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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Blackfellas, Whitefellas, and the Hidden Injuries of RaceCowlishaw, G
Jan-2002Blade Runners: Speculations on Narrative and InteractivityCrogan, P
1-Jan-2015A blak woman walks through a blakened landscapeSchlunke, K; Foley, F; Martin-Chew, L; Nicoll, F
2013Blast enhanced glass facades : an integrated and holistic design approachZobec, MT
2-Apr-2016Blast resistance of concrete slab reinforced with high performance fibre materialLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H; Su, Y; Liu, Z
Jan-2011BLAST Ring Image Generator (BRIG): simple prokaryote genome comparisonsAlikhan, N; Petty, N; Ben Zakour, N; Beatson, SA
Jan-2010Blazing evanescent grating orders: a spectral approach to beating the Rayleigh limitHandmer, CJ; de Sterke, CM; McPhedran, RC; Botten, LC; Steel, MJ; Rahmani, A
Jan-2008BLB: A Persuasive and Interactive Installation Designed to Improve Well-beingGolsteijn, C; van den Hoven, E; Geurts, S; Eichenbrenner, M; van Leest, C; van den Hurk, S; Ling, YS; Oinas-Kukkonen, H; Hasle, P; Harjumaa, M; Segerståhl, K; ÿhrstrøm, P
2017Bleeding hearts, profiteers, or both specialist physician fees in an unregulated marketJohar, M; Mu, C; van Gool, K; Wong, CY
Jan-2012Blended Fertilizers as Draw Solutions for Fertilizer-Drawn Forward Osmosis DesalinationPhuntsho, S; Shon, H; Majeed, T; El Saliby, I; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, JK; Hong, S; Lee, S
4-Jul-2016A blended learning approach to supporting student learning of scientific writing skills with an embedded Academic Integrity ModuleDavila, YC; Griffiths, N; Leigh, A
Jan-2005Blended learning in a first year mathematics subjectGroen, L; Carmody Jones, G; Johnson, I; Peat, M
2015Blended Learning Innovations: Leadership and Change in One InstitutionMirriahi, N; Alonzo, D; McIntyre, S; Kligyte, G; Fox, B
Jan-2012Blending Critical Realist And Emancipatory Practice Development Methodologies: Making Critical Realism Work In Nursing ResearchParlour, R; McCormack, B
28-Aug-2017Blinded by the white: A comparative analysis of jury challenges on racial groundsAnthony, T; Longman, C
25-Jun-2014Blinded by their Plight: Tracing and the Preoperational ProgrammerTeague, D; Lister, RF; du Boulay, B; Good, J
Feb-2016Blinded Patient Preference for Morphine Compared to Placebo in the Setting of Chronic Refractory Breathlessness--An Exploratory Study.Ferreira, DH; Silva, JP; Quinn, S; Abernethy, AP; Johnson, MJ; Oxberry, SG; Currow, DC
-BLKPandolfo, B; Baxter, B; McDermott, R
-blkPandolfo, B; Ginsberg-curator, N
Jan-2004Bloch Mode Scattering Matrix Methods For Modeling Extended Photonic Crystal Structures. I. TheoryBotten, LC; White, TP; Asatryan, AA; Langtry, T; de Sterke, CM; McPhedran, RC