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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Building Permits and Sustainability: A method for measuring the uptake of sustainability in the built environment over time.Wilkinson, SJ
Jan-2004Building Relationships and Showing Value: Marketing IS/IT InternallySixsmith, AJ; Soliman, K
2013Building relationships with the local community : approaches to community engagement at Australian folk festivalsPiazzi, F
Jan-2010Building Research Supervision and Training across Australian UniversitiesHammond, J; Ryland, K; Tennant, MC; Boud, DJ
10-Jul-2015Building resilience in urban settlements through conversion adaptationWilkinson, SJ; Remoy, HR
1-Jul-2016Building resilience in urban settlements through Green Roof retrofit.Wilkinson, SJ; Dixon, TD; Wilkinson, SJ; Dixon, TD
Jan-2011Building Respect and Dialogue Through Critical Reflective Teaching and Learning in Indigenous StudiesSherwood, J; Keech, S
26-Sep-2016Building Social Awareness for Teens and Young Adults with Autism via GamificationGay, VC; Leijdekkers, P; Pooley, A; Marsh, T; Ma, M; Oliveria, MF; Hauge, JB; Gobel, S
17-Jun-2015Building Social Cohesion in our CommunitiesSallyAnn Hunting
2013Building Sustainability: A Review Of Company Performance In The Commercial Real Estate And Property SectorBoersma, M; Schofield, J; Swinnen, T
Jan-2013Building sustainable score (BSS) - A hybrid process approach for sustainable building assessment in ChinaLiu, J; Ding, GK; Samali, B
2009Building the Iron Cage: institutional creation work in the context of competing proto-institutionsZietsma, C; McKnight, B; Lawrence, TB; Suddaby, R; Leca, B
Jan-2004Building the sustainable organisation: synergies, tensions and implications for change and leadershipBenn, SH; Dunphy, DC; Griffiths, AB; Ross-Smith, AE; Elkin, G
Jan-2015Building the sustainable organization: an integrated approachPerrott, B
2014Building thermal performance and the urban heat island : optimization in temperate zonesCastro Aguilar, JL
1-Jul-2010Building User Communities of Interests by Using Latent Semantic AnalysisXu, G
Jan-2007Bulk and surface plasmons in highly nanoporous gold filmsMaaroof, AI; Gentle, AR; Smith, G; Cortie, MB
1-Oct-2011Bulk metamaterials made of resonant ringsMarqués, R; Jelinek, L; Freire, MJ; Baena, JD; Lapine, M
20-Oct-2012Bulk regeneration of optical fiber Bragg gratings.Shao, L-Y; Wang, T; Canning, J; Cook, K; Tam, H-Y
Jan-2005Bullying and harassment in perioperative settingsGilmour, D; Hamlin, L