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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Benefits of participating in accreditation surveyingLancaster, J; Braithwaite, J; Greenfield, D
Jan-2011The Benefits of Teaching Students the Language of PhysicsSchulte, J; Zhang, F; Lidbury, BA; Richardson, AM; Yates, BF; Gardiner, MG; Bridgeman, AJ; Schulte, J; Rodger, JC; Mate, KE
2018Benefits of Writing for Passion, not for PromotionCohen, A; Ballouli, K
Jan-2006Benjamin's Style: The Style That Is Not JugendstilBenjamin, AE; Benjamin, A
Jan-2002Benjamin, Proust, and the Rejuvenating Powers of MemoryForrest, T
Jan-2004Benjamins ModernityBenjamin, AE; Ferris, D
Jan-2008Bent Flyvbjerg: Power and project management an appreciationClegg, SR
1-Jan-2014Benthic algal biomass and assemblage changes following environmental flow releases and unregulated tributary flows downstream of a major storageDavie, AW; Mitrovic, SM
Jan-2006Benthic biological effects of seasonal hypoxia in a eutrophic estuary predate rapid coastal developmentBishop, M; powers, S; Porter, H; Peterson, CH
2017Benthic diatoms as indicators of herbicide toxicity in riversWood, Rebecca Jane
Jan-2010Benthic Macroinvertebrate Assemblages In Remediated Wetlands Around Sydney, AustraliaRawson, CA; Lim, RP; Tremblay, L; Warne, MS; Ying, G; Laginestra, E; Chapman, JC
Jan-2009Benthic microalgal production in the Arctic: applied methods and status of the current databaseGlud, RN; Woelfel, J; Karsten, U; Kuhl, M; Rysgaard, S
Jan-2002Benzimidazole binding to Haemonchus contortus tubulin: a question of structure.Robinson, MW; Trudgett, A; Fairweather, I; McFerran, N
1997Bequest : a life of John PowerBrien, DL
2012BER of QPSK using MRC reception in a composite fading environmentDinh Thi Thai Mai; Lam Sinh Cong; Nguyen Quoc Tuan; Dinh-Thong Nguyen
-BER-delay characteristics analysis of IEEE 802.15.4 wireless sensor networks with cooperative MIMOAhmad, M; Dutkiewicz, E; Huang, X
Jan-2003Bergan's Energy-Orthogonal Highly Nonconforming Plate Element Approximation to the Contact Problem of PlateShi, D; Zhang, N; Ling, X; May, RL; Blyth, WF
1-Jul-2018Bernard Roth: The early days of the design division at Stanford, and the beginnings of research in roboticsWaldron, KJ
1-Jan-2016Bernoulli random forests: Closing the gap between theoretical consistency and empirical soundnessYisen, W; Qingtao, T; Xia, ST; Wu, J; Zhu, X
2014The Bernstein-von Mises theorem and non-regular modelsGreen, PJ; Bochkina, NA