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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Believable conversational agents for teaching ancient history and culture in 3D virtual worldsIjaz, K
Jan-2009Believable electronic trading environments on the WebDebenham, JK; Simoff, SJ; Baeza-Yates, R; Berendt, B; Bertino, E; Lim, EP; Pasi, G
2017Believable exploration : investigating human exploration behavior to inform the design of believable agents in video gamesSi, Chen
Jan-2007Believing in bith - choosing VBAC: the childbirth expectations of a self-selected cohort of Australian womenFenwick, JH; Gamble, J; Hauck, Y
Jan-2005Belittled: The state of play on bullyingCox, E; Goodman, J
Jan-2008Belonging and exclusion: a study of older residents in a manufactured home village in SydneyMorris, A; Majoribanks, T; Barraket, J; Chang, JS; Dawson, A; Guillemin, M; Henry-Waring, M; Kenyon, A; Kokanovic, R; Lewis, J; Lusher, D; Nolan, D; Pyett, P; Robins, R; Warr, D; Wyn, J; Eds
Jan-2003Belongings in a small cardboard box: Dislocation and alienation in the prose of Michael OndaatjeGlover, BJ
Jan-2013Belowground eco-restoration of a suburban waste-storage landscape: Earthworm dynamics in grassland and in a succession of woody vegetation coversMorales, PK; Yunusa, IA; Lugg, G; Li, Z; Gribben, PE; Eamus, D
Jan-2006A benchmark approach to asset managementPlaten, E
Jan-2005A benchmark approach to filtering in financePlaten, E; Runggaldier, WJ
2014A benchmark approach to financePlaten, E
Jan-2006A benchmark approach to financePlaten, E
Jan-2011A benchmark approach to investing and pricingPlaten, E; MacLean, LC; Thorp, EO; Ziemba, WT
Jan-2007A Benchmark Approach to Portfolio Optimization under Partial InformationPlaten, E; Runggaldier, WJ
Jan-2006A Benchmark Approach to Quantitative FinancePlaten, E; Heath, DP
2014Benchmark beating and its implications for earnings management : the role of context specific capital market incentives and analysts' cash flow forecastsSaune, NU
Jan-2005Benchmark dose estimation based on epidemiologic cohort dataMorales, KH; Ryan, LM
Jan-2004A benchmark framework for risk managementPlaten, E; Akahori, J; Ogawa, S; Watanabe, S
Jan-2008Benchmark Games: The Sydney 2000 Paralympic gamesCashman, R; Darcy, S; Cashman, R; Darcy, S
Jan-2004Benchmark Problem for Response Control of Wind-Excited Tall BuildingsYang, JN; Agrawal, A; Samali, B; Wu, J