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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Bridging the gap: the use of learning partnerships to enhance workplace learningCollier, K; McManus, J
Jan-2010Bridging the Language Divide: An Innovative Teaching Project to Help International Students from China in Learning Business Law SubjectsRiley, S; Li, G
Jan-2004Bridging the micro-macro divide: A new basis for social scienceGoldspink, C; Kay, RJ
19-Mar-2017Brief classroom training sessions for workplace readiness: are they effective?Palesy, D
Jan-2015Brief Encounters: Assembling Cosmetic Surgery TourismHolliday, R; Bell, D; Cheung, O; Jones, MR; Probyn, E
Jan-2009A Brief History of Men's Fashion: IntroductionMcNeil, PK; McNeil, P; Karaminas, V
Jan-2011A brief history of Phosphorus: from the Philosophers Stone to nutrient recovery and re-useAshley, K; Cordell, DJ; Mavinic, D
7-Sep-2016A brief history of the Paralympic Games: from post-WWII rehabilitation to mega sport eventDarcy, SA; Legg, D
Jan-2004A brief history of work and its relationship to leisure.Veal, AJ; Haworth, JT; Veal, AJ
Jan-2011Brief overview of technology and applications in railway operator safetyLal, S; Lal, S; Fisher, P; Penzel, T; Agbinya, JI; NA
31-Oct-2016A brief review of document image retrieval methods: Recent advancesAlaei, F; Alaei, A; Blumenstein, M; Pal, U
Jan-2010Briefing and ReframingPaton, RJ; Dorst, K; Dorst, K; Stewart, S; Staudinger, I; Paton, B; Dong, A
Jan-2011Briefing And Reframing: A Situated PracticePaton, B; Dorst, K
Jan-2009Briefing Paper - Product stewardship schemes in Asia: China and Taiwan, Japan, South KoreaChong, J; Mason, LM; Pillora, SD; Giurco, D
1-Nov-2011Briefing Paper on Key Human Rights Issues in AustraliaBurn, JM; Ball, R
Jan-2010A bright new suburbia? G.J. Dusseldorp and the development of the Kingsdene EstateHarfield, S; Prior, JH; Nichols, D; Hurlimann, A; Mouat, C; Pascoe, S
15-Jun-2016Bright spots among the world’s coral reefsBooth, DJ
Jul-2016Bright spots among the world’s coral reefs.Cinner, JE; Huchery, C; MacNeil, MA; Graham, NAJ; McClanahan, TR; Maina, J; Maire, E; Kittinger, JN; Hicks, CC; Mora, C; Allison, EH; D'Agata, S; Hoey, A; Feary, DA; Crowder, L; Williams, ID; Kulbicki, M; Vigliola, L; Wantiez, L; Edgar, G; Stuart-Smith, RD; Sandin, SA; Green, AL; Hardt, MJ; Beger, M; Friedlander, A; Campbell, SJ; Holmes, KE; Wilson, SK; Brokovich, E; Brooks, AJ; Cruz-Motta, JJ; Booth, DJ; Chabanet, P; Gough, C; Tupper, M; Ferse, SCA; Sumaila, UR; Mouillot, D
1-Aug-2016Brilliant Minds: A Snapshot of Successful Indigenous Australian Doctoral StudentsTrudgett, M; Page, S; Harrison, N
Jan-2004'Bring it on': The apocalypse of George W BushO'Donnell, M