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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Building a statewide knowledge network for clinicians in intensive care units: knowledge brokering and the NSW Intensive Care Coordination and Monitoring Unit (ICCMU)Rolls, KD; Kowal, D; Elliott, D; Burrell, A
Jan-2007Building Agent Service Oriented Multi-Agent SystemsLuo, D; Cao, L; Ni, J; Liu, L; Nguyen, NT; Adam, G; Robert, JH; Lakhmi, CJ
Jan-2007Building agent-based hybrid intelligent system: A case studyZhang, Z; Zhang, C
Jan-2003Building Agent-Based Hybrid Intelligent SystemsZhang, Z; Zhang, C; Abraham, A; Koppen, M; Franke, K
Jan-2010Building an Electronic Market SystemLawrence, EM; Debenham, JK; García-Pedrajas, N; Herrera, F; Fyfe, C; Manuel Benítez, J; Ali, M
1-Oct-2016Building an intrusion detection system using a filter-based feature selection algorithmAmbusaidi, M; He, X; Nanda, P; Tan, Z
1-Jan-2015Building approval data and the quantification of sustainability over time: A case study of Australia and EnglandWilkinson, S
Jan-2007Building Better Teams at Work using Self and Peer Assessment PracticesWilley, K; Gardner, AP; Sondergaaer, H; Hadgraft, R
Jan-2007Building Business Relationships with NegotiationDebenham, JK; Sierra, C; Psaila, G; Wagner, R
Jan-2011Building Capacity In Australian Interprofessional Health Education: Perspectives From Key Health And Higher Education StakeholdersMatthews, L; Pockett, R; Nisbet, G; Thistlethwaite, J; Dunston, R; Lee, A; White, JF
Jan-2013Building civilised citiesCartier, C; Barmé, G; Goldkorn, J
10-Jul-2015Building communities and their legal implications - A German case studyFirley, E; Hogrebe, N; Wilkinson, SJ
Jan-2008Building communityNikolova, N; Devinney, TM; Barry, D; Hansen, H
Jan-2011Building Content Distribution Network : A Solution to achieve QoS on InternetYang, A; Nanda, P; Nanda, DP; Yang, Y
Jan-2012Building Environmentally Sustainable Information Services: A Green IS Research AgendaChowdhury, GG
24-May-2017Building expert agreement on the importance and feasibility of workplace health promotion interventions for nurses and midwives: A modified Delphi consultation.Perry, L; Nicholls, R; Duffield, C; Gallagher, R
Jan-2006Building for Strategic Advantage - Lessons from post-occupancy studies of low energy architecture in IndiaThomas, LE; Sayigh, A
Jan-2014Building in sustainability, social responsibility and value co-creationBiggemann, S; Williams, M; Kro, G
Jun-2015Building Information Modelling and the Value DimensionWilkinson, SJ; Jupp, JJ
Jan-2013Building Information Modelling in Tertiary Construction Project Management Education: A Programme-wide Implementation StrategyForsythe, PJ; Jupp, JR; Sawhney, A