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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Beyond the Scientology case : towards a better definition of what constitutes a religion for legal purposes in Australia having regard to salient judicial authorities from the United States of America as well as important non-judicial authoritiesEllis-Jones, ID
2014Beyond the Stadium: Football World Cup Fan Fests and Global Live SitesEisenhauer, S; Adair, D; Taylor, T; Frawley, S; Adair, D
Jan-2009Beyond the static text: multimedia interactivity in academic journal publishing in the humanities and social sciences (not)Jakubowicz, AH; Cope, B; Phillips, A
2003Beyond the surface : the contemporary experience of the Italian RenaissanceDuggan, J
Jan-2014Beyond the transect: An alternative microchemical imaging method for fine scale analysis of trace elements in fish otoliths during early lifeMcGowan, N; Fowler, A; Parkinson, K; Bishop, D; Ganio, K; Doble, PA; Booth, DJ; Hare, DJ
Jan-2008Beyond the Visual:Applying Cinematic Sound Design to the Online EnvironmentWard, M; Leung, LT; Linda Leung
2010Beyond the wire : Levinas vis-à-vis Villawood : a study of Emmanuel Levinas's philosophy as an ethical foundation for asylum seeker policyWainer, D
Jan-2014Beyond Tourism Benefits: Building an International Profile, Future Convention Cities InitiativeFoley, CT; Edwards, DC; Schlenker, K; Hergesell, A
Jan-2011Beyond Tourism Benefits: Measuring the social legacies of business eventsEdwards, DC; Foley, CT; Schlenker, K
Jan-2009Beyond tradition: a systems-based definition of sustainable transport developmentBaumann, C; Zeibots, ME; Mudd, G
2013Beyond Two Decades of Social Transition in Ukraine: The Underestimated Power of Agency in Transition ResearchOleinikova, O
13-Oct-2016Beyond velocity and acceleration: jerk, snap and higher derivativesEager, D; Pendrill, AM; Reistad, N
Jan-2013Beyond voice: Audience-making and the work and architecture of listeningMacnamara, J
Jan-2005BGX: A fully Bayesian integrated approach to the analysis of affymetrix genechip dataHein, AK; Richardson, S; Causton, HC; Ambler, GK; Green, PJ
21-Oct-2013Bi-Alternating Direction Method of MultipliersZhang, G; Heusdens, R
6-Aug-2015Bi-Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers over GraphsZhang, G; Heusdens, R
Jan-2010Bi-criteria optimal control of redundant robot manipulators using LVI-based primal-dual neural networkCai, B; Zhang, Y
Jan-2016Bi-criteria sequencing of courses and formation of classes for a bottleneck classroomCzibula, OG; Gu, H; Hwang, FJ; Kovalyov, MY; Zinder, Y
Jan-2008Bi-Cubic Interpolation for Image Conversion from Virtual Hexagonal to Square StructureLi, J; He, S; Hamid Arabnia
Jan-2006Bi-lateral edge detection on a virtual hexagonal structureHe, S; Jia, W; Hur, N; Wu, Q; Kim, J; Hintz, TB; NA