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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Biotechnological exploitation of bacteriophage researchPetty, N; Evans, T; Fineran, P; Salmond, GP
Jan-2007Bioterrorism: Processing Contaminated Evidence, The Effects Of Formaldehyde Gas On The Recovery Of Latent FingermarksHoile, RJ; Walsh, SJ; Roux, CP
Jan-2011Bioterrorism: The Effects Of Biological Decontamination On The Recovery Of Electronic EvidenceHoile, RJ; Banos, C; Colella, M; Roux, CP
Jan-1995Biotin-labeled potato chymotrypsin inhibitor-1 - A useful probe for the detection and quantitation of chymotrypsin-like serine proteinases on western blots and its application in the detection of a serine proteinase synthesized by articular chondrocyRodgers, K; Melrose, J; Ghosh, P
Jan-2011Biotoxicity Of Nanoparticles: Effect Of Natural Organic MatterLee, S; Kim, K; Shon, H; Kim, SH; Cho, J
Apr-2016Biotransformation of synthetic cannabinoids JWH-018, JWH-073 and AM2201 by Cunninghamella elegansWatanabe, S; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Winiarski, Z; Fu, S
Jan-2005BioWarMorton, T
9-Oct-2013Bipolar possibility theory as a basis for a logic of desires and beliefsDubois, D; Lorini, E; Prade, H
1-Oct-2008Bipolar version space learningPrade, H; Serrurier, M
1-Jul-2014Bird Flu Outbreak Prediction via Satellite TrackingZhou, Y; Tang, M; Pan, W; Li, J; Wang, W; Shao, J; Wu, L; Li, J; Yang, Q; Yan, B
Jan-2006Bird navigation: What type of information does the magnetite-based receptor provide?Wiltschko, W; Munro, UH; Ford, H; Wiltschko, R
28-Jan-2015The Birds and the Bats: Using Adaptive Management to Find the Balance of Public Interest in Wind Farm Development.Riley, S
-BirdsongLaurence, J; Gibson, RJ; Christina Neubauer
Apr-2011Birth after caesarean section: Changes over a nine-year period in one Australian stateHomer, CS; Johnston, RA; Foureur, M
Jan-2007Birth centers in Australia: A national population-based study of perinatal mortality associated with giving birth in a birth centreTracy, SK; Dahlen, H; Caplice, SL; Laws, P; Wang, Y; Tracy, MB; Sullivan, E
2002Birth dirt : relations of power in childbirthCallaghan, HM
2012The Birth of Australia: Non-Capitalist Social Relations in a Capitalist Mode of Production?Humphrys, E
Jan-2011Birth Territory: A Theory for Midwifery PracticeFahy, K; Parrat, J; Foureur, M; Bryar, R; Sinclair, M
2005Birthing business in the bush : it's time to listenKildea, Susan Verlie
Jan-2014Birthplace in New South Wales, Australia: an analysis of perinatal outcomes using routinely collected dataHomer, CS; Thornton, T; Scarf, VL; Ellwood, D; Oats, J; Foureur, M; Sibbritt, D; McLachlan, HL; Forster, D; Dahlen, H