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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Being BeforeGwilt, ID; Tara D'cruz-Noble
Jan-2001Being CentredMuecke, S
Jan-2009Being Here: Designing for Distributed Hands-On Collaboration in Blended Interaction SpacesBroughton, M; Paay, J; Kjeldskov, J; O'Hara, K; Li, J; Phillips, M; Rittenbruch, M; Kjeldskov, J; Paay, J
1-Jul-2017“Being in a group with others who have mental illness makes all the difference”: The views and experiences of parents who attended a mental health parenting programCoates, D; Phelan, R; Heap, J; Howe, D
30-Sep-2016Being internationalist: The only way forward for developing the Australian naturopathic professionWardle, J
2009The being of paintingTitmarsh, M
Jan-2014Being social in organizational studies: the early works of Stewart CleggSimpson, AV; Berti, M
1-Aug-2014Being social: Missing pre-requisites for online engagement, exchange and inclusionMacnamara, JR; Bossio, D
Jan-2017'Being the bridge and the beacon': a qualitative study of the characteristics and functions of the liaison role in child and family health services in Australia.Olley, H; Psaila, K; Fowler, C; Kruske, S; Homer, C; Schmied, V
Jan-2004Being/Nothing: Native title and fantasy fulfilmentBiber, K
20-Jul-2014Belief Change and SemiordersPeppas, P; Williams, M; Eiter, T; Baral, C; De Giacomo, G
Jan-2006Belief Driven Manipulator Control for Integrated Searching and TrackingWebb, SS; Furukawa, T; IEEE
2015A Belief Propagation Approach for Distributed User Association in Heterogeneous NetworksChen, Y; Li, J; Chen, H; Lin, Z; Mao, G; Cai, J
Jan-2003Belief revision and organisational knowledge dynamicsTselekidis, G; Peppas, P; Williams, M
1-Jan-2015Belief Revision with General Epistemic StatesMeng, H; Kou, H; Li, S; Bonet, B; Koenig, S
2013Belief Revision with Uncertain Inputs in the Possibilistic SettingDubois, D; Prade, H
Jan-2008Belief-Driven Manipulator Visual Servoing for Less Controlled EnvironmentsWebb, SS; Furukawa, T
2000Beliefs and attitudes of middle managers towards quality programs in their organisationsDavis, D
Jan-2012Believable Agents Build Relationships on the WebDebenham, JK; Simoff, SJ; Omantu, S; al, E
2011Believable conversational agents for teaching ancient history and culture in 3D virtual worldsIjaz, K