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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Between the Nation and the World: J.T. Wilson and scientific networks in the early twentieth centuryPietsch, T; Bennett, B; Hodge, J
8-May-2014Between the Saying and the Said: From Self-reflexivity to Other-vulnerability in The Research Process’Bjorkeng, K; Carlsen, A; Rhodes, CH; Cooren, F; Vaara, E; Langley, A
Jan-2007Between the silence and the scream: reimagining in sound the last days of Chilean singer Victor JaraWyndham, MM; Read, P; MacKinnon; Dolly; Bandt, R; Duffy, M
26-Feb-2016Between the Walls: The Berlin No-Man’s Land ReconsideredBarnstone, D
2014Between Theory, Representation and Practice of Maqam: Rethinking the Representation of the Arabic Maqamat.Keogh, BG
2013Betwixt and in-between state and community : illness identities and the distinct expertise of a health-orientated community-based organisation within the contemporary socio-political environmentSimpson, PL
Jan-2005Beyond 'Needy' Individuals: Conceptualizing Information BehaviorOlsson, MR; Grove, A
3-Dec-2017Beyond a “spectator sport”: Social media for university engagement and community buildingHou, J; Macnamara, JR
Jan-2010Beyond abstract film: constructivist digital timeEdmonds, EA; Seal, A; Bowen, JP; Ng, K
Jan-2012Beyond access to waterObeng-Odoom, F
Jan-2011Beyond addiction: Hierarchy and other ways of getting strategy donePina e Cunha, M; Rego, A; Clegg, SR
Jan-2007Beyond administration: Redefining the challenge of regulatory changeHackman, K
Jan-2008Beyond Agropiracy: The Case of Italian Pasta in the United States Retail MarketCembalo, L; Cicia, G; Scarpa, R; Giudice, D
Jan-2009Beyond anecdotes: The development of social capital through inter-community sport eventsSchulenkorf, N; Thomson, AK; Schlenker, K; Allen, J
Jan-2009Beyond Appearances: Integrating environmental performance in architectural design educationThomas, LE; Gu, N; Ostwald, MJ; Williams, A
2005Beyond Architecture and Planning the Urban Project in SydneyCantrill, P; Thalis, P
Jan-2010Beyond boundaries? 'Race', ethnicity and identity in sportAdair, D; Rowe, D
20-Nov-2017Beyond Coal: Alternatives to Extending the Life of Liddell Power StationDunstan, C; Mcintosh, B; Mey, F; Nagrath, K; Rutovitz, J; White, S
Jan-2006Beyond comfort: oral hygiene as a critical nursing activity in the intensive care unitBerry, A; Davidson, PM
1-Dec-2012Beyond computable numbers revisitedEdmonds, E