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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Browse-to-searchZhang, J; Lu, S; Mei, T; Wang, J; Wang, Z; Feng, D; Sun, J; Li, S; Babaguchi, N; Aizawa, K; Smith, J
28-Oct-2014Browse-to-SearchLu, S; Mei, T; Wang, J; Zhang, J; Wang, Z; Li, S
Apr-2015Bruno Taut and the First World WarBarnstone, D; Gregory Papanikos
Jan-2013Brushless Permanent Magnet DC and AC Motor and Synchonous Reluctance Motor Design for Racing MotorcyclesDorrell, DG; Popescu, M; Liu, TH; Nogueiras, A; Liu, YH; Lian, KL
Jan-2007BS-SLAM: shaping the worldPedraza, L; Dissanayake, G; Valls Miro, J; Rodriguez-Losada, D; Matia, F; Wolfram Burgard
Jan-2011BSPNN: boosted subspace probabilistic neural network for email securityTran, TP; Nguyen, T; Tsai, PC; Kong, X
12-Aug-2015Bubble Clouds in Coastal Waters and Their Role in Air-Water Gas Exchange of CO2Crosswell, J
Jan-1999Bubble Extraction of Dissolved Gases from Groundwater SamplesWalsh, KP; McLaughlan, RG
Jan-2008Buckling analysis of thin-walled open members - A complementary energy variational principleErkmen, E; Mohareb, M
Jan-2008Buckling analysis of thin-walled open members - A Finite element formulationErkmen, E; Mohareb, M
Jan-2008Buckling and Second-Order Effects in Dual Shear-Flexural SystemsTong, G; Pi, Y; Bradford, MA; Tin-loi, F
Jan-2009Buckling failure of an unusual braced steel frame supporting an electric dust-catcherTong, G; Pi, Y; Bradford, MA
18-Jul-2007The budget for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic GamesComptroller and Auditor General National Audit Office
Jan-2007Budget participation and budget emphasis in low uncertainty conditions - Considering alternative reasons to budgetSivabalan, P; Booth, PJ; Malmi, T; Stewart, J; Hay, D
2009Budgeting system style of use, organisational culture and competitive advantage in hypercompetitive environmentsPeters, MD
Jan-2009Bueaucracy, the Holocaust and Techniques of Power at WorkClegg, SR
Jan-2003Buena Vista Social Club: Local Meets Global and Lives Happily Ever AfterWyndham, MM; Read, P
Jan-2013'Buffalo Belong Here, As Long As He Doesn't Do Too Much Damage': Indigenous Perspectives on the Place of Alien Species in AustraliaRiley, S
Jan-2006Buffelgrass (Pennisetum ciliare) land conversion and productivity in the plains of Sonora, MexicoFranklin, KA; Lyons, K; Nagler, PL; Lampkin, D; Glenn, E; Molina-Freaner, F; Markow, T; Huete, A