method and its information determination for the estimation of particle size distribution in ferrofluidsLei, G; Shao, KR; Li, YB; Yang, GY; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Lavers, JD
1-Jan-2013Bayesian methods for expression-based integration of various types of genomics data Computational methods for biomarker discovery and systems biology researchJennings, EM; Morris, JS; Carroll, RJ; Manyam, GC; Baladandayuthapani, V
2008Bayesian methods for modelling and management of trust in wireless sensor networksMomani, MM
Jan-2006A Bayesian model averaging approach to enhance value investmentBird, R; Gerlach, R
1-Mar-2006Bayesian model averaging with applications to benchmark dose estimation for arsenic in drinking waterMorales, KH; Ibrahim, JG; Chen, CJ; Ryan, LM
1-May-2007Bayesian model comparison and validationGeweke, J
1-Mar-2017A Bayesian Model Comparison for Trend-Cycle Decompositions of OutputGrant, AL; Chan, JCC
1-Sep-2007Bayesian model-based clustering proceduresLau, JW; Green, PJ
1-Jan-2010Bayesian modelling for matching and alignment of biomoleculesGreen, PJ; Mardia, KV; Nyirongo, VB; Ruffieux, Y; O'Hagan, A; West, M
1-Jan-2015Bayesian models for flexible integrative analysis of multi-platform genomics dataMcGuffey, EJ; Morris, JS; Manyam, GC; Carroll, RJ; Baladandayuthapani, V
2005A Bayesian network approach to evaluating electrical ignition in fire investigationMassey, D
Jan-2004Bayesian Network based Cost Benefit Factor Inference in EservicesZhang, G; Bai, C; Lu, J; Zhang, C; Shi, G