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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Bifurcation Control Of Subsynchronous Resonance Using TcscAlomari, MM; Zhu, J
2011Bifurcation phenomena in power system : subsynchronous resonanceAlomari, MMA
Jan-2009Big 4 Office Size and Audit QualityFrancis, JR; Yu, MD
Jan-2005'Big build': hidden depression in menBrownhill, S; Wilhelm, K; Barclay, L; Schmied, V
Jan-2008Big City Difference? Another Look at Factors Driving House PricesWilson, PJ; Zurbruegg, R
27-Apr-2015Big Data as a New Approach in Emergency Medicine ResearchWong, HT; Yin, Q; Murray, K; Zhou, DH; Slade, DM
2017Big data behaviour modelling and visual analyticsZhang, Jinson
2014Big data density analytics using parallel coordinate visualizationZhang, J; Huang, ML; Wang, WB; Lu, LF; Meng, Z-P
1-Jul-2016Big data in an indigenous health context: Opportunities and obstaclesGarvey, G; Percival, N; Izquierdo, L; Moodie, D; Moore, S
2016Big data meets multimedia analyticsChua, TS; He, X; Liu, W; Piccardi, M; Wen, Y; Tao, D
14-Dec-2017Big Data, Analytic Culture and Analytic-Based Decision Making Evidence from AustraliaThirathon, U; Wieder, B; Matolcsy, Z; Ossimitz, M
Jan-2012Big Dave: Beats and BarsAroney, EE
2015Big Learning for the Future: High Possibility Classrooms in the Middle SchoolHunter, JL
Jun-2015The Big Question: Climate’s Biggest Losers Who has the most to lose from climate change in your country?Nyamwanza, A; Kerem Kayhan, A; Haque, A; Riedy, CJ; Doherty-Bigarra, J; Galarraga, I; Dingman, E
Jul-2015'Big things in small packages: the genetics of filamentous phage and effects on fitness of their host'.Mai-Prochnow, A; Hui, JGK; Kjelleberg, S; Rakonjac, J; McDougald, D; Rice, SA
-Bigcity Design breakout-
-Bigcity Design study booth-
2014BigData visualization: Parallel coordinates using density approachZhang, J; Meng, Z; Huang, ML
Jan-2012Bike rider and bus driver interaction study - Draft reportBaumann, C; Brennan, T; Zeibots, ME
Jan-2011Bikinis and Bandages: An Itinerary for Cosmetic Surgery TourismBell, D; Holliday, R; Jones, MR; Sanchez-Taylor, J; Probyn, E