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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005A better society: Ingredients for social sustainabilityCox, E; Linda Carroli
Jan-2006Between cultures: values, training and identity in a manufacturing firmRhodes, CH; Scheeres, HB
Jan-2010Between Immediacy and Imagination: the place of the educator and organiser in union renewalBrown, T; Yasukawa, K
Jan-2012Between life and death: Women's experiences of coming close to death, and surviving a severe postpartum haemorrhage and emergency hysterectomyElmir, R; Schmied, V; Jackson, DE; Wilkes, L
Jan-2010Between luxury and leisure: the nineteenth centuryRiello, G; McNeil, PK; Riello, G; McNeil, P
Jan-2014Between match variation in professional rugby league competitionKempton, T; Sirotic, AC; Coutts, AJ
Jan-2006Between modernity and primitivity: Okinawan identity in relation to Japan and the South PacificBarclay, K
2002Between practice and...Diers, Donna Kaye
Jan-2008Between real and ideal: Documenting media art (David Rokeby)Jones, C; Muller, E
23-Dec-2016Between Sentiment and Sea: The Meaning of Friendship in the Letters of Matthew FlindersSimmonds, AP
Jan-2011Between Sky and Water: The face of urban decorum in the Late Renaissance houses on Venice's Grand CanalLuscombe, DO
2017Between Symbolic Representation and New Critical Realism: Architecture as Scenography and Scenography as ArchitectureBrejzek, T; McKinney, J; Palmer, S
Dec-2014Between the bench, the bedside and the office: The need to build bridges between working neuroscientists and ethicists.Brosnan, C; Cribb, A
Jan-2013Between the grid and composition: Layout in PowerPoint's design and useDjonov, EN; van Leeuwen, T
2016Between the local and the universal: Academic worlds and the long history of the universityPietsch, T; Chou, M-H; Kamola, I; Pietsch, T
2011Between the Nation and the World: J.T. Wilson and scientific networks in the early twentieth centuryPietsch, T; Bennett, B; Hodge, J
8-May-2014Between the Saying and the Said: From Self-reflexivity to Other-vulnerability in The Research Process’Bjorkeng, K; Carlsen, A; Rhodes, CH; Cooren, F; Vaara, E; Langley, A
Jan-2007Between the silence and the scream: reimagining in sound the last days of Chilean singer Victor JaraWyndham, MM; Read, P; MacKinnon; Dolly; Bandt, R; Duffy, M
26-Feb-2016Between the Walls: The Berlin No-Man’s Land ReconsideredBarnstone, D
2014Between Theory, Representation and Practice of Maqam: Rethinking the Representation of the Arabic Maqamat.Keogh, BG